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Aidan O'Brien on Twitter: "I've found body language tips like this help *so much* in recording VOs. My favourite is "Hands up/hands down" - palms facing up for the first part of a sentence, then flipped over for the second half, e.g. "You may think X, but
(@GretchenAMcC on using gestures to help nail intonation while recording for her audiobook—)
“Day 2 of #BecauseInternet audiobook recording: I have discovered that when I make beat gestures, my reading is considerably smoother

“(shoutout to @superlinguo and the gesture research for this idea!)”

(And then @pullthetapes added this handy tidbit—)
“I’ve found body language tips like this help _so much_ in recording VOs. My favourite is ‘Hands up/hands down’ - palms facing up for the first part of a sentence, then flipped over for the second half, e.g.

“‘You may think X, but actually…’
“‘…the truth is Y.’”
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7 weeks ago by handcoding
OK Check-In — The Imagine Nation Collective
Imagine Nation Collective and it's affiliates use the "OK Check-In" System. The system is a tool allowing players to communicate with each other out of character about their well-being without pausing the flow of play around them. The basics of the concept can be found below. via Pocket
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february 2019 by ChristopherA

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