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‘We Would All Love Better if We Used It As a Verb’: Margaret Salmon at Dundee Contemporary Arts | Frieze
Yet, while Warhol cloaks his subjective gaze by adopting a mechanical documentary approach – abetted in great part by his use of a still camera – Salmon assumes the perspective of an active, desirous participant. Her presence and voyeuristic gaze are exposed by the camera’s constant visceral movement, cropping and cutting in and out of frame, as well as by the artist’s evident proximity to the subjects. Salmon creates a scenario in which her protagonists are not merely performing pleasure; they are experiencing it. The couples’ willingness to share their intimacy – bodies touching, limbs interlocking, flesh in passionate friction – enables the artist to capture moments of literal love-making. At one point in Your breath, so close, a multi-channel sound piece that plays nearby to create an aural soundscape, we hear a spoken excerpt from bell hooks’s book all about love (2000), which reminds us of Salmon’s instinct throughout this show: ‘We would all love better if we used it as a verb.’
embodiment  inspiration  criticism  sex  gesture  video  art 
22 days ago by mildlydiverting
Google may kill Android's Back button for Android Q's new gestures • XDA Developers
Mishaal Rahman:
<p>Since Apple removed the iconic home button in favor of gesture navigation on the iPhone X, we’ve seen companies roll out their own implementations of gesture controls. Some gesture control systems like the one from OnePlus and Xiaomi are widely praised for their intuitiveness and eye-catching animations, while others like the one from Google in Android Pie have been met with mixed reviews. Just as Google accidentally leaked Android P’s gestures before Google I/O 2018, we have found evidence of a prototype revamp of navigation gestures from a leaked build of Android Q that we obtained last month.

<img src="" width="100%" />

In Android 9 Pie, the 3 button navigation system was replaced by a two-button system. Although the recent apps button was removed, the back button stayed. The home button, however, turned into a gesture pill.

Most of the complaints that people have towards Android Pie’s gestures focus on the presence of the dedicated back button and the difficulty of performing the long swipe up of the pill to open the app drawer. While I don’t know if the latter gesture will be changed in Android Q, there’s a really good chance that Google may kill the dedicated back button.</p>

It's had a good run.
google  android  gesture  ui  ux 
28 days ago by charlesarthur
Gestr: A Smart Glove for Speech Impairments -
Gestr is a sensor-equipped glove which can convert hand gestures and signals to spoken text for people with speech impairments.  disabled  touch  gesture  glove  wearable  medical  health 
4 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Techniques of the tactile body — A cultural phenomenology of toddlers and mobile touchscreens (Bjorn Nansen, Rowan Wilken, 2019)
Сотрудники Центра цифровой этнографии в RMIT University Bjorn Nansen и Rowan Wilken исследовали, как дети взаимодействуют с интерфейсами мобильных устройств. Перевод от Usethics ―
UX  children  tablet  touch  gesture  research  issue 
5 weeks ago by jvetrau
Hammer is a open-source library that can recognize gestures made by touch, mouse and pointerEvents. It doesn’t have any dependencies, and it’s small, only 7.34 kB minified + gzipped!
mobile  touch  gesture  javascript  browserbased 
7 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Tap recognizer - Hammer.js
Add multi-touch gestures to your webpage.
iphone  touch  library  pressure  gesture  ipad  js  Apple 
7 weeks ago by arioch1984
AirBar – Get touchscreen on your notebook!
Use AirBar to get touchscreen on your notebook. Pinch, swipe, zoom and scroll with fingers, gloves, paint brushes or anything. It's plug-and-touch, when you need it.
touchscreen  gesture  detector  sensor  notebook  computer 
9 weeks ago by gilberto5757
Brave NUI World: Rise of touch-less gesture control
touch-less ui, интерфейс без прикосновений
ui  touch-less  future  gesture 
9 weeks ago by akimkin
Resisting the Lure of Dark Magic in User-Interface Design (UXmatters)
Steve Turbek из Goldman Sachs разбирает проблемы жестов в мобильных ОС — их сложно обнаружить и не всегда удобно использовать.
UX  mobile  gesture  problems  affordance  issue 
december 2018 by jvetrau
Leap Motion
Leap Motion’s natural and intuitive technology is used by over 300,000 developers worldwide to create new realities for people to live, work, and play.
hardware  motion  gesture  vr  ar  virtual-reality  tracking 
december 2018 by gwippich

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