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Schwarzenegger and Obama Backing Redistricting Reform - The Atlantic
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Barack Obama don’t agree on much—but they’ve both turned redistricting reform into their main political cause for the years ahead.
LOS ANGELES—Barack Obama and Arnold Schwarzenegger agree: Neither thinks Donald Trump has any business being anywhere near the White House, but the main political issue they’re going to focus on for the next two years is redistricting reform.
The clock is ticking. The 2020 census, and the nationwide 2021 redistricting right after, are around the corner. Deadlines for ballot initiatives and legislation are already on the horizon for some states to change their procedures before then. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court could soon take up a case that would gut most of the efforts at redistricting reform that have, over the past 10 years, changed how states draw the maps that determine who runs where for Congress and their own legislatures.
To hear the redistricting-reform advocates tell it, democracy is on the line. But, they say, the attention to the issue that’s exploded since the 2016 election came at the perfect moment to tap into the anger at a broken system and fundamentally change how the country works.
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RT : "Behind every cloud is another cloud."
says take on partisan may be "worse tha…
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RT : Very informative thread below on the Supreme Court & . His conclusion rings sadly true:
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Supreme Court Could Get in the Way of Gerrymandering Reform - WhoWhatWhy
The US Supreme Court’s Friday decision to take on two cases that deal with partisan gerrymandering is worrying some critics, who argue that a ruling could set a dangerous precedent that prevents lower courts and other bodies from intervening.
The Supreme Court will likely hear oral arguments in the cases of Rucho v. Common Cause and Lamone v. Benisek from North Carolina and Maryland, respectively, in March, but legal experts are already weighing in on what the decision to even hear the case could mean.
“Don’t take an agreement to hear case as a sign the Court will police gerrymandering,” tweeted Rick Hasen, professor of law and political science at UC Irvine and an election law expert. “It is actually the opposite.”
Hasen, in an October 2018 post for the Harvard Law Review, feared that the conservatives on the court will say that the issue is a political question, not a legal one.
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Open Precinct Data
Working towards making more of the data of US democracy available to all
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Anti-competition, liberty-limiting Supermajority...

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No doubt is wrong no matter who does it, and they should all be ashamed. However, Republicans have…
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"Kartografi bodo na novo izrisali meje okrajev, statistiki bodo proučili, ali je število volivcev, živečih v novih okrajih, približno enako, geografi bodo tehtali, ali so novi okraji vsaj za silo zaokrožene družbene entitete. Kot pri vseh dobrih zgodbah se vrag skriva v podrobnostih. Če so meje volilnih okrajev izrisane drugače, to posredno učinkuje tudi na volilne izide. Ni namreč vseeno, ali je volilni okraj v mestnem okolju, mešanem vaško-mestnem okolju ali na vasi. Če bodo novi okraji homogenejši, bo rezultat lahko za odtenek drugačen. Gre za finese politične obrti, ki jih v strankah z daljšo tradicijo zelo dobro razumejo. V strankah, ki nimajo narejene analize volitev od volišča do volišča, pa te finese razumejo slabše. Rezultati z nekaterih volišč se bodo po novem knjižili v tabele drugih volilnih okrajev."
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GOP’s Scorched Earth Approach Makes a Mockery of Democracy - WhoWhatWhy
Instead of doing some soul-searching about why they got their clocks cleaned in last month’s midterm elections, Republicans across the country, in their latest democracy-defying stunt, are trying to overturn the will of voters — at least those voters they hadn’t already managed to disenfranchise.
It’s a pattern that should infuriate any American who cares at all about democracy.
After their big win in 2010, Republicans redrew state maps to make sure there would not be fair congressional elections for at least a decade.
After the Shelby County v. Holder Supreme Court decision in 2013, they passed a wide range of voter suppression laws to ensure there would not be any fair elections of any kind for as long as they were in charge.
And now, after all that was not enough to prevent Democrats from winning the House and flipping some governorships in key states, the GOP unveiled its latest anti-democracy trick: In a move that is reminiscent of two-bit banana republic dictators, Republicans in multiple swing states are trying to strip the incoming Democratic officeholders of important powers by making last-minute changes to election laws.
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Best Antidote to Blue Wave? Gerrymandering - WhoWhatWhy
Democrats are poised to win the national popular vote in House races by about 8.4 percent while netting 40 House seats.
In 2010, Republicans won a whopping 63 House seats — despite winning the popular vote by only 6.6 percent.
How can Republicans win more seats while receiving fewer votes? One factor is gerrymandering.
North Carolina is a perfect example of the devastating and anti-democratic effects of gerrymandering. Of 13 districts, 12 were contested, meaning a Democrat and a Republican were both choices on the ballot. (There was one race — NC 3 — where Republican Walter Jones faced no Democratic challenger.)
Of those 12 contested races, Democrats won the vote share 51 percent to 47.7 percent. Despite winning a majority of the votes, Democrats only secured three of the 12 seats. Republicans held the other nine seats — with a minority of the vote.
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