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Bundeswehr-Oberleutnant gab sich als Flüchtling aus, beschaffte Waffe : Augen geradeaus
German army officer applied, fraudulently, for asylum and then got caught with a gun inside Vienna airport
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yesterday by yorksranter
The slow and steady rise of AI for news – Global Editors Network – Medium
It is very much like using the comparison of power steering: automation will allow newsrooms to do their job in a faster way. It has been a big change. And perceptions have changed over the last couple of years, how publishers and journalists are now viewing automation and AI: how receptive they are to it, they see it as useful to them.
We see more opportunities in the future for more complete automation, having the entire creation process automated, it still won’t be a replacement for people and human interaction, but as the demand for videos shows no sign of slowing down, incorporating automation as a tool means to ease and speed up processes.
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2 days ago by paulbradshaw
collectAI - debt collection in the cloud
collectAI is using big data und machine learning for automated debt collection and best results in the dunning process with individual debtor messages.
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4 days ago by shalmaneser
Die besten Wanderungen rund um Berlin - via reise verlag
Die 26 schönsten Wandertouren rund um Berlin – so abwechslungsreich wie Brandenburgs einzigartige Naturlandschaft. Mit Tourenkarten, Einkehrtipps und Badestellen.
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4 days ago by andrewn

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