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The Prophet of Germany’s New Right - The New York Times
Profile of Götz Kubitscheck, one of the leading right-wing thinkers in contemporary Germany. Major influence on AfD. Interesting on the ways in which he tries to reimagine German nationalism to avoid overlap with Hitler, but still draws on some of the same ideas and themes as the Nazis. Spengler is a major influence. Focus on Western decline and the need for reinvigoration. Outwardly much less racist than other anti-immigrant right-wing thinkers in Europe now, but it's hard to see on the idea of a "Volk" whose essence is altered and even weakened by the arrival of different cultures doesn't take you down that road.
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Countering the Populists Merkel Moves Left to Disarm the Right
"Does anyone here seriously believe that the reason we lost 12 percent to the AfD in Baden-Württemberg is because of old-age care policy?"The one person who does seriously believe it is Angela Merkel. She talked about the badly paid care workers for the elderly, about families who can't afford affordable housing in Germany's cities. She talked about aging men and women who spent 45 years working only to find their pensions aren't enough to live on."These are social issues we need to resolve," she said. "The CDU is sometimes more inclined to focus on the economy and less inclined to consider what it actually means for the individual," she added, in a small swipe at her own party. By the time Merkel left the Congress center in Dresden after about two hours, it had become eminently clear that her response to the rise of the right-wing populist AfD is to shift to the left.If the Chancellor succeeds in cobbling together a "Jamaica Coalition" - so named because the colors associated with the parties involved (CDU black, FDP yellow and green for the Green Party) are the same as those on the Jamaican flag - she will likely make herself out to be its conscience. "A mainstream party might as well give up when it loses sight of the common man," is one of the chancellor's credos, and the priority now is to concentrate on "Christian social principles."
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