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'Shocking' sexual abuse of children by German clergy detailed in report | World news | The Guardian

"(...) The German Catholic church presented the results of an investigation into decades of sexual abuse of children on Tuesday afternoon. The report details the cases of 3,677 children, the majority of whom are male, who were sexually abused between 1946 and 2014. About 1,670 clerics, mainly priests, are implicated. (...)

The report was compiled using data collected from 27 German dioceses, and included 38,000 mostly anonymous documents. But the authors, who were appointed by the church and spent four years working on the report, said they were not allowed access to any original files from the church’s own archives and that the files from at least two dioceses had been manipulated or destroyed.

Christian Pfeiffer, a criminologist tasked with carrying out the study in 2011, said the church had made itself “untrustworthy” by not allowing full access to its archives. He has complained about alleged censorship and a lack of transparency on the part of the church. (...)

The study found that more than half of the victims had been younger than 13 the first time they were abused, and that 83% of attacks were planned, taking place most commonly in the private or service flats of those carrying out the abuse.

On average, the abuses happened multiple times over a period of at least 15 months.

Almost 1,000 of the victims were altar boys. Every sixth attack involved rape. (...)"
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Use of the tax flat rate at foreign broker DEGIRO - Tax, Law and Business Creation - Securities Forum
discussion on wertpapier about how to fill the tax form for degiro. which lines need to be filled and so on.
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Russia Should Own Up to Stalin-Hitler Friendship - Bloomberg
On Sept. 17, 1939, the Soviet Union invaded eastern Poland. Germany, which had done the same in the western part of the country two weeks earlier, acquiesced under the terms of a notorious neutrality agreement between Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin that divided parts of eastern Europe into Nazi and Communist spheres of influence.
Russia  germany  wars  Stalin  communist  bloomberg 
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Unter Zeitdruck – Zur anstehenden Regierungsbildung im Freistaat Bayern | Verfassungsblog
enger Zeitrahmen für Koalitionsbildung nach der Landtagswahl in Bayern 2018
law  constitution  Germany  Bayern 
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Hicky's Bengal gazette, or The original Calcutta general advertiser (Calcutta)
Hicky's Bengal gazette, or The original Calcutta general advertiser; Heidelberg University Library (
newspaper  gazette  english  language  news  history  reference  calcutta  bengal  india  university  research  heidelberg  baden-württemberg  germany 
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