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Berlin 1871
A lovely historical map
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21 hours ago by nelson
Новости и аналитика о Германии, России, Европе, мире.
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yesterday by moalex
Gustav Wunderwald’s Paintings of Weimar Berlin | The Public Domain Review
pleasantly melancholy, reminding me of that guy with the dot people from manchester, but less sad
Art  Germany 
yesterday by luke_in_flames
Robert Lewandowski – All His Goals 2016/2017 Season | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Robert Lewandowski – All his Ambitions 2016/2017 Season All goals scored by Lewandowski in the 2016/17 period. ► Sub now: The Polish intercontinental is pretty much unstoppable. Not numerous strikers control to notch up thirty goals in a person campaign, but Robert Lewandowski has done it 2 times previously. The Bayern Munich objective-grabber is […]
IFTTT  WordPress  Sport  Bayern  Munich  Bullet  bundesliga  FC  München  german  champions  football  league  germany  Lewand...  midfielder  Robert  Lewandowski  Rocket  Striker  wondergoal 
yesterday by wotek
The New German Question | by Timothy Garton Ash | The New York Review of Books
This land is civilized, free, prosperous, law-abiding, moderate, and cautious. Its many virtues might be summarized as “the banality of the good.” Asked by the tabloid BILD-Zeitung what feelings Germany awakes in her, Angela Merkel once famously replied, “I think of well-sealed windows! No other country can make such well-sealed and nice windows [dichte und schöne Fenster].”
germany  quote 
yesterday by jberkel
Scotland-only folic acid plan ruled out - BBC News
An estimated 85% of women do not take enough folic acid in their diet.
The NHS currently recommends that women trying to conceive a child should consume 400 micrograms of folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, a day.
western  diet  chronic  sick  population  UK  folic  acid  folate  S.A.D.  fertility  health  care  demand  IVF  NHS  medical  advances  prevention  Public  USA  Germany  premature  death  birth 
2 days ago by asterisk2a
FC Bayern München – VfL Wolfsburg 5 : 1 !!! Lewandowski Festspiel !!!!! | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
FC Bayern München – VfL Wolfsburg 5 : 1 !!! Lewandowski Festspiel !!!!! Mein erstes Fußballspiel in der Allianz Arena und dann gleich so ein Hammerspiel!! Robert Lewandowski wurde in der 2. Halbzeit eingewechselt und schoss innerhalb von neun Minuten !! gleich 5 Tore !!!!! Mit den Toren in der 51 – 52 – 55 […]
IFTTT  WordPress  Sport  allianz  arena  Bayern  Munich  Fa...  FC  -  Vfl  Wolfsburg  (Football  Team)  Football  (Interest)  Fußball  germany  munchen 
2 days ago by wotek
A very poignant interactive article from the Berliner Morgenpost (in German). It starts by asking if you can draw the borders, and it goes on with witnesses telling their stories. It's worth spending some translating time.
youdrawit  interactive  drawing  germany  Mapping 
3 days ago by paulbradshaw
The Four Horsemen: Amazon/Apple/Facebook & Google – Who Wins/Loses (Scott Galloway, L2 Inc.) | DLD15 | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
The Four Horsemen: Amazon/Apple/Fb & Google – Who Wins/Loses (Scott Galloway, L2 Inc.) | DLD15 A lot of variables occur into play when you want to get a horserace. Subsequent to the fastest horse, there’s a need to have for the most effective crew, excellent day by day issue, an extraordinary rider and in some […]
IFTTT  WordPress  Amazon  2015  Conference  DLD  DLD15  germany  It's  Only  The  Beginning!    media  Scott  Galloway  Four  Horsemen:  Amazon/Apple/Facebook  &  Google--Who  Wins/Loses 
3 days ago by wotek

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