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Bianca, German teacher from Germany - italki
Thailand; good rate for informal tutoring; only adults
2 days ago by ALW
Linguee | Dictionaries
Easy translations online / Smartphone App / also in German
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4 days ago by navegador
Interaktive Übungen für Lektion 09 | smarterGerman
replace such difficult words like "ihr" with "mir" to get a feel for the Dativ/Akkusativ dilemma
5 days ago by ALW
SPRACHwerk: Method
In the first half of each lesson, the student is encouraged to communicate freely and spontaneously with the teacher on any number of topics. During this phase, the instructor corrects gently but above all takes detailed notes on any errors and/or gaps in the student’s knowledge of pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. During the second half of the lesson, the teacher transforms these notes on-screen into bilingual written “feedback sheets”, i.e. approximately five pages of vocabulary lists, grammatical explanations, etc., in which all of the relevant language issues are addressed. At the end of each lesson, the student receives both a printed and a digital copy of these original materials to study from at home.
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8 days ago by bonkey

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