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'Bees, not refugees': the environmentalist roots of anti-immigrant bigotry | Environment | The Guardian
“Recent mass shootings have been linked to ‘eco-xenophobia’ – part of a tradition that dates to America’s first conservationists”


“This is an urgent, clear, and historically grounded warning about ecofascism. Please read it.

Parts of the far right are shifting from denying the environmental crisis to seeing it as a useful tool, something that makes fascism seem necessary.

One of the problems of a hyperpolarized political discourse is it makes it hard to see and deal with cross-polarity evil ideologies.

I’m very worried that most environmentally concerned Americans aren’t able to spot ecofascism yet. This @susie_c article is a good inoculation. Please share it.”]

[See also:

“The Menace of Eco-Fascism” by Matthew Phelan

“The Eco-Fascism of the El Paso Shooter Haunts the Techno-Optimism of the Left – Society & Space” by Jesse Goldstein

“Eco-fascism: The ideology marrying environmentalism and white supremacy thriving online: The online movement has roots in neo-Nazism – and a violent edge worth taking seriously.”

“Why an Heiress [Cordelia Scaife May] Spent Her Fortune Trying to Keep Immigrants Out
Newly unearthed documents reveal how an environmental-minded socialite became an ardent nativist whose money helped sow the seeds of the Trump anti-immigration agenda." ]

[Related: a thread on Marin County from me following Charlie’s thread (above):

RE preceding series of RTs on ecofascism, here are two more references:

“The Eco-Fascism of the El Paso Shooter Haunts the Techno-Optimism of the Left”

“The Menace of Eco-Fascism”

When I think about this all, my mind goes just north of where I sit to the example I know the best.

“Marin County has long resisted growth in the name of environmentalism. But high housing costs and segregation persist”

“Confronting Marin’s problems with racism”

“The statehouse in Sacramento showcases dioramas for each California county. The diorama of Marin has no people, only beautiful redwood forests, ocean vistas and the San Rafael mission. +

“Why do we care so deeply for the environment, yet forget the indigenous people who are here now and have lived on this land for centuries? Aren’t our human resources in all their diversity just as important?”

Marin is the location of Muir Woods National Monument*, named after that very same John Muir mentioned in @susie_c’s article** (pointed to in preceding RT).


In even more recently *published* news from Marin: “A tiny Marin County school district “intentionally” segregated its students, corralling black and Latino children in an under-performing public school for years” +

And just before that “White fragility and the fight over Marin County’s Dixie School District”

Marin Country has a population of about 261,000. It’s just one (close to me) example of a place where very fascist behaviors are carried out by self-proclaimed progressives (and liberals*).

*not always meaning the same thing to everyone, but often used to point to the left

There are small and large pockets of eco-fascists nearly (maybe?) everywhere, including major swaths in this “progressive” city, and all over the internet, of course.”]
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august 2019 by robertogreco
Reasonably sure Kristol is not similarly irritated that & both deployed troo…
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november 2018 by mikekellogg
John Brennan, Former C.I.A. Spymaster, Steps Out of the Shadows - The New York Times
ency around drone strikes made it hard to understand, let alone defend, United States policy. “The biggest conflict I had with my leadership was drone strikes,” says one former diplomat who worked in South Asia during Obama’s first term. “Official U.S. government policy is that you can’t talk about them, because they don’t exist,” the diplomat continued. “I quickly realized that I couldn’t be a credible representative of the U.S. government without talking about what was on the front page of every single newspaper.” Under Obama, the justification for holding such unaccountable power was the good character of the president and his staff. “Do I want this system to last forever? No,” one senior Obama official told The Washington Post in 2012, referring to the drone program. “What is scary is the apparatus set up without John to run it.”

If McDonough could not talk about signature strikes, perhaps he could talk about drone strikes against “high-value targets,” named and known terrorists.

“Again, that sounds to me like a question that I’m not in a position to respond t
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october 2018 by Kirk510620
Bryan Dawson on Twitter: #GOPTaxScam Reagan cuts taxes, explodes deficits. Clinton leaves surplus, Bush cuts taxes and reverses surplus by $2.2T, economic collapse...
#GOPTaxScam Reagan cuts taxes, explodes deficits. Clinton leaves surplus, Bush cuts taxes and reverses surplus by $2.2T, economic collapse Obama saves economy, reduces deficit by 2/3 (fastest reduction in history). Trump cuts taxes, adding $1.5T to deficit Rinse, repeat.
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january 2018 by coslinks
Brexit, Trump and a generation of incompetents
It’s useful here to recall the contrast — often drawn in the US in the 1990s — between the “greatest generation” who fought the second world war, and the baby boomers. From the 1940s until the 1990s, most politicians in both countries were men who had fought a world war. That experience shaped them. Harold Macmillan, British prime minister from 1957 to 1963, had been wounded five times in the first world war. Once, after being hit in the knee and pelvis, he lay in a shell hole for 12 hours, medicating himself with morphine, playing dead when Germans came near, and reading Aeschylus in the original Greek, writes Richard Davenport-Hines in An English Affair.

Macmillan reflected much later that posh o􀀶cers such as himself, leading working-class troops, “learnt for the first time how to … feel at home with a whole class with whom we could not have come into contact in any other way”.
It’s often said that today’s politicians have no experience outside politics, but they do. Bush Jr ran a baseball club, Boris Johnson wrote funny columns, and Trump played a successful businessman on television. Along the way they learnt a skill their predecessors mostly lacked: performing on mass media.

Then came populism, which validated amateurism. No need for “experts” — anyone could do the job. Thoughtful people who couldn’t bellow simplifications on TV drifted out of politics.
by:SimonKuper  from:FinancialTimes  DonaldTrump  BorisJohnson  GeorgeWBush  politics  BabyBoomers  HaroldMacmillan  geo:UnitedKingdom  geo:UnitedStates  Brexit  incompetence 
december 2017 by owenblacker

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