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Village: Cosmica
(This actually looks halfway decent.)
“Cosmica started life in mid-2014 as an exploration into taking the Galaxie skeleton — already fleshed out as Polaris, Cassiopeia, and Copernicus — and applying its rules of construction to a geometric sans.

“In recent years I had been called on by a few clients to develop geometric sans types, including a revival of Futura for Maharam, and a collaboration with Magnus Rakeng on the types for the Norwegian Airports authority, Avinor, and felt that it was time to bring the compass back home and apply it to my own work.”
typefaces  typefaceideas  geometric  2018  vllg  sansserif 
2 days ago by handcoding
POLIGON Sculpture
Minimalistic geometric sculptures made of metal. Tiny little precise objects.
meticulous  cold  metal  geometric  sculpture  art 
5 weeks ago by abstresma

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