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Farewell, Google Maps | In der Apotheke
Google decided to make Maps its next billion dollar business by raising prices 14 times and decreasing free usage limit almost 30 times, all with minimal notice period. Fortunately, the move energised map competitors. Apple Maps, Mapbox, TomTom - which alternative is best for mid- and larger sites?
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yesterday by edavey
RTree - Hyper-Dimensional R-Tree Index in Java
An index that supports building a tree of bounding rectangles for arbitrary range searches. RTrees are efficient for geospatial data but can be extended to support any data that is amenable to range searching.

Conversant RTree is a hyper-dimensional (2D, 3D, 4D, nD) implementation of RTrees in Java. Conversant RTree supports data with large numbers of orthogonal relations or high dimensionality in the same way that traditional RTrees support 2 or 3 dimensional spatial data.
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4 days ago by liqweed
rtree - Immutable in-memory R-tree & R*-tree implementations in Java with reactive API
In-memory immutable 2D R-tree implementation in java using RxJava Observables for reactive processing of search results. An R-tree is a commonly used spatial index.

This was fun to make, has an elegant concise algorithm, is thread-safe, fast, and reasonably memory efficient (uses structural sharing).
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4 days ago by liqweed
How Can You Do Site Using ? Check Out Our A/B Test! …
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8 days ago by mandigital
A fast geo database with Google S2 take #2 · Fabrice Aneche
- Why S2?

S2 cells have a level ranging from 30 ~0.7cm² to 0 ~85,000,000km².
S2 cells are encoded on an uint64, easy to store.

The main advantage is the region coverer algorithm, give it a region and the maximum number of cells you want, S2 will return some cells at different levels that cover the region you asked for, remember one cell corresponds to a range lookup you’ll have to perform in your database.

The coverage is more accurate it means less read from the DB, less objects unmarshalling…

- Why not Geohash?

Geohash is a great solution to perform geo coordinates queries but the way it works can sometimes be an issue with your data.

Remember geohashes are cells of 12 different widths from 5000km to 3.7cm, when you perform a lookup around a position, if your position is close to a cell’s edge you could miss some points from the adjacent cell, that’s why you have to query for the 8 neightbour cells, it means 9 range queries into your DB to find all the closest points from your location.
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12 days ago by hellsten

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