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Retreat Yo' Self! Why you should give yourself occasional writing retreats.
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13 hours ago by ebuchholtz
Seeing Homelessness Differently | Univ. of Minn. News | May 4, 2018
When thinking about homeless people, the first image that comes to many people’s minds is someone on the street with ragged clothing, a shopping cart, and a cardboard sign. However, this perception of the homeless is inaccurate. “Images tend to show people as individual subjects who need some sort of help,” says Eric Goldfischer '13, a geography PhD candidate at the University of Minnesota. “People have [this] perception, because that’s who’s most visible.”
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19 hours ago by macalestercollege
Effortless Slippage - e-flux Architecture - e-flux
For about as long as there has been a networked world there have been people adorning it with the accessories and ephemera of the nation-state. Some of these gestures were more of a literal attempt to translate the borders of the world onto the net, such as ARPANet legend Jon Postel's decision to assign two-character ISO country codes to every nation as top-level domains. Postel assumed a future of domain names functioning more like folder directories or physical mailing addresses—the website of IBM offices in Armonk, NY might live at "IBM.Armonk.NY.US"—rather than the linguistic hacks and poetics they're used for now.
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yesterday by mookieproof
How GIS Changed the Face of Modern Geography... learn how has given modern a new look so that even…
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2 days ago by rukku
Why it’s important to recognize multiple food systems in Africa | The Conversation | July 18, 2018
There are more than 815 million malnourished people in the world today. Almost 243 million of these are in Africa, where the problem is highest. Unfortunately, development organizations may be making food insecurity worse as they push the most advanced forms of agriculture to the detriment of other food systems. Geography professor William Moseley co-wrote this with Julia D. Morgan '18 whose honors thesis was titled, “Correcting for the Inconveniences of Cultivation: Foraging as a Food Source in Southwestern Burkina Faso.”
macnews  macalumni  classof2018  Geography  Africa  foodsystems  piper 
3 days ago by macalestercollege
Culture clash: Why are some societies strict and others lax? | Ne, Apr 2018w Scientist
Article on tightness/looseness as a way of categorizing societies

"Starting in the 1960s, [Dutch social psychologist Geert Hofstede] developed a model for understanding cross-cultural differences based on six dimensions (see “Six degrees of separation”). Since then, one of his metrics, individualism/collectivism, has attracted considerable interest and proved useful in explaining cultural differences, especially those epitomised by typically Western or Eastern modes of thought. But [cultural psychologist Michele] Gelfand believes the focus has been too narrow, and that tightness/looseness is a neglected source of cultural variation that has a huge influence on our behaviour – “a Rosetta stone for human groups”, she says."

"[Gelfand] suspected that tightness is determined by the level of external threat to which a society was exposed historically – whether ecological, such as earthquakes or scarce natural resources, or human-made, such as war. “Tightness is about the need for coordination,” she says. “The idea is that if you are chronically faced with these kinds of threats, you develop strong rules in order to coordinate for survival.”"

"But it doesn’t end there. Gelfand and her colleagues found that the degree of tightness was reflected in all sorts of societal institutions and practices – even after taking national wealth into consideration. Tight societies tend to be more autocratic, with greater media censorship and fewer collective actions such as demonstrations. They are also more conformist and religious, and have more police, lower crime and divorce rates, and cleaner public spaces. ... Loose societies tend to be more disorganised, but also more creative, innovative and tolerant of diversity."
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3 days ago by pierredv
- is much more than just Creating Maps, see Why Location Matters, thanks in part…
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3 days ago by rukku
Ancient Earth globe
Cool thing that shows what earth looked like over geological time
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3 days ago by dmje
Is food self-sufficiency making a comeback? | African Arguments | June 15, 2018
Qatar and Burundi have been forced to innovate due to political crises. But the rest of the world could learn a lot from their experiments. Geography professor William Moseley wrote this commentary.
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5 days ago by macalestercollege

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