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Game Of Thrones – VHS Intro (UPDATED Music) | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Game of Thrones – VHS Intro (UPDATED music) ***ATTENTION!*** I did not made the visuals NOR the sound for this clip – I used the VHS intro made by Hunterlsanders and music by Steve Duzz, cut it a bit and uploaded for all to enjoy. No profit is made of this clip. Have a good […]
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august 2017 by wotek
Can You Solution Sell without Selling Solutions? - by @kellblog
"You can solution sell without a single packaged solution in your product line. To again answer the question posed by the title of this post: Yes, you can solution sell without selling solutions.

Solution selling is simply an approach to how you sell your product. Certainly it can be easier to solution sell when you are selling solutions. But one it is not required and one is not tantamount to the other."
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august 2017 by jonerp
The hidden costs that threaten Australian literary awards
University of Western Australia Publishing (UWAP) has announced that it will not be entering books it published into literary awards next year, citing minimal sales of winning entries did not offset the costs of entering (feeds, supplying books, postage, labour). The article includes comments from representatives of HarperCollins, Pan Macmillan Australia, Knopf Vintage (Penguin Random House Australia), Allen & Unwin, Scribe Australia, Giramondo Publishing, Inkerman & Blunt, Transit Lounge and Ventura Press.
#books  #publishing  A.S.  Patric  Allen  &  Unwin  Black  Rock  White  City  (2015)  Cate  Paterson  Children's  Book  Council  of  Australia  Book  of  the  Year  Awards  Charlotte  Wood  Donna  Ward  Geoffrey  Lehmann  Giramondo  Publishing  HarperCollins  Hope  Farm  (2015)  Inkerman  &  Blunt  Ivor  Indyk  Jane  Curry  Jane  Palfreyman  Katherine  Johnson  Knopf  Vintage  literary  Meredith  Curnow  Miles  Franklin  Award  for  a  novel  Pan  Macmillan  Australia  Peggy  Frew  Penguin  Random  House  Australia  Poems  1957-2013  (2014)  Prime  Minister's  Award  for  poetry  Prime  Minister's  Awards  Prime  Minister’s  Awards  for  fiction  Scribe  Australia  Shona  Martyn  Stephen  Carroll  Stephen  Conte  Terri-ann  White  Better  Son  (2016)  Natural  Way  of  Things  (2015)  Stella  Prize  Time  We  Have  Taken  (2007)  Zookeeper's  War  (2007)  Transit  Lounge  University  of  Western  Australia  Publishing  Ventura  Press 
december 2016 by elliottbledsoe
No-Cream Creamed Corn with Applewood Smoked Bacon Recipe : Geoffrey Zakarian : Food Network
very good. will do again. with leftovers i might add cream or cream cheese if i have to to restore moisture and to experiment with making it even more luxurious.
like  corn  creamed  nocream  GZ  geoffrey  zakarian  creamedcorn  recipe  5stars 
september 2016 by pro_action
South Korean journalists reporting tirade breach off-the-record tradition
Consider this: At South Korea’s biggest newspapers, along with many East Asian publications, self-censorship and anonymous sourcing are the status quo. Japanese and Korean reporters are often sorted out into press clubs, tied to ministries and corporations, which lay down the rules and whack reporters whose coverage is out of line. With power concentrated in a handful of corporate conglomerates, many newspapers cater to advertisers in a way far more extreme than in the US, and dole out bad coverage to companies that don’t pay up. When the options for covering your country—or its corporations—are all weak, journalistic short-cuts can be the only way to publishing honest stories.

After a long back-and-forth, the editors agreed to go with it. This was not a mid-level bureaucrat spouting inebriated nonsense, but a top official whose mandate was to craft policy that would educate the next generation. Since he expressed a sentiment so recklessly against his public mission—and given plenty o
Geoffrey  Cain  Korean  Journalism  Korean  censorship  Korean  defamation 
august 2016 by thegrandnarrative

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