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13 days ago by tonious
Interface, Exhibition & Artwork: Geocities, Deleted City and the Future of Interfaces to Digital Collections | The Signal
In 2009, a band of rogue digital preservationists called Archive Team did their best to collect and preserve Geocities. The resulting data has became the basis for at least two works of art: Deleted City and One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age. I think the story of this data set and these works offer insights into the future roles of cultural heritage organizations and their collections.
Library_of_Congress  Geocities  digital_preservation  visualisation 
june 2017 by stacker
The Deleted City 3.0
Zoomable map of the GeoCities filesystem. (via FlowingData)
via:flowingdata  geocities  maps  mapping  richardvijgen 
june 2017 by philgyford
Deleted City
Pad++-like zoomable UI for Geocities archive. /cc @bederson
geocities  archive  pad  pad++  zoomable  bederson  via:waxy 
june 2017 by nelson
The Ghost of Geocities | One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age
Early web designers always had a clear/empty image file in the graphics folder of their projects. Usually it would be called clear.gif. Mine was — 0.gif. And most commonly it would be just 1 pixel of nothing. The one on Geocities is 10×10 pixels.

Clear gifs were irreplaceable in the world of pre-CSS layouts. Invisible and small graphics could be stretched in width and height, keeping visible elements of the page on desirable distance.
CSS  webdesign  1990s  geocities  internet 
may 2017 by rachaelsullivan

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