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How Google Wiped a Neighborhood off the Map – OneZero
Google maps of Buffalo used idiosyncratic data, probably sourced from Pitney Bowles, which in effect wrote ongoing gentrification into the map of the city, turning the Fruit Belt neighborhood into "Medical Park."
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18 hours ago by johnmfrench
The West Baltimore Innovation Village: An Oreo Gentrification Scheme?
Who decided that a building a tech village was more important than saving Black lives? How many low-income Black residents from West Baltimore will be one of the 10 startup recipients of the $50,000 awards that are available?
Baltimore  Racism  Whites  Blacks  Gentrification 
8 days ago by dbourn
Apesar de confirmar a colocação da vedação, Medina nega que a sua intenção seja privatizar o Adamastor | O Corvo
A Câmara Municipal de Lisboa apresentou, durante a noite desta quarta-feira (13 de Fevereiro), o projecto de requalificação do Jardim de Santa Catarina, também conhecido como Miradouro de Adamastor. A sessão, ocorrida no Liceu Passos Manuel e aberta ao público, contou com a presença do president ...
Lisbon  gentrification 
12 days ago by hthief
RT : As continues to change the landscape of , how can communities take control of their future? A p…
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12 days ago by jameswagner
Gentrification Is a Feature, Not a Bug, of Capitalist Urban Planning
The property contradiction arises because capitalists demand certain planning interventions from the state to enable their mode of accumulation, but then deny the utility of planning as some sort of socialist sickness. Crucially, beyond certain fundamentals, urban capitalists do not want the same things from city planners. Their demands crudely break down along industry lines. Manufacturing capitalists might bristle at environmental regulations that curb their abilities to exploit land, water, and air without legal consequences. They could, however, be broadly supportive of planning interventions meant to cool rising land and housing prices, as they view land as a cost factor of production and housing prices as a cause around which their workers could rally and demand higher wages.

Real estate capitalists, on the other hand, might welcome environmental regulations that limit pollution if they see smog and grime as factors that might bring down the value of their buildings. They would not, however, cheer the state for imposing rent controls or building high-quality public housing, as those measures might threaten their very business model. Planners, then, must manage a double bind: meeting the competing demands of various types of capitalists, without doing so much planning that the capitalists freak out.
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14 days ago by perich
DIGNITY- The Displaced Women of Oakland - YouTube
"Gentrification is a large cause of displacement in many major cities. As cities undergo rapid development, rent prices rise, leading to increasing rates of homelessness.

“Dignity” focuses on the unhoused women and girls in the city of Oakland, California. Gentrification is very prevalent in the city and issues facing homeless women and girls are generally overlooked. This film is meant to shed light on the causes and effects of this displacement."
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19 days ago by robertogreco

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