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The Brightest Fell
For the past two years, Steve had never believed him when Tony had told him about his true identity. That he was, in fact, not just ‘Lucifer Morningstar’, but the actual ruler of Hell.
No matter how often Tony had explained that he never lied, not ever, no matter how painstakingly clear the evidence had been at times, Steve had somehow always found a way to pass it all as jokes, delusions—or just strange coincidences.
Truth, it seemed, was easy to overlook in the face of its overwhelming simplicity.
Now though, even Steve wouldn’t be able to ignore it any longer.
Who Tony was. Who he really was.
Samael. Satan. The Prince of Darkness.
avengers:mcu  pairing:steve/tony  genre:wing!fic  fusion:lucifer  5000-9999  author:ann2who  rating:nc-17  genre:totalAU 
august 2018 by amoreprofoundbond
Birds of a Feather
Tony only ever wanted to be an Alpha with bright feathers, a huge wingspan, and attitude. But he was an Omega, and while he still has the attitude, his lot in life as dictated by society leaves a lot to be desired. But he was Tony Stark, and he wasn’t going to let anything get in his way—though he wouldn’t necessarily be against the company of a certain Alpha Capsicle.
avengers:mcu  pairing:steve/tony  genre:canonAU  genre:wing!fic  genre:alpha/beta/omega  rating:nc-17  author:loquitorlatinae  10000-19999 
september 2016 by amoreprofoundbond
to prevent flight
"Captain," Stark greets.

"Mr. Stark," Steve returns, his mind's eye still filled with the impression of a red-and-gold angel streaking from the sky, his fingers itching for a pencil.
avengers:mcu  pairing:steve&tony  genre:gen/pre-slash  rating:pg-13  genre:wing!fic  1000-4999  author:zekkass  written:postavengers 
april 2016 by amoreprofoundbond
Who Has Known Heights
Before his injury, Tony had been a fast, intuitive flier: agile in the air, as those of his wingshape usually were, able to tumble and swoop and then trade back the speed for lift, and always get the best of the bargain.

That was how he referred to it; not 'abduction' or 'captivity' or 'maiming' but injury, the most neutral word possible. Though Steve had never, not once heard him call it an accident.
avengers:mcu  pairing:steve/tony  genre:canonAU  genre:wing!fic  genre:hurt/comfort  warning:amputation  warning:ptsd  kink:identityporn  author:mountainrose  author:szzzt  rating:nc-17  50000-99999  kink:power/authority  warning:light.bondage  kink:d/s  written:postavengers 
january 2015 by amoreprofoundbond
Marvel (Captain America): Flight Goggles
Rating: General Audiences
Category: Gen
Fandom: Captain America (Movies)
Characters: Sam Wilson (Marvel), Natasha Romanov, James "Bucky" Barnes, Steve Rogers
Additional Tags: Wingfic, because Sam is an angel, also a bird

Title: Flight Goggles
Author: scribblemetimbers

The first time Sam Wilson saw wings was the last time he saw Riley flying. More specifically, it was the second after Riley’s left mechanical wing exploded in a shower of sparks.
Fandom:Marvel  Fandom:CaptainAmerica  Author:Scribblemetimbers  Words:1000-5000  Rating:G  Character:SamWilson(Falcon)  Character:NatashaRomanov  Character:James(Bucky)Barnes  Character:SteveRogers(CaptAmerica)  genre:GEN  genre:Wing!Fic  genre:CharacterPiece  Type:Fic 
september 2014 by themadramblings
Marvel: Wishbones
Rating: General Audiences
Category: Gen
Fandoms: Captain America (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies)
Characters: Sam Wilson (Marvel), Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Thor (Marvel)
Additional Tags: Wingfic, Consensual Magic Use

Title: Wishbones
Author: freshbakedlady

Sam went from working at the VA to teaming up with Captain America to assisting on a crew of superheroes. Magic shouldn't be a big step from that, but defending Central Park earns him an unexpected favor, and Sam isn't sure he wants to accept.
Fandom:Marvel  Author:Freshbakedlady  Words:1000-5000  Rating:G  Character:SamWilson(Falcon)  Character:SteveRogers(CaptAmerica)  Character:TonyStark(Ironman)  Character:ThorOdinson  genre:GEN  genre:Wing!Fic  genre:Transformation  genre:CharacterPiece  Type:Fic 
september 2014 by themadramblings
Marvel: put your arms around me baby (i just wanna fly)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Category: M/M
Fandoms: Captain America (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies)
Relationships: Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson, James "Bucky" Barnes/Natasha Romanov
Characters: Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson (Marvel)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Wings, Wingfic, Alternate Universe - No Powers, Massage, Fluff

Title: put your arms around me baby (i just wanna fly)
Author: silverfoxflower


"Hey, hey," Bucky said, stroking his knuckles against the edge of Natasha's upper wing. "Leave me out of it. I told her you were touchy about people handling your wings, but," he grimaced, "They are looking a little ... neglected."

Steve didn't have to turn his head to know that that was true. Right now, his too-long primary feathers were dragging on the barroom floor, and he swore he used to have white wings, but no matter how he preened they remained a dingy, lackluster grey.

"Alright," he said with a sigh, glancing at the gift card before slipping it into his wallet. Seraphim Spa, it read in gold script, Massages, oil treatments and more.
Fandom:Marvel  Author:Silverfoxflower  Rating:T  Words:1000-5000  Character:SteveRogers(CaptAmerica)  Character:SamWilson(Falcon)  Pair:SamWilson(Falcon)/SteveRogers(CaptAmerica)  Pair:James(Bucky)Barns/NatashaRomanov(BlackWidow)  genre:Slash  genre:Wing!Fic  genre:AU  Type:Fic  via:Laria_Gwyn 
september 2014 by themadramblings

“You know, whatever you’re planning to do to me,” Sam said, working hard to keep his voice steady, “I'm not going to be using it for you."
fandom:captain_america  fandom:marvel_universe  character:sam_'falcon'_wilson  character:steve_rogers  rating:4/5  length:20-25k  genre:wing!fic  warnings:body_horror 
september 2014 by bernards_books
Marvel: We're Starting At The End
Rating: Explicit
Archive Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Category: M/M
Fandom: The Avengers (Marvel Movies)
Relationship: Clint Barton/Phil Coulson
Characters: Clint Barton, Phil Coulson, Natasha Romanov, James "Bucky" Barnes, Wade Wilson, Maria Hill, Background & Cameo Characters, various angels
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Angels, angel au, Light Angst, Fluff, Fluff and Angst, playing fast and loose with angel mythology, slight Hawkguy vibes I guess, Phil's awful Christmas sweater, light references to PTSD, Wingfic, Additional Warnings In Author's Note, Trope Bingo Round 2
Words: 33183
Title: We're Starting At The End
Author: nerdwegian


All Clint wants is to get through his afterlife with as little human interaction as possible. He's got his job, he's got good friends (as friendly as the Angels of Death ever are, anyway), and he's got his little apartment. It's not much, but it works for him--that is, until Phil Coulson's name appears on his assignment sheet. Over and over and over.

Surprisingly, Clint finds that he doesn't mind that much.

(In which Clint is an angel who is terrible at first impressions, Phil is the downtrodden neighbor he's assigned to help, and the New York office is having a major problem with office supply theft.)
Fandom:Marvel  Fandom:Avengers  Author:Nerdwegian  Rating:Explicit  Words:30000-40000  Pair:ClintBarton(Hawkeye)/PhilCoulson  Character:ClintBarton(Hawkeye)  Character:PhilCoulson  Character:NatashaRomanov  Character:James(Bucky)Barnes  Character:Deadpool  Character:MariaHill  genre:Wing!Fic  genre:AU  genre:Christmas  genre:Death!Fic  genre:fluff  genre:Angst  genre:PTSD  Type:Fic 
august 2014 by themadramblings
Marvel: It takes all kinds
Rating: Mature
Archive Warning: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Categories: Gen, M/M
Fandoms: The Avengers (2012), Marvel Cinematic Universe
Relationship: Clint Barton/Phil Coulson
Characters: Clint Barton, Phil Coulson, Natasha Romanov
Additional Tags: Wingfic, an origin story of sorts

Title: It Takes All Kinds
Author: sariane

"There are three types of people in the world," Clint explains, holding up three fingers. "People who have wings and can see them," he ticks off a finger, "people who have them but don't see them," he lowers another, "and the wingless, who don't have a clue." Three fingers fold into his fist.

"You forgot one."

"I'm the exception to the rule," Clint says bitterly, "I can see them. Always have. I just don't have them."

This is how Clint Barton went from the circus to SHIELD, met Phil Coulson, recruited Natasha Romanov, and truly deserved the name "Hawkeye.""
Author:Sariane  Fandom:Marvel  Fandom:Avengers  Rating:M  Words:5000-10000  Pair:ClintBarton(Hawkeye)/PhilCoulson  Character:ClintBarton(Hawkeye)  Character:PhilCoulson  Character:NatashaRomanov  genre:CharacterPiece  genre:Wing!Fic  genre:Slash  Type:Fic  via:Laria_Gwyn 
august 2014 by themadramblings
Every Me and Every You
Written for spn_j2_xmas as a gift for locknkey, who wanted Sam/Dean tail or wing fic, bonus points for both. I tried to hit as many of your ‘likes’ as I could too, since I heartily approved of all of them. That would explain why this was rapidly heading toward big bang length….. Hope you like, sweetie!
character:Sam  pairing:Dean/Sam  SPN_fics_wincest  fandom:supernatural  rating:nc-17  wc:10K-20K  genre:wincest  cursed!Dean  !pdf  character:Dean  creature!fic  cursed!Sam  author:runedgirl  genre:au  genre:wing!fic  pining!Sam 
august 2014 by pattibon
Captain America: Hollow and Honeycomb
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Category: Gen
Fandom: Captain America (Movies)
Characters: Sam Wilson (Marvel), Riley (Captain America movies), Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanov, James "Bucky" Barnes, Original Characters
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Wings, Backstory, Non-Linear Narrative

Title: Hollow and Honeycomb
Author: antistar_e (kaikamahine)

Several years before Sam was born, a Supreme Court ruling decided that those who carried and visibly expressed a hereditary winged trait could not be mutilated, amputated, or otherwise altered without their consent, nor could they be discriminated against for housing, employment, etc. based on their possession of wings.

The world that Sam grows up in is one that remembers when it had been different. [Wing!fic AU.]
Fandom:Marvel  Author:Antistar_e  Author:Kaikamahine  Words:10000-20000  Rating:T  Character:SamWilson(Falcon)  Character:SteveRogers(CaptAmerica)  Character:NatashaRomanov  Character:James(Bucky)Barnes  Character:OC  genre:AU  genre:Wing!Fic  genre:CharacterPiece  Type:Fic  Fandom:CaptainAmerica 
july 2014 by themadramblings
How To Fall by FortinbrasFTW
Summary: /“I’ve been falling for some time, through darkness, and pain, and fire. And then I saw you, shining through the shadows, and I knew you would catch me one day. But you didn’t, I fell right past you, further than I ever imagined I could, and now I wonder if I’ve finally hit the ground.”/

When a spell goes wrong Sam ends up stranded in the north Canadian wilderness with nothing to do but bunker down and wait for rescue, which wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the broken angel he's accidentally brought along for the ride.

My Note: A fantastic story wherein Sam and a depowered!Lucifer end up trapped together. It's hard to explain exactly what it is that makes this story so beautiful, but take my word that it is. The writing is so smooth and relaxed. It's very much so a contemplative and character-centered fic.

Length: 41425

Author:fortinbrasftw  Pairing:samifer  Length:25k-50k  Fandom:Spn  rec  AU:canon_divergent  AU  Character:depowered!lucifer  Timeline:s05  Misc:isolation  Rec:best_writing  Personal:to_podfic  Rec:absolute_favorite  Misc:theology  Rating:Mature  genre:wing!fic  Genre:relaxed_and_steady 
march 2014 by oppisum
Aerial by Astolat
Summary: Sam found a way to get rid of them for almost a month at a time, a spell that lasted until the first night of the full moon.

My Note: A very relaxed little wing!fic. Absolutely adorable.

Length: 1341

Author:astolat  Reader:applegeuse  Length:1k-5k  Rating:nc-17  Fandom:Spn  Pairing:wincest  podfic_available  Length:<10mins  Trope:massage  rec  genre:wing!fic  Genre:relaxed_and_steady  Genre:first_time 
march 2014 by oppisum
Break, Fill, Overflow by entanglednow
Summary: Sometimes it's not about what you can see.

My Note: Sam asks if he's enough for a creature as vast as Lucifer. Lucifer gives him an answer the best way he knows how.

Favorite Line: "Tonight [Lucifer]'s doing the middle ages equivalent of Googling himself, because he has one of Bobby's books flipped open to a page about him."

Length: 1759
Fandom:Spn  Personal:to_podfic  Pairing:samifer  Length:1k-5k  Rating:Mature  rec  genre:wing!fic  Author:entangled_now 
february 2014 by oppisum
Omni Gladio Ancipiti by lifevolutionary
Summary: The archangel Gabriel had never chosen a Bearer for his sword. Until now.

My Note: This is the story that made me start shipping sabriel. It's wonderfully plotted and very enjoyable. Gabriel is perfectly in character.

Length: 10892

Fandom:Spn  Pairing:sabriel  Rating:nc-17  podfic_available  rec  reader:kalakirya  Pairing:destiel  Trope:bonded  Trope:telepathy  Timeline:s05  Length:10k-25k  Rec:absolute_favorite  genre:wing!fic 
january 2014 by oppisum
A Momentary Lapse In Self Control by Winnywriter
Summary: Dean Winchester is not gay. But there's something about that angel...Destiel oneshot. Wingfic. Kinda bordering on PWP...sorta.

Words: 2301

My Note: A sweet story where Cas is embarrassed about his wings appearing during sex, and Dean is caring. Also, wonderfully addresses Dean's past history with men verses being with Cas.
Pairing:destiel  Rating:nc-17  Length:1k-5k  Rec:absolute_favorite  Personal:headcanon  Misc:glbt_issues  rec  Fandom:Spn  genre:wing!fic  Genre:porn_with_plot 
january 2014 by oppisum

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misc:theology  no.epub  pair:allisonargent/scottmccall  pair:bobbysinger/ellenharvelle  pair:castiel/deanwinchester  pair:clintbarton(hawkeye)/philcoulson  pair:james(bucky)barns/natasharomanov(blackwidow)  pair:john/marywincherster  pair:ruby/samwinchester  pair:samwilson(falcon)/steverogers(captamerica)  pairing:_arthur/merlin  pairing:_erica/isaac/stiles  pairing:_norrington/sparrow  pairing:arthur/eames  pairing:bollig/girl!shaw  pairing:bollig/shaw  pairing:brad/ray  pairing:brendon/nate  pairing:castiel/dean  pairing:clint/phil  pairing:dean/castiel  pairing:dean/gabriel  pairing:dean/sam  pairing:destiel  pairing:elizabeth/neal/peter  pairing:frank/gerard  pairing:holmes/watson  pairing:jared/jensen  pairing:john/rodney  pairing:kane/toews  pairing:kirk/mccoy/spock  pairing:kris/adam  pairing:ot4  pairing:ot5  pairing:sabriel  pairing:sam/castiel  pairing:sam/dean  pairing:sam/gabriel  pairing:sam/lucifer  pairing:samifer  pairing:steve&tony  pairing:steve/tony  pairing:wincest  pdf  personal:headcanon  personal:to_podfic  pining!sam  place:livejournal  podfic_available  prequel/sequel/verse  rating:4/5  rating:explicit  rating:g  rating:m  rating:mature  rating:nc-17  rating:nc17  rating:pg-13  rating:pg  rating:pg13  rating:r  rating:t  reader:applegeuse  reader:eos_rose  reader:kalakirya  rec  rec:absolute_favorite  rec:best_writing  sam/dean  sherlock  site:ao3  site:lj  slash  source:ao3  source:livejournal  spn_fics_j2  spn_fics_wincest  spoilers:season3  sub-genre:threesome  supernatural  tag:cuddling!snuggling!sleepiness!  tag:ficlet  timeline:s05  title:a  title:b  title:d  title:g  title:k  title:p  title:s  title:w  to-read  torec  trope:bonded  trope:massage  trope:telepathy  type:authorficlist  type:fanfic  type:fanfiction  type:fic  type:merlin_post_season2  type:original!fic  type:rec!list  type:series_fic  type:sherlock_post_season1  type:wip  w/c:<1k  w/c:1-5k  w/c:10-15k  w/c:120-125k  w/c:15-20k  w/c:40-45k  w/c:55-60k  warning:amputation  warning:dub-con  warning:light.bondage  warning:non-con  warning:ptsd  warning:slavery  warnings:body_horror  wc:10k-20k  wc:50k+  winged!jensen  wordcount:100k+  wordcount:1k-5k  wordcount:20k-30k  wordcount:2k-5k  wordcount:40k+  wordcount:5k-10k  wordcount:under_2k  words:1000-5000  words:10000-20000  words:1000to5000  words:150000-200000  words:30000-40000  words:40000-50000  words:5000-10000  words:50000to100000  words:5000to10000  words:75000-100000  words:under1000  workinprogress  written:postavengers  year:2010  year:2011  year:2012  yearpublished:2009  yearpublished:2010  yearpublished:2012  yearpublished:2014 

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