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[Podfic] Half of Something Else - argentumlupine - My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
Frank left New Jersey for LA because of music, and staying was always just a means to an end. He never anticipated that the industry where he'd get his foot in the door would be comics, or that he'd be working as the one and only Grant Morrison's personal assistant.

Comic artist Gerard Way is both a reminder of the place he left behind and a chance for something more.

Problem is, Frank has started to see Grant as much more than just a boss…
fandom:bandom  poly  genre:poly  genre:m/m/m  genre:au(modern)  podfic  creator:argentumlupine  length:(hours)5-6 
february 2018 by yueix
set me as a seal upon thine heart - Chapter 1 - cherryfeather - The Musketeers (2014) [Archive of Our Own]
"It would be nice," Aramis said, his voice raw and shattered, "if you would both do your very utmost to make me forget my own name."

(Also feelings!!!)
fic-recs  fandom:themusketeers  rating:NC-17  author:cherryfeather  pairing:athos/porthos/aramis  genre:ot3  genre:m/m/m 
march 2014 by yan_tan_tether

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author:cherryfeather  author:mrasaki  author:novembersmith  creator:argentumlupine  fandom:bandom  fandom:generationkill  fandom:startrek  fandom:temeraire  fandom:themusketeers  fic-recs  genre:au(modern)  genre:ot3  genre:poly  length:(hours)5-6  pairing:athos/porthos/aramis  pairing:spock/kirk/bones  podfic  poly  rating:nc-17 

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