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X Marks the Spot [by thehoyden, Erik/Charles]
The year is 1962, and Charles Xavier is a professor of archaeology who knows how his students feel, whether he wants to or not. He spends his spare time researching a mythical artifact, but he knows better than anyone that X never, ever marks the spot.
type:fanfic  fandom:xmen  genre:slash  genre:au  wc:20001-40000  author:thehoyden  genre:hurtcomfort 
5 weeks ago by siria
Be Ye Therefore Merciful [by AmberDiceless, Good Omens Gen]
Crowley does something utterly unexpected, and Aziraphale must face an opponent who cannot be thwarted.
type:fanfic  fandom:goodomens  wc:5001-10000  author:amberdiceless  genre:gen  genre:hurtcomfort 
august 2019 by siria
To Rest My Weary Soul [by iamtheenemy, Aziraphale/Crowley]
Are you saying I feel like this because of my time in Hell? I thought you meant moral consequences.”

“Since when do I give a toss about moral consequences, angel? No, you’ve got a Hell hangover. Must have hit once the adrenaline wore off,” Crowley answered.

“Hell hangover?” Aziraphale repeated incredulously.

Aziraphale's trip down to Hell leaves him worse for wear.
type:fanfic  fandom:goodomens  genre:slash  genre:hurtcomfort  wc:1001-5000  author:iamtheenemy 
july 2019 by siria
Far Too Many Bats [by beethechange, Ryan/Shane]
Next thing he knows, Shane’s kneeling in front of him at the side of the bed, forcing uncomfortable eye contact and smiling uncertainly. His hair’s wet and he smells good from the shower, spicy black pepper and coriander thanks to that fancy body wash he seems to use only when he travels.

“Your pupils are still dilated,” Shane says. “Did you do hard drugs when I wasn’t looking, or is this some kind of lasting bat-related trauma that you’re going to need therapy for when we get back to L.A.?”

“The batter,” Ryan says. “Uh. The latter. I’ll put it on BuzzFeed’s tab.”

Or: Following a harrowing experience filming at Yuma Territorial Prison, Ryan's desperate to find a way to stop thinking about bats (hearing bats, smelling bats...). Shane has some ideas because he is a helpful problem-solving sort of person.
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  genre:hurtcomfort  genre:rpf  wc:5001-10000  author:beethechange 
january 2019 by siria
#blessed [by thehoyden, Ryan/Shane]
Of course Shane would rather not work; he’d like it to be like the good old days, and who wouldn’t? But a demon’s gotta eat, and he can’t even get a discount on his rent because it turns out it’s a lot harder to influence faceless companies with ominous dreams. Ergo: gainful employment at Buzzfeed.
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  genre:au  genre:hurtcomfort  wc:5001-10000  author:thehoyden 
december 2018 by siria
In These Frozen and Silent Nights [by beethechange, Ryan/Shane]
“You know me,” Shane says, “I love a good cabin. I’m a cabinhead.”

“I’ll show you cabin head,” Ryan rebuts without thinking, and then he turns his face into the pillow to stifle a nervous snicker. “Oh shit, wait, that’s—”

Planning a shoot at a remote cabin in Vermont the week before Christmas wasn't Ryan’s best-ever idea. Taking a leisurely walk in a blizzard wasn't Shane’s. Scrap the ep, there’s a new plan: survive the storm, stay warm, try not to kill each other, and figure some shit out along the way.
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  genre:rpf  genre:hurtcomfort  wc:20001-40000  author:beethechange 
september 2018 by siria
you touch me within and so i (know i could be human once again) [by notcaycepollard, Sam/Bucky]
It’s inevitable, the way it goes. He’s my friend, Steve says, and he is, he is, he must be. Sam’s best friend is Steve, and Steve’s best friend is a werewolf, that’s just how Sam’s life works now.

But once he realizes he’s attracted to Bucky and Bucky can tell, everything becomes, like, a thousand percent more difficult to negotiate. Sam’s just trying to live his life, that’s all, and he keeps getting confronted by Bucky Barnes in a soft flannel shirt, sleeves rolled up, hair all soft and shiny. Bucky glances over at him and smirks, and this is really very embarrassing, how Sam can’t hide his attraction even if he keeps a totally straight face.
type:fanfic  fandom:captainamerica  genre:slash  genre:au  wc:10001-20000  author:notcaycepollard  pairing:sam/bucky  theme:transformedbodies  genre:hurtcomfort 
september 2018 by siria
Tricky Productions [by manic_intent, Scott/Jimmy]
“The annoying thing about all this is, I know actual magicians,” Jimmy grumbled, as he glared at Scott’s hands. “People who have real powers that bend space and time. Chaos magic. Mutant powers. None of that pisses me off. This does.”

“You say the sweetest things, darling,” Scott said. He had cards everywhere on the table and his laptop, prepping tricks for a corporate show. Jimmy glowered at Scott. He’d been in the middle of making Scott coffee, but magic tricks always drew Jimmy close, made him forget what he was doing. Even now, dressed for church in a suit. “Shouldn’t you be heading out?”

“You should come to church, you heathen sorcerer,” Jimmy said. He smirked and set the cup of coffee down by Scott’s wrist.
type:fanfic  fandom:antman  genre:slash  genre:au  wc:5001-10000  author:manic_intent  pairing:scott/jimmy  genre:hurtcomfort 
august 2018 by siria
Start Small, Like Oak Trees [by Smallbirds, Derek/Stiles]
The months following Allison's death have passed Stiles by in a haze of monotony. He sleepwalks through days that seem to lose their color, an unwilling passenger in a body he no longer trusts. Eventually, he thinks, he'll just fade away. He isn't sure anyone would notice. Then, during a spur of the moment grocery run, he stumbles upon Derek Hale attempting to console a lost child, and for the first time in recent memory the world doesn't seem so awful.
He's not sure what he'd been expecting when he eventually convinces Derek to move into the Stilinski's spare bedroom, but a newfound passion for weeding and topsoil certainly isn't it.
type:fanfic  fandom:teenwolf  genre:slash  genre:au  genre:hurtcomfort  wc:20001-40000  author:smallbirds  pairing:derek/stiles 
april 2018 by siria
a floorplan (of my head and heart) [by meansgirl, Eric/Jack]
“Dickey,” Coach rumbles, appearing in the doorway with a frown pulling the corners of his mustache down. “You better come quick. Where’s your phone?”

Bitty’s hands are still wet as he stands in his parents’ den and watches his husband’s career come to a screeching halt.
type:fanfic  fandom:checkplease  genre:slash  genre:hurtcomfort  genre:futurefic  wc:5001-10000  author:meansgirl 
january 2018 by siria
I Got You Babe [by hansbekhart, Sam/Bucky]
On the third day of the stakeout, Sam Wilson falls into a frozen lake.

Bucky doesn’t see it happen; he’s about thirty yards up a hill, face stuffed into the scope of his rifle, keeping an eye on their target across the valley. The wind is up and visibility is poor, which later on will be what Sam blames for wandering across the same goddamn patch of thinner ice Bucky had warned him about the goddamn day before. He hears a dull, muffled crack, and his gut turns icy before he hears Sam yelp and suddenly go silent.

“Oh,” Bucky says, dropping his rifle and starting to run, “oh, you would, you son of a bitch.”
type:fanfic  fandom:captainamerica  genre:slash  genre:hurtcomfort  wc:1001-5000  author:hansbekhart  pairing:sam/bucky 
december 2017 by siria
Walking Wounded [by Roane, Bucky/Natasha]
Steve is looking for Bucky Barnes. He won't find him. Natasha is looking for the Winter Soldier. And if anyone can find him, she can.
type:fanfic  fandom:captainamerica  genre:het  genre:hurtcomfort  pairing:natasha/bucky  wc:5001-10000  author:roane 
august 2017 by siria
part of the past, but now you're the future [by anghraine, Cassian/Jyn]
After narrowly surviving his injuries on Scarif, Cassian wakes to the loss of Kay, uncertainty about Jyn, and a damaged spine.
type:fanfic  fandom:starwars  wc:1001-5000  author:anghraine  genre:au  genre:het  genre:hurtcomfort  pairing:cassian/jyn 
june 2017 by siria

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