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fic: hp: harry/draco: here be dragons
the one where draco wears a lot of dragonhide, is a beautifully hot dom, and owns a tiny pet dragon. so delightful!!
category:fanfiction  genre:how-they-get-together  wordcount:20000-50000  rating:nc-17  fandom:harry-potter  pairing:harry/draco 
november 2016 by mapped
fic: hp: harry/draco: azoth
8th year. harry decides to do the unexpected: become a potions master. he asks for draco's help and falls in love with him and with potions along the way. really brilliant exploration of potions magic.
file-under:happy-ending  rec:♥♥  wordcount:50000-100000  file-under:i-recommend-this  pairing:harry/draco  fandom:harry-potter  genre:how-they-get-together  rating:nc-17  genre:plotty 
october 2016 by mapped
fic: avengers: steve/tony: a partial dictionary of the 21st century [14k, r]
Steve is adapting well to the new millennium, and he has the dictionary to prove it. (Ugh this fic gave me an explosion of feelings and I just love EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SO MUCH.)
author:copperbadge  category:fanfiction  fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/tony  wordcount:10000-20000  rating:r  genre:how-they-get-together  emotion:gleeful  emotion:uplifting  file-under:i-recommend-this  rec:♥♥ 
may 2012 by mapped
fic: avengers: steve/tony: something red, white, and blue [11k, pg-13]
Steve Rogers is always the groomsman and never the groom. Tony Stark hates feelings and ancient alien prophecies. Or, five weddings Captain America attended, and one he crashed. Not necessarily in that order. (I found this fic very refreshing and different to most of the stuff I've read before for this pairing. It was just a lot of fun, interesting and well-written.)
author:traincat  category:fanfiction  fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/tony  rating:pg-13  wordcount:10000-20000  genre:how-they-get-together  file-under:i-recommend-this  rec:♥ 
may 2012 by mapped
fic: avengers: steve/tony: when i think (oh, it terrifies me) [9k, nc-17]
Look, some mornings you wake up and little green men are invading New York City; some mornings you wake up and you can hear Captain America's voice in your head. Tony has been an Avenger long enough that he saves his freakout for important things. (Written for the "soulbonding" prompt on c-im bingo.)
category:fanfiction  fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/tony  wordcount:5000-10000  rating:nc-17  author:celli  genre:how-they-get-together 
may 2012 by mapped
fic: avengers: steve/tony: every dong has its day [8k, r]
They’ve been doing this Avengers thing for almost six months now, and working as part of a team has totally helped Tony, like, grow as a person and develop emotionally and learn to truly respect himself and others and yadda fucking whatever and that’s probably why Tony doesn’t even care when he finds out Steve has a tiny dick.
category:fanfiction  author:zarathuse  fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/tony  wordcount:5000-10000  rating:r  genre:how-they-get-together 
april 2012 by mapped
fic: avengers: steve/tony: bizarre love triangle [2k, g]
Once the idea was in his head, he’d started picking up on all kinds of things, like the way Stark talked about Iron Man with such affection, and seemed to share so many of his mannerisms, and was constantly working on ways of improving the suit. It was obvious.
category:fanfiction  author:panickyintheuk  fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/tony  wordcount:1000-5000  rating:g  genre:how-they-get-together  emotion:gleeful 
march 2012 by mapped
fic: avengers: steve/tony: breakfast is the most important meal [11k, pg-13]
In which Steve is kind of a fossil but his squishy parts and feelings are still intact, Bruce hates blueberries, there's a mysterious banging coming from Tony's lab in the basement, and Emma Frost is not actually a stripper. [Askdjfkdjf this fic! IS SO MUCH JOY. If you like stories about characters realising they're queer, you will love this.]
category:fanfiction  author:cherryice  fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/tony  wordcount:10000-20000  rating:pg-13  file-under:i-recommend-this  rec:♥♥  file-under:awesome-ladies  genre:how-they-get-together  emotion:gleeful 
march 2012 by mapped
fic: avengers: carol/jess: first breath after coma [2k, pg]
It takes her thirty seconds to formulate a plan. It’s a shitty, half-baked, save-this-for-last-and-keep-thinking plan.
category:fanfiction  pairing:carol/jessica  fandom:avengers  author:boudica  rating:pg  wordcount:1000-5000  genre:how-they-get-together 
march 2012 by mapped
fic: avengers: steve/tony: i always have to steal my kisses from you [2k, pg]
Okay, so Tony probably hadn’t realized what he was doing. He’d just had a near-death experience, and the kiss had been a way to... reaffirm his life. Deal with his emotions. Release some steam. Something like that. Nothing to be concerned about, and it’s doubtful that it’ll happen again. The fact that they risk their lives on a regular basis isn’t worrying at all.
category:fanfiction  author:blue_jack  fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/tony  rating:pg  wordcount:1000-5000  genre:how-they-get-together 
march 2012 by mapped
fic: avengers: steve/tony: the last love song of anthony e. stark [42k, r]
After contracting an Asgardian virus, Tony starts forgetting things. And people. And Steve. (Most of this fic is set in Asgard and has the feel of high fantasy: there's essentially a quest and a lot of journeying involved. The world-building is incredible; the prose is so careful and beautiful-- really exceptional prose for a long, plotty fic. Characterisation is just sublime. Tony especially, oh god. It's a pretty emotional ride.)
category:fanfiction  author:jibrailis  fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/tony  pairing:loki/sif  wordcount:20000-50000  rating:r  genre:how-they-get-together  file-under:i-recommend-this  rec:♥♥♥  file-under:poetic-prose  genre:plotty  file-under:this-might-make-you-cry 
march 2012 by mapped
fic: avengers: steve/tony: start as you mean to go on [3k, nc-17]
Tony gets that the others think this is an ego thing - the way he can’t resist pushing Steve’s buttons. Honest-to-God, the guy just bugs him. Mostly because Steve is distractingly perfect, but a little bit because of the family history.
category:fanfiction  fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/tony  wordcount:1000-5000  rating:nc-17  author:blackeyedgirl  genre:how-they-get-together 
february 2012 by mapped
fic: avengers: clint/darcy: even a miracle needs a hand [11k, pg]
When Darcy takes Clint home for the holidays as her fake boyfriend, he charms his way into the family, and into her <s>pants</s> heart.
category:fanfiction  author:musesfool  fandom:avengers  pairing:clint/darcy  wordcount:10000-20000  rating:pg  file-under:'tis-the-season  genre:how-they-get-together 
february 2012 by mapped
fic: avengers: steve/tony: three simple rules to follow [1k, pg-13]
Tony is good with words, and he says there are only three rules to follow when it comes to first time sex. (Whoa, those are some pretty words coming out of Tony's mouth, no question. *___*)
category:fanfiction  fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/tony  rating:pg-13  wordcount:1000-5000  author:blackeyedgirl  genre:how-they-get-together  file-under:i-recommend-this  rec:♥ 
february 2012 by mapped

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