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tell them i ain't coming back - roundabout - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
Control, Krolia had murmured, demure and poised and powerful through the haze of incense smoke and the steam of carefully-prepared tea. Control is the first lesson a Companion learns.

Control, Keith thinks, glaring down the barrel of their guns. His fingers flex and bunch, hidden in his long sleeves, itching for the hilt of the knife strapped high on his thigh. He forces each joint to uncurl, and the tension from his shoulders, and tips his chin up. His mouth curls as both hands raise, fingers splayed and palms out, as he walks out to meet them.

When an undercover mission goes wrong, Keith finds himself getting a helping hand from Captain Shirogane and his Firefly class ship Voltron.

Firefly Fusion AU
fandom:voltron  status:oneshot  source:ao3  author:roundabout  wordcount:01-05k  genre:gen  genre:au  genre:fusion  genre:adventure  category:undercover 
15 days ago by thirteenhours
i think you need a shotgun blast - postcardmystery - Elementary (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
She is not the Slayer and he is not the Slayer’s Watcher, but their roles are almost as old as human civilisation and they fall into them without even truly having to try. She kills twenty or thirty vamps a night, and he stands at her shoulder, twisting cheesewire between his fingers that he’s cursed with a spell five centuries old, a stake in his belt and blood between his teeth.

Joan Watson is a Slayer, and Sherlock Holmes is her Watcher.
Fandom:BuffytheVampireSlayer  fandom:Elementary  genre:au  genre:het  genre:fusion  pairing:Sherlock.Holmes/Joan.Watson  00-05k.words 
august 2019 by silentflux
lord send me a mechanic if I’m not beyond repair - suzukiblu - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Barnes’s daemon has a name, obviously, but he only ever calls her “Sweetheart”. At least, Sam’s fairly sure no daemons named their kid that in the 1910s, but hey, what does he know, maybe it was like the kids who used to get named after weird virtues and vices back in the Puritan days; maybe she’s lucky not to be Chastity or Prudence or Bread-of-Life.

Steve never calls her Sweetheart, though.
fandom:avengers  fandom:hdm  verse:mcu  genre:fusion  length:01K-05K  year:2016  p:marvel:bucky/sam  genre:hurt/comfort  c:marvel:bucky.barnes  c:marvel:sam.wilson 
may 2019 by rainbowslinky
let him climb inside my body and held him captive with my kiss - xerampelinae - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
“You gotta be careful, kid,” his pop says, fingers combing through his hair. “There’s as many ghosts out there as ways to die. Some of them’re real dangerous.”

“Does everyone become a ghost when they die?” Keith wonders. Beneath the bandage, his knee throbs.

“Nah,” his pop says, wrapping Keith up in his arms. “Takes something strong enough to leave an impression. Course, sometimes they’ll travel a ways, just to say goodbye, but those don’t always stick around.”


The Galaxy Garrison teaches its students both science and magic. Keith is a witch who sees ghosts. Rescuing Shiro from the Garrison goes a little differently.
fandom:voltron  status:oneshot  wordcount:10-20k  source:ao3  author:xerampelinae  pairing:shiro/keith  genre:au-magic  genre:fusion  era:vld/pre-kerberos  era:vld/post-kerberos  category:nonlinear 
march 2019 by thirteenhours
good pretender - Encrypt - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
Shiro’s had a lot of missions as an Auror, but faking a marriage to his best friend while hunting down a dangerous Dark wizard might be one of Shiro’s most difficult yet.

Good thing there’s not much acting involved.
“I’m all in,” Keith says, and something lights up inside of Shiro at the way Keith seems to relax, ever so slightly. His smile is bittersweet and wry. “Honestly, I can’t imagine who else I would rather do this with.”

Honestly, I can’t imagine who I’d rather be married to, Shiro’s treacherous mind whispers.
fandom:voltron  status:multichapter  status:incomplete  source:ao3  author:Encrypt  pairing:shiro/keith  genre:fusion  genre:angst  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:au-hpverse  category:pining  category:fakerelationship  category:ptsd 
february 2019 by thirteenhours
Accio Spero - zjofierose - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
Keith is a lonely Gryffindor transfer student and Quidditch whiz. Shiro is the Hufflepuff Prefect who just wants to see him happy. Also, there's a Yule Ball coming up.
fandom:voltron  status:oneshot  wordcount:10-20k  source:ao3  author:zjofierose  pairing:shiro/keith  genre:fusion  genre:au-hpverse  genre:fluff  category:friendstolovers 
february 2019 by thirteenhours
Preparation for Change
by <user name=infiniteeight>, <i>Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters</i> | <i>The Avengers</i> | MCU / Marvel, Hansel/Philip (OMC) fusion (Clint/Coulson), ~21,000 words, Explicit === Hansel goes looking for an apothecary who can help with his sugar sickness and finds much more. The character of Phil Coulson works pretty well as a medieval apothecary, fyi.
category:slash  fandom:Hansel&Gretel  fandom:MCU  pairing:Clint/Coulson  genre:fusion  type:fpf 
january 2019 by topaz119
Bad Romance
by <user name=kinderjedi>, <user name=sullacat>, <i>The Avengers</i> | MCU / Marvel, Darcy/Clint/Steve, ~26,400 words, Mature === If you had fun with the Reese Witherspoon/Tom Hardy/Chris Pine movie <i>This Means War</i>, but really thought the answer to Reese's dilemma should have been OT3, this is the post CA:TWS story for you.
category:poly  category:het  category:slash  fandom:MCU  pairing:Darcy/Clint  pairing:Steve/Darcy  pairing:Clint/Steve  pairing:Darcy/Clint/Steve  genre:fusion  fandom.misc  type:fpf 
january 2019 by topaz119
Malibu: Become Hero - Anonymous - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
To survive his injuries and captivity by the Ten Rings, Tony makes the difficult decision to take apart a damaged military android left gathering dust among scavenged weapons. What he doesn't expect is that he'll be gifted an intact unit of the very same prototype model later, or just how important this SR100, better known as Steve, will become to him.

(Fusion/crossover with Detroit: Become Human; fills the community prompt asking for one: "Anything that fuses Detroit: Become Human with a Marvel canon of your choice".)
fandom:avengers  p:marvel:tony/steve  verse:mcu  length:10k-20k  genre:fusion  subject:injury  character-type:robot  fandom:detroit:become.human  year:2018 
january 2019 by rainbowslinky
Supernova - Stratisphyre - Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own]
He was in the wards when his omni-tool beeped with the message: The Inquisitor had docked with a twelve hour permit, and Augustine Cadash was aboard The Citadel.


One hundred years after the Reaper War, The Iridium Bull signs up with The Inquisitor and its crew to get an inside track on Alliance intel.
fandom:dragonage  pairing:ironbull/dorian  genre:fusion  au:scifi 
november 2018 by Jayme

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pairing:anakin/kaylee  pairing:ariadne/yusuf  pairing:arthur/eames  pairing:brad/ray  pairing:cecil/carlos  pairing:clint/coulson  pairing:clint/steve  pairing:darcy/clint/steve  pairing:darcy/clint  pairing:dean/sam  pairing:derek/stiles  pairing:derek.hale/stiles  pairing:enjolras/grantaire  pairing:ericstaal/jeffskinner  pairing:erik/charles  pairing:evgenimalkin/sidneycrosby  pairing:gen  pairing:hanamaki/matsukawa  pairing:ironbull/dorian  pairing:iwaizumi/oikawa  pairing:jw/mary_morstan  pairing:kakashi/naruto  pairing:kate/clint  pairing:kirk/spock  pairing:kyoutani/yahaba  pairing:lestrade/mycroft  pairing:madara/tobirama  pairing:magnus/alec  pairing:mary_russell/other  pairing:mckay/sheppard  pairing:molly/mycroft  pairing:neil.josten/andrew.minyard  pairing:niall/harry  pairing:sh/jw  pairing:sh/mary_russell  pairing:sherlock.holmes/joan.watson  pairing:shiro/keith  pairing:steve/bucky  pairing:steve/darcy  pairing:stucky  pairing:terezi/vriska  pairing:urahara/ichigo  pov:tony.stark  quality:*****  rating:g  rating:mature  rating:nc-17  rating:nc17  rating:pg-13  rating:pg13  setting:future  setting:space  setting:war  setting:wwii  slash  source:ao3  status:complete  status:incomplete  status:multichapter  status:oneshot  status:series  status:twoshot  subject:gender  subject:injury  subject:kidnapping  subject:magic  subject:ptsd  subject:recovery  subject:zombies  tag:now.deleted  theme:family  theme:mind.control/brainwashing  theme:pesterlog  theme:ptsd  theme:sherlock_pov  trope:alpha/omega  trope:animals  trope:apocalypse/dystopia  trope:au:sameworld  trope:awkwardsex  trope:bamfness  trope:blowjobs  trope:certain-levels-of-density-are-wildly-implausible  trope:children  trope:daemons  trope:family  trope:fantasy/adventure!au  trope:foundfamilies  trope:foundfamily  trope:h/c-emotional  trope:harrypotter  trope:historical!au  trope:holiday  trope:insecurity  trope:kidfic  trope:kinky  trope:marriage  trope:oc  trope:omegaverse  trope:originalcharacters  trope:outside-perspective  trope:outside_pov  trope:powers  trope:randomlyananimal  trope:reincarnation  trope:space  trope:stranded  trope:virginity  trope:well-hogwarts-needed-more-students-anyways  trope:worldbuilding  trope:xeno  tw:abuse  tw:cosmic.horror  tw:non-con  tw:violence  type:big.bang  type:fic  type:fpf  verse:616  verse:acd_books  verse:crossover  verse:mcu  verse:other_books  verse:sherlock_bbc  web:ao3  wordcount:0-10k  wordcount:01-05k  wordcount:05-10k  wordcount:10-20k  wordcount:100-200k  wordcount:10k-30k  wordcount:30-40k  wordcount:30k-60k  wordcount:40-50k  wordcount:5000-10000  words:>1k  words:10000-14999  words:1k-5k  x-pairing:bucky.barnes/louis.tomlinson  year:2011  year:2014  year:2015  year:2016  year:2017  year:2018 

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