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For the Longest Time - darlingred1 - Good Omens (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“You…” Aziraphale sounded baffled, and suddenly quite sober. “You liked that? But, my dear, you said it was torturous. ‘Six thousand years of torture,’ as I recall.”

“Yeah. Yeah, but the anticipation, and the yearning, and…and how every moment with you was so maddeningly intense, and…”

And what else could Crowley say? How could he expect Aziraphale to understand that after six thousand years of torture he’d actually got a bit used to it? That he’d felt like a band strained further and further, and now he found himself permanently stretched, flopping about with too much slack and no way to hold on to what he’d been reaching towards for so long?

(Crowley kind of misses the pining when it's gone. Aziraphale comes up with a solution.)
fic  canon:goodomens  length:midlength  pairing:aziraphale/crowley  kink:edgeplay  author:darlingred1  genre:filthyporn  genre:pornwithfeelings 
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Gluttony - booksblanketsandtea - Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett [Archive of Our Own]
When Crowley decides to mix things up a bit Down There, he doesn’t give it much thought, other than it might be fun to have something different. For awhile, at least. But truthfully, there was no way he could have predicted that Aziraphale would react the way he does.

[Or: "Man, I bet Aziraphale would eat out like a fucking madman" - my brain.]

[turns out he does]
length:midlength  kink:cunnilingus  genre:filthyporn  kink:multipleorgasms  fic  canon:goodomens  author:booksblanketsandtea  pairing:aziraphale/crowley 
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Belle Chose - cal1brations - Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett [Archive of Our Own]
"I've not—not personally used this one, no."

Crowley smiles something wicked, but not in the wicked-bad way. More like the wicked-wonderful way that makes Aziraphale's chest feel full and his lips pull in a returning smile.

"No? Oh, Angel," Crowley croons, shaking his head slowly. "You've been missing out, then."
In which Crowley shows Aziraphale how fun a vagina can be.
length:midlength  kink:cunnilingus  pairing:aziraphale/crowley  canon:goodomens  author:cal1brations  genre:filthyporn  fic 
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Sleeping Beauty - Farasha - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
Victor is too tired for sex after long days of practice at the rink. Yuuri isn't, though, and Victor is more than okay with that.
canon:yurionice  kink:possessiveness  genre:fluff  fic  pairing:yuuri/victor  kink:somnophilia  genre:filthyporn  author:farasha 
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Sell Your Body to the Night - Dira Sudis (dsudis) - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
No," he repeated impatiently. "I'm not a cop. I'm someone who wants to exchange my money for your sexual services. I was told you were in that line of work."

"I, uh, yeah, sorry," Stiles said. He glanced around again and then up--the full moon was almost directly overhead. Just one of those nights, maybe. "Yeah, I am. I do that."
au  au:canondivergence  trope:prostitution  au:prostitution  author:dira_sudis  length:novel  pairing:derek/stiles  genre:recovery  genre:filthyporn  canon:teenwolf 
january 2015 by innocentsmith
The Color of Magic - vampireisthenewblack - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Prompt: Stiles has to perform some kind of protection spell/ritual to stop the latest threat to BH, but according to Deaton and his terrible, terrible magic books, it requires that he willingly take the ‘life essence’ of an alpha within him so he can power the spell. Yep, semen, because druids were giant pervs back in the day. And apparently that shit is like a magical battery.
fic  canon:teenwolf  length:midlength  kink:comeswallowing  author:vampireisthenewblack  genre:filthyporn  trope:somethingmakesthemdoit  trope:sexmagick 
december 2013 by innocentsmith
romantic songs about adventurous fucking (but my body's telling me yes) - llassah - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek comes back to Beacon Hills for a number of reasons. The most important one, though, is the result of a one night stand in Vegas. He's knocked up and Alpha, and Cora won't stop playing Papa Don't Preach whenever she gets to pick the music in the car. This shit just keeps happening to him.

Or, in which Derek gets the D, Stiles gets the D, then Derek gets Stiles's D. // Sweet and hilarious and filthy-hot. Sequel is even better.
genre:fluff  genre:fixit  fic  genre:filthyporn  length:midlength  canon:teenwolf  trope:mpreg  trope:fuckbuddies  pairing:derek/stiles  author:llassah 
november 2013 by innocentsmith

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