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Philomytha: Aral Vorkosgian's Dog
Vorkosigan stared straight at the Prince. "I have always believed that however little you may have wished for one, once you have a dog, he's your responsibility."

A+  fic  AO3  fandom:vorkosigan  genre:missing.moment  length:50k+ 
march 2018 by tabacoychanel
miss_lanyon: Burn the Topless Towers
Your father-in-law is scowling at you as you pour tea for him. "I don't like your brother," he says. Ges has just left; Count Vorkosigan glares at the place where he'd been sitting, as though his gaze could retroactively burn a hole through your brother's heart. You do not tell him that your brother does not have one.

"That's all right," you say. "I don't like your son, just now."

His eyes widen in shock, and you give him the tea. "Now, missy -- " he starts, but you stare him into silence. Whatever he was going to say, whatever admonishment or disparagement or command, dissolves. "He's a good man," he says instead, sipping his tea.

"Certainly," you agree. Aral *is* a good man. He's also a bad husband. From the look on his face, Piotr knows it. You pass him a plate of little sandwiches made with roast beef and cress and the mustard he likes.

"Why do you have him here, anyway? I don't think you like your brother, either." You blink. Is he seriously implying that *you* are the reason your brother treats Vorkosigan House as his own? Why yes, yes he is.

"He's my brother," you say. "Aral was friends with him before we married, and they are still friends, of course." You can be proud of yourself. Your tone doesn't change at all. Piotr flinches.

"Yes, well." He directs his attention to the sandwiches, and then manages a rueful smile. "I thought -- you are so beautiful," he says, wistfully, "I thought maybe he would notice." There had been a lot of marriage offers, once you came of age.

"Da," you say, impulsively. He's insisted that you call him that, ever since you married his son, less than a year ago: *Count Vorkosigan* is too formal, he sees you as a daughter, etc. etc., but it's been difficult to do. Especially now that you are moving to your own apartment. He looks at you warily; you take his hand. "He noticed. We'll all muddle through," you say. "You'll see." His face softens and warms in a smile. You hope you are right.
fic  fandom:vorkosigan  AO3  length:1000+  genre:missing.moment 
march 2018 by tabacoychanel
Philomytha: Uncle Simon
He saw it was secure before Tuomonen gave the all-clear, and jogged at the fastest pace he could from their nest to the conspirators' room, pushing past commandos and arriving just in time to see the conspirator being dragged off Simon. Miles ran over.

"You damn sneaky bastard," the conspirator was saying half-appreciatively, looking at Simon and entirely ignoring the commandos. "Sir."

Simon extended a hand, and at a nod from Miles the commando let the ImpSec conspirator pull Simon to his feet. "As ever," Simon replied. "I'm sorry to see you here, Baudin." To Miles he added, "Baudin used to command my personal security detail, once. Until he starting turning up drunk on duty. His wife had died, but ... well. Can you do anything for him?"

"We'll see," Miles said. "Take him away, but hold him separately from the others," he added to the commando, and they watched until the room was cleared. Then Miles glared at Simon. "Dammit, that was far too dangerous--what on earth got into you? You could have been killed!"

"I'm fine, Miles, stop fretting," Simon said placidly. There was a strange little smile on his face. "I knew you were there, after all."

Miles ground his teeth, hovering at Simon's shoulder as they headed out of the building and towards the waiting lightflyer. "I'll go back with Simon now," he said to Tuomonen. "Congratulations, you get the mopping up. I'll be back later on, and you can always contact me if you need anything."

"Yes, my lord."

The only hint that Simon hadn't found the entire experience as easy as he feigned was the way his hand gripped Miles's shoulder to help himself into the flyer. But he was smiling as he sat down. "It worked very well," he said.

"By the skin of your teeth," Miles retorted. "If you ever pull a stunt like that--" Self-awareness finally caught up with him, with the dancing light in Simon's eyes. "Is this revenge, Simon?"

Simon ... smirked. "I wouldn't say I was above a little revenge now and then," he said, "though Sasha and Helen have most of the market cornered on that these days. But in this case, I thought you were letting emotion cloud your judgement. I knew I could distract them enough to reduce the risk of casualties, and I have never prioritised my own safety above my--ImpSec's--men."

"You wouldn't have had to answer to Aunt Alys if it had all gone wrong," Miles muttered. "Or Ivan, or Tej, or the kids, or Father and Mother, dammit."

Simon only looked at him. "Now that," he observed, "is revenge. I notified your parents that you were missing in action three times. And I notified them of your death."
fandom:vorkosigan  fic  AO3  length:10k+  genre:missing.moment 
march 2018 by tabacoychanel

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