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Not A Word
“Yes,” the goblin said. He sounded mournful. “Emrys serves king. Big waste, you ask me. Us following you all day. Emrys say, ‘Goblins watching.’ King tramp all over making noise. Emrys say, ‘look out trap.’ King go in trap.” He and several of the other goblins all shook their heads disapprovingly, while Arthur seriously contemplated cutting the rope at once and swinging himself onto their heads and seeing how many of them he could take out. “Once and future king, not all he cracked up to be. Emrys not want king anymore, Emrys say so, goblins figure out something else. Goblins have queen, she smart, she not go in trap. You want serve queen?” he asked Merlin.

“Er, no thanks, really,” Merlin said.
author:astolat  fandom:merlin  pairing:arthur/merlin  length:<5k  genre:action/adventure  feelings:loltastic  rating:M 
february 2019 by darthjamtart
Hermione Granger's Hogwarts Crammer for Delinquents on the Run
'You're a wizard, Harry' is easier to hear from a half-giant when you're eleven, rather than from some kids on a tube platform when you're seventeen and late for work.
author:waspabi  fandom:HarryPotter  pairing:Harry/Draco  feelings:hmm  genre:AR  genre:action/adventure  genre:get-together  length:50k-100k  rating:T 
february 2019 by darthjamtart
collect/select, by sakuraba
Hinata wakes up dead in Shibuya. It's not the most exciting thing to happen to him that week.

(Or: the The World Ends With You inspired AU that Kodaka has been dangling overhead since the dawn of time.)
&favorite  fandom:danganronpa  pairing:hinata/komaeda  type:fic  genre:au  genre:fusion  genre:action/adventure  char:hajime.hinata  char:nagito.komaeda  char:chiaki.nanami  char:fuyuhiko.kuzuryuu  char:ibuki.mioda  char:ryota.mitarai  words:10k-25k  rating:pg 
september 2018 by muchasabejas
The Course of Honour
When Jainan arrived on Iskat to represent his home planet in a diplomatic marriage to Imperial Prince Taam, he was naïve enough to hope the match would work. Taam knew better. Five years later, his confidence shattered, Jainan is released when Taam dies in an accident, only to be faced with another marriage to help salvage his treaty. Jainan understands how the real world works now; but Prince Kiem - the cheerful, scandal-prone darling of the Iskat celebrity magazines - keeps breaking all the rules he's learned.
OriginalFiction  author:Avoliot  length:>100k  rating:E  genre:action/adventure  genre:get-together  feelings:hmm 
august 2018 by darthjamtart
All Our Secrets Laid Bare
Over the six years Draco Malfoy has been an Auror, four of his partners have turned up dead. Harry Potter is assigned as his newest partner to investigate just what is going on.
author:firethesound  fandom:HarryPotter  pairing:Harry/Draco  rating:E  length:>100k  feelings:hmm  genre:get-together  genre:action/adventure 
august 2018 by darthjamtart
in the fire and the flood
Enjolras nods. This is—not ideal. Grantaire isn’t supposed to be here. Never supposed to be involved in any of this. He isn’t trained for combat or resistance. He untangles curses for god’s sake, working out of the same tiny shop they found him in, and yeah, he has some friends in questionable places—Enjolras and the ABC included—but Grantaire himself is…not questionable. He doesn’t even believe in the revolution, and here he is, rubbing his wrists raw on enchanted handcuffs in a Neo-Death Eater hideaway with blood on his chin.

“I’m not gonna say I told you so,” Grantaire says, in a way that absolutely implies I told you so. Enjolras shoots him a glare, and Grantaire holds up his bound hands. “I’m just not-saying. But I am curious. Do you have a plan?”

In which the Death Eaters are back, Enjolras is doing his best to lead the revolution, Grantaire owns a magical pawn shop, and Veritaserum makes talking about feelings very complicated for everyone involved.
fandom:LesMiserables  author:wellavellan  pairing:enjolras/grantaire  rating:T  length:20k-50k  genre:action/adventure  genre:get-together  feelings:hmm  genre:AU  fandom:HarryPotter 
july 2018 by darthjamtart
Dialux: if you try to break me, you will bleed
It had been a slash across her chest from a White Walker’s sword that finally ended her life. Sansa’d landed in a puddle of her own blood, and she’d died quickly, quietly.

And then she’d awoken with a gasp, trembling, in a bed that had burned under Theon’s betrayal.
author:Dialux  AO3  AU  au!got  fandom:gameofhrones  rating:R  trope:politics  epic_fic  long  !het  !femslash  genre:action/adventure  pairing:jon/sansa  trope:time_travel 
july 2018 by Miscella
Waste Management
“If the General was here,” says Poe, “We all know that she’d say the Resistance is bigger than any one of us.”

Everyone nods.

“So I think it’s very important that we find the General and bring her back so she can tell us that in person,” Poe continues.
author:shadydave  fandom:StarWars  rating:G  pairing:none  genre:action/adventure  feelings:loltastic  length:10k-20k 
may 2018 by darthjamtart
Twisted Fates, by duhitsnisha
Akira Kurusu was supposed to be dead.

Except, fate had allowed him to live and the chance to fix things this time. Fate was allowing him one more chance to bring justice to light.

And maybe save someone else in the process.
&favorite  fandom:persona5  pairing:akira/akechi  type:fic  genre:friendship  genre:action/adventure  genre:angst  genre:first.kiss  char:akira.kurusu  char:goro.akechi  char:morgana[persona]  char:yusuke.kitagawa  char:ryuji.sakamoto  char:ann.takamaki  char:makoto.niijima  words:100k-150k  rating:pg  status:wip 
march 2018 by muchasabejas
ClaroQueQuiza: Afterdrop
Overwatch can be forgiven for keeping Hanzo at arm's length despite the endorsement of his intended murder victim. Six months of provisional membership, spent in the field, is a reasonable compromise.

But not everyone is on board with giving Hanzo a chance.

McCree, least of all.
author:ClaroQueQuiza  fandom:overwatch  pairing:hanzo/jesse  epic_fic  !slash  trope:family  genre:drama  genre:action/adventure  wip  rating:NC-17 
december 2017 by Miscella
[Naruto] The Bingo Book - flailinginlove - [Archive of Our Own]

Summary: Kakashi avoided relationships. He didn't want to put others in danger. So he couldn't understand why there was a face staring back at him, as a sub-entry to his own, in this Bingo Book. Umino Iruka (lover) the caption read. It didn't matter that it wasn't true. The Book was fact, and to Kakashi's enemies, Iruka had just become a weakness they could exploit.
'fanfic  fandom:naruto  p:kakairu  c:kakashi  c:iruka  c:shinobi_of_konoha(various)  genre:romance  genre:friendship  genre:action/adventure  theme:revenge  theme:undercover  theme:mission_fic  theme:compitence  theme:get_together  theme:misunderstandings  theme:nosy_coworkers  !awkward  theme:fake_relationship  theme:gossip  theme:hijinks  theme:kidnapped/captured  Status:Complete  length>50k(epic)  rating:M/E 
november 2017 by fanfictionato
The Immortal Realm of Barbelo, by joisbishmyoga
No. A child's voice, soft and desperate. There is one last possibility... you mustn't give in!

But what else could he do?

Something chuckled softly, deep in his heart, and suddenly his mask burned. Akechi clutched at it, metal and glass melting between his fingers, rolling molten into his throat to choke back his scream.

Well, now. This is familiar.
&favorite  (♥)  fandom:persona5  pairing:akira/akechi  type:fic  genre:action/adventure  genre:angst  genre:fix-it  theme:dreams  theme:haunting  char:goro.akechi  char:akira.kurusu  char:makoto.niijima  char:yusuke.kitagawa  char:morgana[persona]  char:lavenza  char:igor  words:25k-50k  rating:pg-13 
november 2017 by muchasabejas
Villainous Pursuits, by chashmish
“What are you wearing, by the way? And why did you interfere? Do you consider yourself some kind of superhero?”

“Hmm,” said Mask Guy, scratching his head. “That’s a lot of questions. But I’ll go ahead and answer them all. First off, I consider myself more of a supervillain. They’re much cooler, you know. What I’m wearing is my costume. For doing supervillain things. Oh, and about interfering– I only saved you because I thought you were cute.”

Goro bristled. “What?”
fandom:persona5  pairing:akira/akechi  type:fic  genre:au  genre:action/adventure  genre:first.kiss  char:goro.akechi  char:akira.kurusu  words:10k-25k  rating:pg 
november 2017 by muchasabejas
In Which The Gods Screw Over Humanity (Twice) - Sam4265 - DCU [Archive of Our Own]
In 2010 Dick, Jason and Roy must find Eros’ bow, kill Arachne and try not to die.
In 1993 Clark needs Achilles sword to kill Hecate and become a god, and Bruce has to keep him from accidentally getting himself killed.

In which I take some liberties with Greek mythology and disregard most of DC canon.
f:dcu  trope:gallant-rescues  trope:mythology  trope:grief/mourning  genre:action/adventure  trope:creatures(gods)  au:mythology  char:dick-grayson  char:bruce-wayne  char:clark-kent  pairing:dick/jason  pov:dick-grayson  char:jason-todd  trope:first-meetings  type:fic  wc:50k+  genre:plot  pov:jason-todd  trope:death  char:roy-harper  pov:bruce-wayne  pairing:bruce/clark  warning:major-character-death  pov:multiple  trope:mythological-creatures  trope:near-death-experiences  au:percy-jackson  trope:resurrection 
june 2017 by toobufftorebuff
Echoes of You - firefright - DCU (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
It's been two years since the Red Hood came to Gotham in an attempt to force Batman's hand. Two years since Dick last saw Jason and they shared a night of desperate intimacy he's since tried and failed to forget. So when the erstwhile second Robin turns up again in Bludhaven - coincidentally working a lead on the same case as Dick - it's a tense situation for them both. But this particular case is one neither is willing to back down from, which means Dick's only choice other than walking away is to suggest they work together to solve it.

A course of action that would be so much easier to follow through on if he didn't still have feelings for Jason.
pairing:dick/jason  author:firefright  wc:10k20k  warning:child-abuse  trope:fight-scenes  char:jason-todd  genre:angst  genre:action/adventure  pov:dick-grayson  genre:plotty  trope:reunions  f:dcu  char:dick-grayson 
february 2017 by cochepaille
Megan Chaudhuri: Good Breeding
The tense conversation stopped when Lydia slipped into the office, trailing the stench of old blood, ocean brine, and the cheap cigars favored by London’s Watch. The sudden heat and light from the crackling fire struck her like a blow. For one dizzying moment, the room’s familiar bookshelves and battle maps blurred with the seated figures of Mrs. Lincoln and a well-dressed stranger. The void left by their choked-off conversation filled with the drip-drip of water from Lydia’s overcoat onto the Hindustani carpet.

Lydia swayed. Her sisters would faint if they knew that she came to a job like this–that she needed a job–

Bugger it, she thought. Taking a deep breath, she curtseyed smartly. Mrs. Lincoln smiled but the stranger frowned and clutched closer a leather case.
giganotosaurus  author:Megan_Chaudhuri  original  originalfics  !het  !no_pairing  genre:action/adventure  genre:mystery  rating:PG13  warning:abuse  trope:war 
february 2017 by Miscella

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genre:suspense  genre:worldbuilding  giganotosaurus  kink:anal  kink:bdsm  kink:blindfold  kink:blowjobs  kink:bottom!jason  kink:brainwashing  kink:deprogramming  kink:edging  kink:exhibitionism  kink:filming/filmed  kink:fingering  kink:kissing  kink:making-out  kink:on-display  kink:oral  kink:rimming  kink:rough-sex  kink:rough  kink:voyeurism  lenght:10-20k  lenght:5-10k  length>50k(epic)  length:>100k  length:<5k  length:10k-20k  length:10k-30k  length:20k-50k  length:3000-5000  length:30k-50k  length:50k-100k  length:5k-10k  long  lorne/zelenka  malcolmreynolds  medium:fic  multimedia  ofc  original  originalfics  originalfiction  p:arthur/eames  p:brian/dom  p:brian_o'connor+roman_pearce  p:derek/stiles  p:kakairu  p:mccoy/chekov  p:oc/oc  p:riddick/vaako  p:sheldon_cooper/penny  p:sherlock/john  p:steve/danny(h50)  pairing:abed/troy  pairing:adam/kris  pairing:adam/tommy  pairing:adrien/marinette  pairing:akira/akechi  pairing:arthur/merlin  pairing:barnaby/kotetsu  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rating:m/e  rating:m  rating:nc-17  rating:pg-13  rating:pg  rating:pg13  rating:r  rating:t  relationship:breakups  relationship:enemies  relationship:established  relationship:first-time  relationship:forbidden-relationship  relationship:marriage  relationship:past-relationship  relationship:rivals  rivertam  series  series:only-going-forward-cause-we-can't-find-reverse  setting:canon  setting:postmovie  setting:space  status:complete  status:series  status:wip  steve/bucky  theme:!chacacterdeath(oc)  theme:!characterdeath  theme:apocalypse  theme:arranged_marraige/marraige_of_convenience  theme:art  theme:bamf  theme:bed-sharing  theme:blackwatch  theme:blanket_closet_cabin_cave  theme:bounty.hunting  theme:camping  theme:capture/kidnap/hostage  theme:case_fic  theme:char.death  theme:character.death  theme:coming_out  theme:compitence  theme:crime  theme:crossover  theme:cult  theme:curse/magic  theme:curse/spell/magic  theme:dancing  theme:disability  theme:dragons  theme:dream.bubbles  theme:dreams  theme:end-of-the-world  theme:fairytale  theme:fake_relationship  theme:family  theme:first.wizarding.war  theme:firsttime  theme:five.things  theme:folklore  theme:forced.proximity  theme:friendship  theme:fugitives  theme:future_fic  theme:futurefic  theme:get_together  theme:gossip  theme:haunting  theme:het  theme:hijinks  theme:historical  theme:homophobia  theme:hurt/comfort  theme:identity  theme:injury/disability/illness  theme:injury/illness  theme:injury  theme:kid!fic  theme:kidnapped/captured  theme:knight_in_shining_armour  theme:lost/stranded  theme:makesmehappy  theme:marriage  theme:mated/bonding  theme:mission_fic  theme:misunderstandings  theme:monster!  theme:noir  theme:nosy_coworkers  theme:not_friends/enemies_to_lovers  theme:not_so_innocent_anton/chekov  theme:offworld  theme:partnership  theme:politics  theme:projections  theme:ptsd  theme:quadrant.confusion  theme:redemption  theme:relationship.evolution  theme:rescue  theme:revelation[emotional]  theme:revelation[identity]  theme:revenge  theme:roadtrip  theme:runner  theme:sports  theme:team_fic  theme:tent/camping  theme:tesseract  theme:the_big_reveal  theme:torture  theme:truth_serum  theme:undercover  theme:violence  theme:war  theme:xeno  theme:zombies  timeline:fargo.season.1  timeline:future!fic  timeline:hp-mwpp  timeline:post-canon  timeline:pre-canon  trope:action  trope:angst  trope:arrangedmarriage  trope:assassins  trope:banter  trope:batfamily-feels  trope:bed-sharing  trope:bonding/telepathy  trope:captured  trope:characterstudy  trope:creature(alien)  trope:creature(robots&androids)  trope:creatures(gods)  trope:creatures  trope:crime/criminals  trope:culture_gap  trope:danger  trope:daring-escapes  trope:death  trope:domestic  trope:emotion(protectiveness)  trope:espionage  trope:fairytales  trope:familiesofchoice  trope:family-drama  trope:family  trope:fight-scenes  trope:fighting-leads-to-sex  trope:first-meetings  trope:first-time  trope:flirting  trope:friends-to-lovers  trope:futurefic  trope:gallant-rescues  trope:gangsters  trope:grief/mourning  trope:illness/injury  trope:kidfic  trope:kidnapping  trope:kiss  trope:marriage  trope:medical(amnesia)  trope:medical(injury)  trope:mythological-creatures  trope:mythology  trope:near-death-experiences  trope:outside-pov  trope:outsiderpov  trope:pack  trope:panicattacks  trope:peril  trope:politics  trope:precannon  trope:ptsd  trope:regency  trope:relationship(developing-relationship)  trope:relationship(pre-relationship)  trope:resurrection  trope:reunions  trope:roadtrip  trope:royalty/nobility  trope:rule63  trope:schemes  trope:shenanigans  trope:slow_burn  trope:slowbuild  trope:superpowers  trope:sweet  trope:teenwolf:bamf!lydia  trope:teenwolf:bamf!stiles  trope:teenwolf:emissary!stiles  trope:teenwolf:magic!stiles  trope:teenwolf:nemeton  trope:teenwolf:protectivescott  trope:teenwolf:sherifffindsout  trope:teenwolf:stilesmom  trope:telepathy  trope:time_travel  trope:tour!fic  trope:undercover  trope:war  trope:zombies  tumblr  type:fic  universe:canon  warning:abuse  warning:characterdeath  warning:child-abuse  warning:death  warning:dub-con  warning:emotionalabuse  warning:kidnapping  warning:major-character-death  warning:near-death-experiences  warning:rape  warning:severe_awesome  warning:torture  warning:violence  wc:<1k  wc:10k20k  wc:1k5k  wc:20k50k  wc:50k+  wc:5k10k  wc:drabble  wc:oneshot  wc:wip  wip  wordcount:100k+  wordcount:10k-15k  wordcount:15k-20k  wordcount:20k-50k  wordcount:50k-100k  wordcount:5k-10k  words:100k-150k  words:10k-25k  words:1k-5k  words:25k-50k  words:50k-100k  year:2009  year:2012  zoewashburne   

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