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////////// from “Commitment from the Mirror-Writing Box,” Trinh T. Minh-Ha, Woman, Native, Other
"Nothing could be more normative, more logical, and more authoritarian than, for example, the (politically) revolutionary poetry or prose that speaks of revolution in the form of commands or in the well-behaved, steeped-in-convention-language of “clarity.” (”A wholesome, clear, and direct language” is said to be “the fulcrum to move the mass or to sanctify it.”) Clear expression, often equated with correct expression, has long been the criterion set forth in treatises on rhetoric, whose aim was to order discourse so as to persuade. The language of Taoism and Zen, for example, which is perfectly accessible but rife with paradox does not qualify as “clear” (paradox is “illogical” and “nonsensical” to many Westerners), for its intent lies outside the realm of persuasion. The same holds true for vernacular speech, which is not acquired through institutions — schools, churches, professions, etc. — and therefore not repressed by either grammatical rules, technical terms, or key words. Clarity as a purely rhetorical attribute serves the purpose of a classical feature in language, namely, its instrumentality. To write is to communicate, express, witness, impose, instruct, redeem, or save — at any rate to mean and to send out an unambiguous message. Writing thus reduced to a mere vehicle of thought may be used to orient toward a goal or to sustain an act, but it does not constitute an act in itself. This is how the division between the writer/the intellectual and the activists/the masses becomes possible. To use the language well, says the voice of literacy, cherish its classic form. Do not choose the offbeat at the cost of clarity. Obscurity is an imposition on the reader. True, but beware when you cross railroad tracks for one train may hide another train. Clarity is a means of subjection, a quality both of official, taught language and of correct writing, two old mates of power; together they flow, together they flower, vertically, to impose an order. Let us not forget that writers who advocate the instrumentality of language are often those who cannot or choose not to see the suchness of things — a language as language — and therefore, continue to preach conformity to the norms of well-behaved writing: principles of composition, style, genre, correction, and improvement. To write “clearly,” one must incessantly prune, eliminate, forbid, purge, purify; in other words, practice what may be called an “ablution of language” (Roland Barthes)."

— from “Commitment from the Mirror-Writing Box,” Trinh T. Minh-Ha, Woman, Native, Other

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25 days ago by robertogreco
New Genre Alert!: Blackwave – The Toilet Ov Hell
From the horse’s mouth:

I don’t know what size rock Mr. Striborg has been living under for the past decade, but there is nothing novel about an artist combining the dark atmosphere and shrieked vocals of black metal with synth tunes and beats. And I don’t think the fact that he is asserting the contrary is even the weirdest part. It’s weird that he feels there is more than a semantic distinction to be made between “black synthwave” and “blackwave”. It’s weird that he thinks “gothwave” is a thing, and that it is somehow distinct from “darkwave”, and that using two different “-wave” words to describe the exact same sound is not at all redundant. It’s weird that he thinks “ghostwave” is a thing for the exact same reasons. It’s weird that his new album is the only one which appears under these newfangled genre-tags on Bandcamp. The fact is that, even if Striborg did coin the term “blackwave”, he certainly wasn’t the first to adopt the aesthetic concept.
black-metal  metal  genre 
26 days ago by StJohnBosco
The Hindu : Masala <I>vs.</I> genre
RECENTLY RE-SEEING Ram Gopal Varma's "Deyam" ("Pey" in Tamil) on video made me wonder why there aren't more genre films in India. "Deyam", one of the few exceptions, is the most stylish and scariest Indian horror flick to date. It has you in suspense and keeps you — from start to finish — nervous and amused.
genre  bollywood 
27 days ago by tinley
Card catalogs and the secret history of modernity
In Control Through Communication, her study of 19th century information management, JoAnne Yates identifies five breakthrough technologies. There’s the telephone and telegraph, which handle external communication. For internal communication, the big three are the typewriter, carbon paper (and other duplication technologies), and filing systems, especially the vertical file and card catalog.

What makes card catalogs more magical than machine readable catalogs is that they carry in them the passage of time. Books acquired early in a library’s history might have handwritten cards, while later purchases could have typewritten cards; printed cards might be annotated and updated by hand; and there might even be cards for books that have not yet been cataloged. The best card catalogs are time machines built on the most accessible and inexpensive of technologies—and that’s even before you get to the books.
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5 weeks ago by craniac
80 Data Visualization Examples Using Location Data and Maps — CARTO Blog
We grouped these 80 data visualizations into thematic categories, and then listed each entry (click on the name of the visualization to open it). The six categories include:

Conflict Zones
Sites, Sounds, and Smells of City Living
Social Media Maps
maps  map  list  carto  genre 
5 weeks ago by paulbradshaw

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