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METASOFT is a free, open-source meta-analysis software tool for genome-wide association study analysis, designed to perform a range of basic and advanced meta-analytic methods in an efficient manner.
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yesterday by mark.larios
Introduction to Hidden Semi-Markov Models by John van der Hoek
"Markov chains and hidden Markov chains have applications in many areas of engineering and genomics. This book provides a basic introduction to the subject by first developing the theory of Markov processes in an elementary discrete time, finite state framework suitable for senior undergraduates and graduates. The authors then introduce semi-Markov chains and hidden semi-Markov chains, before developing related estimation and filtering results. Genomics applications are modelled by discrete observations of these hidden semi-Markov chains. This book contains new results and previously unpublished material not available elsewhere. The approach is rigorous and focused on applications."
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10 days ago by cshalizi
Tempus: This $3.1 Billion Genomic Database Company Is Improving Cancer Patient Care And Is Now Looking Into Depression And Diabetes
Tempus has the largest connected clinical and genomic database that is aggregated from academic medical centers and community-based hospitals.
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15 days ago by sprague

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