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We fired our top talent. Best decision we ever made.
“You will never be able to understand any of what I’ve created. I am Albert F***ing Einstein and you are all monkeys scrabbling in the dirt.”
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Fire your Rick
Criticism of brilliant loners no one can work with
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6 days ago by nelson
MacArthur ‘genius’ grant winners step into the spotlight: ‘Is this really happening?’ - The Washington Post
The stipend, paid in installments over five years, can be used however a fellow sees fit. Since 1981, the foundation has recognized 965 fellows with only one stated expectation: that the acclaim and financial boost might help them continue to improve human society.

Before Nguyen’s novel debuted to widespread praise, “I was working for 20 years in obscurity, so the pressure was being applied to me by myself, and now the pressure is more from the outside,” he said. “And so I know that’s going to transform the creative and intellectual process in some way, but I’m not sure yet how.”
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So TV should turn 30s into 2s -> multiplying inventory by 15, deduct value by 40% and grow revenues 9x.
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