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Now You Can Sequence Your Whole Genome for Just $200 | WIRED
Today, slightly more than a million people have had their whole genomes sequenced. Compare that to the 17 million estimated to have had their DNA analyzed with direct-to-consumer tests sold by 23andMe and Ancestry. They use a technology called genotyping, which takes about a million snapshots of a person’s genome. That might sound like a lot, but it’s really less than 1 percent of the full picture. Genotyping targets short strings of DNA that scientists already know have a strong association with a given trait. So say, for example, scientists discover a new gene that increases your risk of developing brain cancer. If that gene is not one that 23andMe looks at (because how would it know to look if the gene hasn’t been discovered yet), then you’d have to get tested all over again to learn more about your brain cancer risk. Whole genome data on the other hand, once you have it, can be queried with computer algorithms whenever a new genetic discovery gets made.
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Why we shouldn't like coffee, but we do: Weirdly, people with a higher sensitivity to bitter caffeine taste drink more coffee -- ScienceDaily
Hypothesizing as to why people sensitive to bitter taste should not like caffeine but oft do: they learn to associate caffeine’s bitter taste with energy
research  coffee  tea  wine  caffeine  taste  genetics  uk  behavior  modification  reinforcement  food  drink 
3 days ago by csrollyson
A systematic literature review of individuals’ perspectives on privacy and genetic information in the United States
Concerns about genetic privacy affect individuals’ willingness to accept genetic testing in clinical care and to participate in genomics research.
healthcare  privacy  genetics 
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Matthieu Ricard - Wikipedia
Matthieu Ricard (Nepali: माथ्यु रिका, born 15 February 1946) is a French writer and Buddhist monk who resides at Shechen Tennyi Dargyeling Monastery in Nepal.

Matthieu Ricard grew up among the personalities and ideas of French intellectual circles. He received a Ph.D. degree in molecular genetics from the Pasteur Institute in 1972. He then decided to forsake his scientific career and instead practice Tibetan Buddhism, living mainly in the Himalayas.
buddhist  monk  genetics 
10 days ago by gdw
How Dad's Stresses Get Passed Along to Offspring - Scientific American
Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.
stress  Health  genetics  biology 
11 days ago by basemaly
Genetics play less of a role in lifespan than we thought
Nobody is choosing partners based on how long they’ll live. As the authors of the paper sagely note, lifespan “cannot be observed until death, at which point the opportunity to mate has ended.”
science  genetics  aging 
12 days ago by emkay
Keys to a long life has little to do with having ‘Good Genes’ -
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