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Genetic science is attempting to predict our fates. GWAS, explained. - Vox
In 2007, there were 240 papers that mentioned GWAS, according to the PubMed database. In 2017, more than 3,800 were published.
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13 hours ago by soobrosa
Why Your DNA Is Still Uncharted Territory - The New York Times
Scientists are focusing on a relatively small number of human genes and neglecting thousands of others. The reasons have more to do with professional survival than genetics.
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14 hours ago by casfindad
Penetrance and pleiotropy of polygenic risk scores for schizophrenia in 90,000 patients across three healthcare systems | bioRxiv
> PRSs were robustly associated with schizophrenia (odds ratio per standard deviation increase in PRS = 1.65 [95% confidence interval (CI), 1.5-1.8], p = 1.25 x 10-16) and patients in the highest risk decile of the PRS distribution had a four-fold increased odds of schizophrenia compared to those in the bottom decile (95% CI, 2.4-6.5, p = 4.43 x 10-8).
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yesterday by porejide
Promethease is a literature retrieval system that builds a personal DNA report based on connecting a file of DNA genotypes to the scientific findings cited in SNPedia.

Biomedical researchers, healthcare practitioners and customers of DNA testing services (such as 23andMe,, FamilyTreeDNA, Genos, etc.) use Promethease to retrieve information published about their DNA variations. Most reports cost $10 and are produced in under 10 minutes. Much larger data files (such as imputed full genomes) have increased runtime. Uploading additional data files into the same report costs an additional $4.
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2 days ago by whip_lash
How do pregnancy tests work? - Tien Nguyen - YouTube
Over-the-counter pregnancy tests give potentially life-changing results with a pretty high rate of accuracy. But how do they work? Tien Nguyen explains how each test performs a scientifically rigorous, multi-stage experiment that goes from start to finish in the time that it’ll take you to watch this video.
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3 days ago by asaltydog
Genome-wide association study of suicide attempt in psychiatric disorders identifies association with major depression polygenic risk scores | bioRxiv
> Results: Three genome-wide significant loci for [suicide attempts] were found: one associated with [suicide attempts] in MDD, one in BIP, and one in the meta-analysis of SA in mood disorders. These associations were not replicated in independent mood disorder cohorts from the UK Biobank and iPSYCH. Polygenic risk scores for major depression were significantly associated with SA in MDD (P=0.0002), BIP (P=0.0006) and SCZ (P=0.0006). Conclusions: This study provides new information on genetic associations and the genetic etiology of SA across psychiatric disorders. The finding that polygenic risk scores for major depression predict suicide attempt across disorders provide a possible starting point for predictive modelling and preventative strategies. Further collaborative efforts to increase sample size hold potential to robustly identify genetic associations and gain biological insights into the etiology of suicide attempt.
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3 days ago by porejide
Promethease is a literature retrieval system that builds a personal DNA report based on connecting a file of DNA genotypes to the scientific findings cited in SNPedia.
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3 days ago by anglepoised
When a DNA Test Shatters Your Identity
"To join DNA NPE Friends, you first have to apply through a closed but public 'gateway' group on Facebook. It’s a jury-rigged system, designed to get around the fact the group needs to be findable enough to reach new members but also secret enough so as to not broadcast my father is not my biological father to one’s entire social network. St Clair and her admins also privately invite people who post about misattributed parentage in two popular public groups on Facebook called DNA Detectives and DD Social, both run by Moore, the genetic genealogist. Moore also runs secret splinter groups dedicated to various specific scenarios like unknown paternity and incest."
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5 days ago by bankbryan
Sperm donor #2757 sired at least 45 kids—now they’re connecting online
The modern family ties and genetic sleuthing are making it easier for donor-conceived children to learn about their backgrounds—and harder for anonymous donors to maintain anonymity.
5 days ago by carlesbellver
New genome editing method avoids cellular 'trash disposal' - Futurity
The new technique gets around some of the problems for editing genomes, including greater accuracy and less impact on DNA.
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6 days ago by bradbarrish

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