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Let the AI Do the Talk: Adventures with Natural Language Generation - Speaker Deck
Slides of @marcobonzanini at #pyparis: Let the AI Do the Talk: Adventures with Natural Language Generation
nlp  generation  python  neural-networks 
yesterday by ronnix
GPX Generator - Easy GPX file generation!
Create GPX files fast and simple by clicking on Google Maps! Use the generated code file to simulate walking on your IOS app using Xcode.
generation  map  file  spoofing  location 
2 days ago by JohanHWB
mxgmn/WaveFunctionCollapse: Bitmap & tilemap generation from a single example with the help of ideas from quantum mechanics.
Bitmap & tilemap generation from a single example with the help of ideas from quantum mechanics. - mxgmn/WaveFunctionCollapse
generation  procedural  generative  algorithms  toread 
11 days ago by mac
Building a lead generation website. The complete guide (2018)
A complete guide to building a lead generation website with all the important elements that make part of an inbound ready website
inbound  lead  generation  website  design  marketing 
12 days ago by atalvish
BigGAN: A New State of the Art in Image Synthesis – SyncedReview – Medium
The above Tweet is from renowned Google DeepMind research scientist Oriol Vinyals. It was retweeted last week by Google Brain researcher and “Father of Generative Adversarial Networks” Ian…
image  generation  gan  ml  biggan 
13 days ago by tranqy
How To Get The Most Out Of Your Revenue Cycle
Successful revenue cycle management is needed for accepting forms of payment, claims processing and revenue generation.
claims  processing  revenue  cycle  management  generation 
14 days ago by Adventure_Web
A Journey Through America's Energy Landscapes | New Hampshire Public Radio
Over four years, UNH professor Tom Haines explored - on foot -  the landscape of energy consumption in the US, from oil rigs, gas pipelines and coal fields to solar and wind farms and new technologies. We talk with Haines about his book, Walking to the Sun, about his pilgrimage, the folks he met along the way, and the path forward in the face of a growing climate crisis.
nhpr  generation  cleanenergy 
15 days ago by eversourcenh

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