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Pattern Generation from Images great
Awesome way to generate patterns from icons
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4 days ago by agrublev
The U.S. will need an additional 340 GWe of capacity by 2040. can help meet those demand…
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15 days ago by gourock_swimming
Arte Generativa - Davide Riboli
Resource list for generative art (partly in Italian)
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17 days ago by edzard
A sense of units and scale for electrical energy production and consumption - Our World in Data
Hannah Ritchie and Max Roser:
<p>To make our full data entry on Energy Production & Changing Energy Sources as useful and clear as possible, we have standardized all of our energy data into a single energy unit: the watt-hour (Wh). The only variation on the watt-hour which we have used is in scaling large numbers into kilowatt, megawatt or gigawatt-hours (which are one thousand, million, and billion watt-hours, respectively). The base unit of the watt-hour, however, remains consistent. This should help to reduce confusion for the first of the three reasons [described earlier in the blogpost].

To address the latter two challenges we have produced the chart shown below, which aims to provide a sense of scale for both electricity production and consumption [clicking on this chart offers a pop-out version, for which some finer aspects can be more easily read]. It is comprised of two scales: electricity production and electricity consumption. On the left-hand side we have a chart which extends from zero up to 100,000 MWh. The individual arrows represent the daily electrical outputs of different plant types; as we see, there is a large range of outputs depending on the size and conditions of the specific facility. The average daily output of specific power plants (some of which you may recognize) are shown and labelled as individual stars.

<img src="" width="100%" /></p>

This is useful.
electricity  consumption  generation 
18 days ago by charlesarthur
Another View -- Michael Vose: A renewable energy reality check | New Hampshire
This past summer, Green Tech Media published an interesting article about solar power. In August of 2017, the worldwide installed electric generation capacity of solar caught up to that of nuclear, with each having achieved 391 gigawatts (GW). On the surface, that seemed to mean that the planet was about to get as much electricity from the sun as from the atom.
UnionLeader  op-ed  RenewableEnergy  solar  generation  transmission 
18 days ago by northernpass

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