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Just discovered an n-gram tool based on HathiTrust books, might be better for doing fancy searches than google… <>
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3 days ago by datasociety
Who should own your digital data? | TheHill
re: <@U04M9BKAS>'s call to think through _data trusts_ my advisor Phil Napoli has this very interesting new idea to think about data as a public, rather than a private, resource. He wrote about it in The Hill this week: <>
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3 days ago by datasociety
Profit-maximizing AI - Jonathan Stray - Google Slides
I gave a talk recently on some ways that profit-maximizing AI is going to cause market failures. Algorithmic collusion, personalized pricing hurting consumers, insurance market failure, systemic stability issues... all demonstrated with recent research.. Thought it might be interesting to this crowd. <>
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17 days ago by datasociety
Be still my heart: a Black Afro-haired Barbie, seated in a wheelchair! << writesquire
Be still my heart: a Black Afro-haired Barbie, seated in a wheelchair!
July 01, 2019 at 07:35AM
A Black Barbie, complete with natural curls, seated in a non-hospital style wheelchair. Talk ‘bout Woke! Congrats Mattel! Intellectually honest diversity! Thank you
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17 days ago by writesquire
The Sun Will Shine When Morning Comes
If Erik and Peter were a Venn diagram, their circles would not intersect. Erik thanks God every day for it. Peter has no temper. He has no rage, no tragedy. He is light where Erik is shadow.
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18 days ago by Logical-Nonsense
Me: I lost my cane at work. I’ll ask in channel if anyone has seen it.
: That’d be your opportunit…
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24 days ago by oliver.turner
J'accuse | letter by Zola |
I have no idea why but a fake profile has to be jack hughes
24 days ago by hughPrime

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