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Family Fortunes: Adam Rutherford On How We Are All Related to Royalty | Blog
Having taken readers on a four-billion-year detective hunt for the origin of life in his book Creation, author, scientist and self-confessed geek, Adam Rutherford turns his attention to the stories hidden in our genetic past. As his latest book, A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived, uncovers what history can tell us about our genes and what our genes can tell us about history; in an exclusive article for Waterstones he reveals a royal secret hidden in everyone’s history.
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6 hours ago by timberwolfoz
Genealogy & Collaboration - Our Family Tree
Welcome! Our Family Tree is a full-featured online genealogy collaboration website intended both for people browsing, and a tool for researchers to maintain and collaborate on their research efforts.
2 days ago by andyho
Genealogy and the Cornish Diaspora | Onward To Our Past
While this reminds us of the long overdue recognition of the Cornish, it also is true of the great Cornish diaspora.

Last week the Cornish people were ‘officially’ recognized as a national minority in the United Kingdom under the European Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities. As the culmination of more than 15 years of effort by a great many people, including John Angarrack and Mike Chappell, Convener of the Cornish Branch of The Celtic League, this is indeed significant and wonderful news for those of us who work on our Cornish genealogy and family histories.

Not only does this significant recognition of the uniqueness of Cornish heritage mean long overdue protections and rights for the Cornish and our Cornish heritage, but it also impacts us as genealogists and family historians.
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4 days ago by timberwolfoz
The Family History Guide
The Family History Guide is a free website that represents a best-in-class learning environment for family history.
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