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Put That Hurricane Away - skoosiepants - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Then Derek freaking Hale shows up at the end of the aisle, one eyebrow arched at them, and Stiles doesn’t even know why this is happening, because it’s not like she wants Derek to see her in all her gamer-binge glory, either, but she panics and says, “Derek!” and, “Hey, Tommy, it’s Derek!” and, “Hey, Derek, come meet my douchebag ex who cheated on me and called me an un-datable spaz.”

Derek says, “He said what?”

Tommy’s eyes go wide and Stiles says, “Uh, well, maybe not in so many words?” because color-her-surprised but Derek looks pissed. Huh.
teenwolf  fic  derek/stiles  genderau  genderswap  short  skoosiepants  from instapaper
august 2015 by inkjunket
this is a love song in my own way
token female verse aka girl!Spencer fics of my heart!
genderAU  spencer/bob 
april 2013 by deskant80

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