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The CIA's communications suffered a catastrophic compromise. It started in Iran.
In 2013, hundreds of CIA officers — many working nonstop for weeks — scrambled to contain a disaster of global proportions: a compromise of the agency’s internet-based covert communications system used to interact with its informants in dark corners around the world. Teams of CIA experts worked feverishly to take down and reconfigure the websites secretly used for these communications; others managed operations to quickly spirit assets to safety and oversaw other forms of triage. From around 2009 to 2013, the U.S. intelligence community experienced crippling intelligence failures related to the secret internet-based communications system, a key means for remote messaging between CIA officers and their sources on the ground worldwide. The previously unreported global problem originated in Iran and spiderwebbed to other countries, and was left unrepaired — despite warnings about what was happening — until more than two dozen sources died in China in 2011 and 2012 as a result, according to 11 former intelligence and national security officials. One of the largest intelligence failures of the past decade started in Iran in 2009, when the Obama administration announced the discovery of a secret Iranian underground enrichment facility — part of Iran’s headlong drive for nuclear weapons. Angered about the breach, the Iranians went on a mole hunt, looking for foreign spies, said one former senior intelligence official. A 2011 Iranian television broadcast that touted the government’s destruction of the CIA network said U.S. intelligence operatives had created websites for fake companies to recruit agents in Iran by promising them jobs, visas and education abroad. Iranians who initially thought they were responding to legitimate opportunities would end up meeting with CIA officers in places like Dubai or Istanbul for recruitment, according to the broadcast. But the events in Iran were not self-contained; they coincided roughly with a similar debacle in China in 2011 and 2012, where authorities rounded up and executed around 30 agents working for the U.S. (the New York Times first reported the extirpation of the CIA’s China sources in May 2017).
yahoo news, 02.10.2018
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Full report: Skripal Poisoning Suspect Dr. Alexander Mishkin, Hero of Russia
Bellingcat can now report that it has conclusively identified the second suspect, who travelled to Salisbury under the alias Alexander Petrov. We already produced evidence that “Alexander Petrov” is not an authentic persona, but an undercover alias for an officer of a Russian security agency. In a later report, we established that “Petrov” was specifically working for Russia’s military intelligence, the GRU. We have identified “Alexander Petrov” to be in fact Dr. Alexander Yevgeniyevich Mishkin, a trained military doctor in the employ of the GRU. Furthermore, multiple witnesses familiar with Alexander Mishkin and his family have confirmed to us that he, like Col. Chepiga, is a recipient of the Hero of Russia award, which is bestowed by a special decree by the Russian President. While Alexander Mishkin’s true persona has an even smaller digital footprint than Anatoliy Chepiga’s, Bellingcat has been able to establish many key facts from his background.
bellingcat, 09.10.2018
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5 weeks ago by kraven
MI5 provides immunity for agents' criminal acts, tribunal told
The policy, in existence since the early 1990s, is likely to have enabled the Security Service to conceal wide ranging illegal activity, Ben Jaffey QC, representing an alliance of human rights group, told the investigatory powers tribunal (IPT) on Thursday. The policy was so secret that even judicial oversight of the practice, introduced in 2012, was not initially acknowledged. Sir Mark Waller, a retired judge appointed to oversee the policy, was instructed by the prime minister at the time, David Cameron, not to comment on its legality. Known within the intelligence services as “the third direction”, a letter from Cameron to Waller dated 27 November 2012 said his “oversight would not provide endorsement of the legality of the policy”. Some details of the policy were also disclosed on Thursday during the hearing. A heavily redacted copy of a three-page MI5 document, entitled Guidelines on the use of agents who participate in criminality (official guidance), was released. The document shows that MI5 sought to give its agents even greater freedom to commit criminal offences than that usually proffered to police informers. “The service has established its own procedure for authorising the use of agents participating in crime,” it states. It says any authorisation to commit crimes “has no legal effect and does not confer on either agent or those involved in the authorisation process any immunity from prosecution. Rather, the authorisation will be the service’s explanation and justification of its decisions” should the police investigate. Sir James Eadie QC, representing the intelligence agencies, the Home Office and the Foreign Office, told the the IPT that details of MI5’s conduct had to be kept secret and could not be aired in open court. He argued that the claim should be restricted to investigating over a “sensible time period”, at most six years.
guardian, 04.10.2018
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Niederlande: Angeblich russischer Cyberangriff auf OPCW verhindert
Die niederländische Regierung hat vier Personen ausgewiesen und jetzt öffentlich benannt, denen vorgeworfen wird, für den russischen Militärgeheimdienst GRU Cyberangriffe auf die Chemiewaffenkontrolleure der OPCW vorbereitet zu haben. Wie das Verteidigungsministerium am Donnerstag erklärte, sollen die vier Agenten mit diplomatischen Pässen eingereist sein. Danach hätten sie ein Auto präpariert und vor dem OPCW-Gebäude platziert, um einen Angriff auf das Computernetz der Organisation für das Verbot chemischer Waffen vorzubereiten. Die Niederlande veröffentlichen nun Fotos der Pässe, mit denen die vier eingereist sind. Außerdem zeigen sie Fotos des Equipments, mit sie versucht hätten, sich ins WLAN der OPCW-Zentrale zu hacken. Darüber hinaus gibt es Bilder der bei den Verdächtigen sichergestellten Geldscheine (20.000 Euro und 20.000 US-Dollar), Listen der vor Ort getätigten Google-Suchen [NB:], Daten die auf den GRU-Hintergrund hindeuten sollen und verschiedenes weiteres Material [NB:].
heise, 04.10.2018
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6 weeks ago by kraven
Anatoliy Chepiga Is a Hero of Russia: The Writing Is on the Wall
As of 1 October 2018, Maria Zakharova continued to insist on her Facebook page that Boshirov and Chepiga are different people. Following an initial acknowledgement that the Kremlin may not have been fully informed on the matter, Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated to the press that “there is no data that the Hero of the Russian Federation has been awarded to [anyone named Anatoliy Chepiga.]” Peskov also played down reporters asserting startling facial similarities between “Boshirov” and Chepiga, as shown in Bellingcat’s report, saying that the similarities are in fact trivial and likely coincidental. media outlets sought additional ways to obtain objective, open-source evidence that Chepiga is indeed “Boshirov,” and the recipient of the Hero of the Russian Federation award. This search for evidence ran against a parallel process of destruction of open-source evidence: several articles that previously mentioned Chepiga in Russian publications were deleted shortly after Belingcat’s report was published. One of the most promising open-source leads was proposed by reporters from Prague-based Radio Svoboda, who trawled through hundreds of photo and video galleries of visitors to, or students at, the Far-Eastern Military Academy (abbreviated as DVOKU in Russian), to find a high-quality photograph of the school’s Wall of Heroes. Many photographs discovered by Radio Svoboda showed a portrait at the far end of the wall that resembled Chepiga. This extra portrait appeared at some point between 29 July 2014 – the last time the wall is pictured without Chepiga – and 18 March 2016, when a photo gallery shows the extra portrait. Bellingcat obtained a photograph, posted on the Russian social network Odnoklassniki (OK) by a visitor to the school in June 2017, which displays the face and name of Col. Chepiga with sufficient quality to make identification possible. Anatoliy Chepiga is in the middle row in the penultimate column, with Alexander Popov (who also received the award in 2014) in the last column.
bellingcat, 02.10.2018
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6 weeks ago by kraven
Skripal Suspect Boshirov Identified as GRU Colonel Anatoliy Chepiga
Bellingcat has been able to confirm the actual identity of one of the two officers. The suspect using the cover identity of “Ruslan Boshirov” is in fact Colonel Anatoliy Chepiga, a highly decorated GRU officer bestowed with Russia’s highest state award, Hero of the Russian Federation. Following Bellingcat’s own identification, multiple sources familiar with the person and/or the investigation have confirmed the suspect’s identity. President Putin publicly vouched that “Boshirov” and “Petrov” are civilians. As it is established practice that the awards Hero of the Russian Federation are handed out by the Russian president personally, it is highly likely that Vladimir Putin would have been familiar with the identity of Colonel Chepiga, given that only a handful of officers receive this award each year.
bellingcat, 26.09.2018
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7 weeks ago by kraven
Salisbury poisonings: police name two Russian suspects
Two Russian nationals have been named and charged over the novichok poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury, Wiltshire. British police and prosecutors made the announcement on Wednesday. Police said the two men were travelling on authentic Russian passports under the names of Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov and arrived in the UK on an Aeroflot flight days before the attack. The Crown Prosecution Service said there was enough evidence to charge them. The prime minister, Theresa May, told the House of Commons on Wednesday that the two men had been identified as officers from Russia’s military intelligence agency, the GRU. The CPS said it had charged the two men with conspiracy to murder the Skripals and DS Nick Bailey, who fell ill after going to the Skripal home after the Russian pair were found slumped on a bench in Salisbury. The two Russian suspects are also charged with the use and possession of novichok, contrary to the Chemical Weapons Act. They are also charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent to Yulia Skripal and DS Bailey. They have not been charged with the later poisoning that killed Dawn Sturgess and left Charlie Rowley seriously ill, after they became unwell on 30 June at an address in Amesbury, Wiltshire. Russia’s foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said: "The names published by the media, like the photographs, don’t mean anything to us.” Zakharova said she “again urged Britain to refrain from public accusations” and work with Russian law enforcement authorities to investigate the attack in Salisbury.
guardian, 05.09.2018
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Gina Haspel CIA Torture Cables Declassified
Current CIA director Gina Haspel described graphic acts of deliberate physical torture including the waterboarding of a suspected Al-Qa’ida terrorist under her supervision when she was chief of base at a CIA black site in Thailand in 2002, according to declassified CIA cables – most of which she wrote or authorized – obtained by the National Security Archive through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit and posted on the Web today. The Haspel cables detail conditions the public has only seen in the infamous Abu Ghraib photographs from Iraq of detainees hooded and shackled, forced nudity, wall slamming, and box confinement, as well as “enhanced techniques” never photographed such as the simulated drowning of suspects on the waterboard. The biggest mystery in the released cables is whether Gina Haspel wrote Cable 11359, from December 1, 2002, which uses remarkably vivid language to describe the torture sessions: The interrogators “strode, catlike, into the well-lit confines of the cell at 0902 hrs [redacted], deftly removed the subject’s black hood with a swipe, paused, and in a deep, measured voice said that subject – having ‘calmed down’ after his (staged) run-in with his hulking, heavily muscled guards the previous day – should reveal what subject had done to vex his guards to the point of rage.”
national security archive, 10.08.2018
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august 2018 by kraven
True scale of UK role in torture and rendition after 9/11 revealed
British intelligence agencies were involved in the torture and kidnap of terrorism suspects after 9/11, according to two reports by the parliamentary intelligence and security committee. The reports published on Thursday amount to one of the most damning indictments of UK intelligence, revealing links to torture and rendition were much more widespread than previously reported. While there was no evidence of officers directly carrying out physical mistreatment of detainees, the reports say the overseas agency MI6 and the domestic service MI5 were involved in hundreds of torture cases and scores of rendition cases. The committee says the agencies were aware “at an early point” of the mistreatment of detainees by the US and others. There were two cases in which UK personnel were “party to mistreatment administered by others”. One has been investigated by the Metropolitan police but the other is still to be fully investigated. The chair of the committee, Dominic Grieve, said because it had been denied access to key intelligence individuals by the prime minister, the committee had reluctantly decided to bring the inquiry to a premature end. He said the reports were being published now because he felt the information gathered so far should be put into the public domain. Had the inquiry continued, the committee would have called the then home secretary David Blunkett and Straw to explain what they understood to be the situation at the time and why a briefing was not requested. The reports say evidence of the direct involvement of MI6 officers and a British military officer in the mistreatment of detainees at the Bagram airbase in Afghanistan was withheld from the intelligence committee in the past. This involved sleep deprivation, starvation and the use of stress positions. The committee said it had wanted to interview the MI6 officers involved but said: “The government has denied us access to those individuals.” The second report, which focuses on guidance given to intelligence officers, is also critical, saying that a policy on treatment of detainees overseas was published in 2009-10 but there had been “remarkably little attempt to evaluate the guidance over the past seven years”. The Cabinet Office had conducted only “a light touch” review last year, prompted by the committee inquiry.
guardian, 28.06.2018
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june 2018 by kraven
Rumänien und Litauen wegen CIA-Gefängnissen verurteilt
Der Europäische Gerichtshof für Menschenrechte hat Rumänien und Litauen wegen zahlreicher Menschenrechtsverletzungen in geheimen CIA-Gefängnissen auf ihrem Staatsgebiet verurteilt. Die rumänischen und litauischen Behörden hätten von den Gefängnissen gewusst und mit dem US-Auslandsgeheimdienst kooperiert, urteilten die Straßburger Richter (Beschwerdenummern 33234/12 und 46454/11). Damit hätten sie drohende Misshandlungen in Kauf genommen. Beschwerde eingereicht hatten ein staatenloser Palästinenser und ein Saudi. Sie hatten angeführt, in den Geheimgefängnissen misshandelt worden zu sein. Beide sind mittlerweile im umstrittenen US-Gefangenenlager Guantanamo Bay auf Kuba interniert. Rumänien muss dem Saudi 100.000 Euro Entschädigung zahlen, Litauen dem Palästinenser 130.000 Euro. Beide Länder müssen die Umstände aufklären, unter denen die Häftlinge auf ihr Staatsgebiet kamen, wie sie behandelt wurden und auf welchem Wege sie das Land wieder verlassen haben.
zeit, 31.05.2018
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may 2018 by kraven
Pictures From an Interrogation: Drawings by Abu Zubaydah
The CIA spent years trying to probe the mind of Abu Zubaydah, the first terror suspect it subjected to “enhanced interrogation techniques” in the aftermath of 9/11. The cables and reports that document the agency’s interrogations of Zubaydah fill thousands of pages; scores of those pages have since been made public in redacted form. Another glimpse into the mind of Zubaydah now emerges from a series of drawings he made during his years in U.S. custody. They are by turns haunted and bizarre, ranging in subject matter from graphic depictions of his abuse to creatures drawn from some indistinct mythology. The drawings were released to ProPublica in partial response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by the Media Freedom and Information Access Clinic at Yale Law School. A Saudi of Palestinian descent — he was born Zayn al-Abidin Muhammad Husayn — Zubaydah spent years organizing the training and travel of terror operatives, although he was not a leader of al-Qaida as the CIA believed. On one page, he draws himself in various states of torment: shackled naked to a chair, having urinated on himself; confined in a coffin-like box; and strapped to the waterboard on which he was subjected to simulated drowning at least 83 times. Lurking outside his cell are the black-clad paramilitary guards who watched over him and assisted his interrogators in meting out punishments. Another drawing seems to depict Zubaydah’s memories of other torments, including being chained in a standing position, doused with water, and threatened with death. In all, the CIA released eight of the drawings.
propublica, 30.05.2018
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may 2018 by kraven
Geheimdienst holt Gülen-Anhänger in die Türkei
Die Türkei hat mit Hilfe ihres Geheimdienstes (MIT) etliche türkische Staatsbürger und mutmaßliche Gülen-Verbündete in die Türkei zurückgebracht. Wie Regierungssprecher Bekir Bozdag dem TV-Sender Habertürk sagte, wurden "bislang 80 Fetö-Anhänger aus 18 Ländern eingepackt" und in die Türkei geholt. Als Fetö (NB: "Fetullahistische Terrororganisation") bezeichnet die türkische Regierung die Bewegung um den in den USA lebenden Prediger Fetullah Gülen, den Ankara für den Putschversuch 2016 verantwortlich macht.
tagesschau, 05.04.2018
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april 2018 by kraven
Neue CIA-Chefin Gina Haspel - Phantom mit dunkler Vergangenheit
Viele Jahre arbeitete Gina Haspel für geheime CIA-Einrichtungen im Verborgenen, nun rückt sie plötzlich ins Rampenlicht. Die 61-Jährige soll künftig als Direktorin den amerikanischen Auslandsgeheimdienst leiten - und damit den bisherigen CIA-Chef Mike Pompeo ersetzen. Die Nominierung von Haspel sei ein "historischer Meilenstein", sagte Trump bei der Verkündung der Personalie. Seit 1985 arbeitet Haspel für die CIA, jahrelang war sie dabei für geheime Operationen zuständig, leitete Stationen des Geheimdienstes in London und New York, wie "New York Times" und "Zeit" berichten. Dann stieg sie zur Chefin für alle Geheimoperationen auf. In Thailand leitete Haspel 2002 das Geheimgefängnis "Cat's Eye" nahe Bangkok. Dort beaufsichtigte sie die brutalen Verhöre von Terrorverdächtigen - unter anderem von Abu Zubaydah. Die brutalen Verhöre wurden per Video aufgezeichnet - es soll Haspel gewesen sein, die später anordnete, die Aufnahmen zu zerstören, schreiben US-Medien. Ihr Name taucht demnach auf der Weisung auf [NB:].
spiegel, 13.03.2018
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march 2018 by kraven
MI5 agents can commit crime in UK, government reveals
MI5 agents are allowed to carry out criminal activity in the UK, the government has acknowledged for the first time. The prime minister was on Thursday forced to publish the text of a direction to the Investigatory Powers Commissioner’s Office, the spying watchdog, on governing “security service participation in criminality”. It instructs the IPCO to oversee the participation of MI5 agents in criminal activity, which was previously conducted by the now-defunct office of the Intelligence Services Commissioner, under a secret order referred to as the “third direction”. However, guidance about when British spies can commit crimes, and how far they can go, remains confidential. The commissioner, Lord Justice Sir Adrian Fulford, said: “I welcome the government’s decision to make public my oversight of this sensitive area of work.”
guardian, 02.03.2018
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march 2018 by kraven
Terrorchef aus Katalonien war Geheimdienst-Spitzel
Man muss sich nun fragen, welche Verantwortung die spanischen Sicherheitskräfte für die 15 Toten haben, die durch eine Terrorzelle in Barcelona und Cambrils im vergangenen August ermordet wurden. Denn heute hat der spanische Geheimdienst CNI zugegeben, dass der Kopf und Organisator der islamistischen Terroristen ein Zuträger des CNI in Spanien war. Der Geheimdienst hat eingeräumt, dass man mit dem Imam von Ripoll Abdelbaki Es Satty "Kontakt unterhalten" habe. Genaueres gibt der CNI nicht bekannt, nur dass dieser Kontakt wenigstens in der Zeit bestanden habe, als der Imam zwischen 2010 und 2014 im Knast saß. Einige Medien mit guten Kontakten in den Geheimdienst gehen aber deutlich darüber hinaus und berichten wie okdiario davon, dass der Imam auch noch zum Zeitpunkt des ersten Anschlags auf den Ramblas von Barcelona Geheimdienstspitzel war und Geld aus den geheimen Spezialfonds erhielt.
telepolis, 17.11.2017
geheimdienst_es_cni  land_spanien  land_spanien_katalonien  geheimdienst_allg_verdeckte_operation  geheimdienst_allg_desinformation  geheimdienst_polizei_agent_provocateur  geheimdienst_polizei_informant_vperson  terror_anschlag  terror_bekämpfung_terrorfinanzierung 
november 2017 by kraven
Vault8 - Hive
WikiLeaks publishes the source code and development logs to Hive, a major component of the CIA infrastructure to control its malware. Hive solves a critical problem for the malware operators at the CIA. Even the most sophisticated malware implant on a target computer is useless if there is no way for it to communicate with its operators in a secure manner that does not draw attention. Using Hive even if an implant is discovered on a target computer, attributing it to the CIA is difficult by just looking at the communication of the malware with other servers on the internet. Hive provides a covert communications platform for a whole range of CIA malware to send exfiltrated information to CIA servers and to receive new instructions from operators at the CIA. Hive can serve multiple operations using multiple implants on target computers. Each operation anonymously registers at least one cover domain (e.g. "") for its own use. The server running the domain website is rented from commercial hosting providers as a VPS (virtual private server) and its software is customized according to CIA specifications. These servers are the public-facing side of the CIA back-end infrastructure and act as a relay for HTTP(S) traffic over a VPN connection to a "hidden" CIA server called 'Blot'. Traffic from implants is sent to an implant operator management gateway called Honeycomb (see graphic above) while all other traffic go to a cover server that delivers the insuspicious content for all other users. Digital certificates for the authentication of implants are generated by the CIA impersonating existing entities. The three examples included in the source code build a fake certificate for the anti-virus company Kaspersky Laboratory, Moscow pretending to be signed by Thawte Premium Server CA, Cape Town. In this way, if the target organization looks at the network traffic coming out of its network, it is likely to misattribute the CIA exfiltration of data to uninvolved entities whose identities have been impersonated. The documentation for Hive is available from the WikiLeaks Vault7 series.
wikileaks, 09.11.2017
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november 2017 by kraven
A Newly Assertive C.I.A. Expands Its Taliban Hunt in Afghanistan
The C.I.A. is expanding its covert operations in Afghanistan, sending small teams of highly experienced officers and contractors alongside Afghan forces to hunt and kill Taliban militants across the country, according to two senior American officials, the latest sign of the agency’s increasingly integral role in President Trump’s counterterrorism strategy. The expansion reflects the C.I.A.’s assertive role under its new director, Mike Pompeo, to combat insurgents around the world. The C.I.A.’s expanded role will augment missions carried out by military units, meaning more of the United States’ combat role in Afghanistan will be hidden from public view. The new effort will be led by small units known as counterterrorism pursuit teams. They are managed by C.I.A. paramilitary officers from the agency’s Special Activities Division and operatives from the National Directorate of Security, Afghanistan’s intelligence arm, and include elite American troops from the Joint Special Operations Command. The majority of the forces, however, are Afghan militia members. The American commandos — part of the Pentagon’s Omega program, which lends Special Operations forces to the C.I.A. — allow the Afghan militias to work together with conventional troops by calling in airstrikes and medical evacuations. The units have long had a wide run of the battlefield and have been accused of indiscriminately killing Afghan civilians in raids and with airstrikes. Mr. Pompeo said in his remarks in Texas that Mr. Trump had authorized the agency to “take risks” in its efforts to combat insurgents “as long as they made sense,” with an overall goal “to make the C.I.A. faster and more aggressive.”
nyt, 22.10.2017
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october 2017 by kraven
The CIA Can Now Order Drone Strikes Without Pentagon Approval
Trump has given unprecedented power to the CIA to expand its killing program and launch drone strikes against targets, drone strikes that have no legal obligation for public disclosure and do not require the the approval of the Pentagon. In a distinct change to Obama's policies, which allowed the CIA to hunt and surveil suspected terror targets but required the permission of the military to physically launch a missile strike, The Wall Street Journal reports that Trump has given the CIA authority to pull the trigger on its own strikes. The unnamed US officials speaking to the Journal said that the new authority the CIA possesses can only be used for operations in Syria, but there are fears the CIA could easily expand its remit to outside of the country.
motherboard, 14.03.2017
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march 2017 by kraven
WikiLeaks-Enthüllung: CIA betreibt offenbar Hacker-Einheit in Frankfurt
Eine streng geheim operierende CIA-Einheit entwickelt in Frankfurt am Main maßgefertigte Computerviren. Das zeigen Dokumente, die die Plattform WikiLeaks veröffentlicht hat. Die Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) hat demnach mitten in Deutschland eine spezialisierte Truppe von IT-Experten stationiert, um Computerangriffe gegen Ziele in Europa, Afrika und dem Nahen Osten vorzubereiten. Die Hacker-Gruppe in Frankfurt gehört laut der Unterlagen zu einer Einheit, die intern den Namen "Engineering Development Group" trägt, kurz: EDG. Sie ist demnach Teil einer insgesamt rund 5000 Mitarbeiter starken CIA-Abteilung namens "Center for Cyber Intelligence" mit Hauptsitz in Langley, Virginia.
tagesschau, 07.03.2017
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march 2017 by kraven
Vault7 - Year Zero
WikiLeaks begins its new series of leaks on the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Code-named "Vault 7" by WikiLeaks, it is the largest ever publication of confidential documents on the agency. The first full part of the series, "Year Zero", comprises 8,761 documents and files from an isolated, high-security network situated inside the CIA's Center for Cyber Intelligence in Langley, Virgina. It follows an introductory disclosure last month of CIA targeting French political parties and candidates in the lead up to the 2012 presidential election. Recently, the CIA lost control of the majority of its hacking arsenal including malware, viruses, trojans, weaponized "zero day" exploits, malware remote control systems and associated documentation. This extraordinary collection, which amounts to more than several hundred million lines of code, gives its possessor the entire hacking capacity of the CIA. The archive appears to have been circulated among former U.S. government hackers and contractors in an unauthorized manner, one of whom has provided WikiLeaks with portions of the archive. "Year Zero" introduces the scope and direction of the CIA's global covert hacking program, its malware arsenal and dozens of "zero day" weaponized exploits against a wide range of U.S. and European company products, include Apple's iPhone, Google's Android and Microsoft's Windows and even Samsung TVs, which are turned into covert microphones.
wikileaks, 07.03.2017
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