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Your groundbreaking is not my groundbreaking | Epiphany 2.0
Dragon Age: Inquisition. "But it’s all just so… little. Such creeping, grudging, tiny steps, implemented only after mass outcry. A little darker skin. One additional hair texture. A few moments in the foreground, instead of the perpetual background."
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6 hours ago by puzzlement
The Media Show » Where do programmers work? Help us show the world!
"We want to show as many kinds of people as we can programming. People of color. Queer and trans folks; men and women. Older and younger folks. People with disabilities. People with tiny kids running around them while they code."
yesterday by puzzlement
Metafoundry 15: Scribbled Leatherjackets
A critique of maker culture: "I'm not going to call myself a maker. Instead, I call bullshit on the stigma, and the culture and values behind it that reward making above everything else. Instead of calling myself a maker, I'm proud to stand with the caregivers, the educators, those that analyse and characterize and critique, everyone who fixes things and all the other people who do valuable work with and for others, that doesn't result in something you can put in a box and sell."
yesterday by puzzlement
Sweet Peach Founder Speaks: Those Startup Dudes Were Wrong About My Company |
20yo woman founder is aiming for personalised vaginal probiotics, not fruit-scented douches!
2 days ago by puzzlement

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