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Sweet Peach Founder Speaks: Those Startup Dudes Were Wrong About My Company |
20yo woman founder is aiming for personalised vaginal probiotics, not fruit-scented douches!
14 hours ago by puzzlement
Future advanced cyborg human emulations to keep being arseholes | NewsTechnica
To maximise utilitarian value across the quantum wave function of the universe, “Roko’s femilisk” will regrettably have to punish emulations of those who complained that they found Tumblr social justice warriors’ intolerance of intolerance “triggering.”
geekfeminism  funny  singularity  jokes 
2 days ago by lizhenry
Funding - 2015 | 12 - 16 Jan | BeAwesome
Apps close December 9.

LCA 2015 and InternetNZ are proud to support diversity. The InternetNZ Diversity Programme is one way we ensure that LCA 2015 continues to be an open and welcoming conference for everyone. Together with InternetNZ this program has been created to assist under-represented delegates who contribute to the Open Source community but, without financial assistance, would not be able to attend LCA 2015.
3 days ago by puzzlement
Three Tactics that Block Women from Getting Ahead « Accidentally in Code
"These patterns come from my own experiences and those of other women I speak to. All stories are different, and yet given enough of them, themes emerge. So many times at GHC someone asks the question about who in the room has been described as ‘aggressive’… and almost every woman in the room raises their hand."
feminism  gender  work  microaggressions  geekfeminism 
3 days ago by handcoding

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