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Slightly Less Awful Hiring for Engineering Talent –
Code for America write-up includes ideas for reducing bias in applicant pool and hiring process.
engineering  job  social  geekfeminism 
11 days ago by configures
I Promise You Don’t Have To Lose Weight To Be Happy
Kaye Toal, BuzzFeed staff writer, is fat and happy about herself!
Despite the best efforts of bullies both physical and virtual, almost every TV show and movie ever made, and most women’s magazines, I am totally at peace with being fat.
Getting here has been ~a journey~, however. Here’s what that journey looked like for me.
diet  geekfeminism  health  happiness 
12 days ago by jflorablack
Sharon Lee's Ravencon soapbox rant - Writing believable characters
Sharon Lee, coauthor of Liaden Universe novels.

So, the Cursed Question of How to Write Believable Female and/or Other Characters will simply not die, stupid as I, at least, find it. And I finally reached such a pitch of frustration that I decided to speak my mind on the topic.
writing  geekfeminism  howto  advice 
16 days ago by jflorablack
These Little-Known Nuns Helped Map the Stars
A century later, the identities of women who mapped over 481,000 stars are finally known
Erin Blakemore, Smithsonian
astronomy  geekfeminism  history 
16 days ago by jflorablack
NASA names facility for 'human computer' who calculated astronaut trajectories
May 5, 2016 — Fifty-five years after she helped compute, by hand, the trajectory for the first American astronaut into space, NASA honored mathematician Katherine Johnson with the dedication of a new building at the research center where she worked.

"Millions of people from around the world watched [Alan] Shepard's flight but what they don't know — what they did not know at the time, was that the calculations that got him into space and safely home were done by today's guest of honor," said Clayton Turner, the deputy director of Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, during a dedication ceremony held on Thursday (May 5).

A trailblazer for women and African Americans in the early U.S. space program, Johnson's name will grace Langley's new Computational Research Facility.
nasa  geekfeminism  space  womenintech  poc  peopleofcolor 
18 days ago by jflorablack
stewardess | (no subject)
"In response to the recent meta about fan works and racism by Franzeska"
geekfeminism  feminism  FeministSF 
18 days ago by brainwane

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