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We do what we must because we can
[CW: threats, online harassment, GamerGate, TERFs]

'Some just aren’t here anymore. It got too much. Bullying works. We are afraid to look this fact in the eye, hoping in the margins of our averted gaze that online harassment is limited to “a cog in the gear of progress” and not actively destroying lives, tearing families apart and creating a demand for bolder, more debonair displays of pushing the luck of your systemic privilege.

It has been one week of this harassment and I may never sleep more than four hours at a time ever again.'
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2 days ago by mappings
S4E7 - #GamerGate
"A look at Base Assumptions as a critical tool as applied to the GamerGate movement" (This is a pretty great explainer for Gamergate.)
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5 days ago by handcoding
Why We’re Not Talking About GamerGate
We want to live in a world where terror campaigns like this are ineffective; where that which does not kill us makes us stronger; where good triumphs over obtuse, selfish, cowardly evil. But wanting to live in that world doesn’t make that world real.
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5 days ago by cleversimon

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