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The Divine Comedy of the Tech Sisterhood – Code Like A Girl
"This is a guide to some of the absurd dysfunctions and dynamics you will likely encounter if you embark on a career in tech, and end up in a leadership position with all the naive innocence and drive that you will be different, you will be a great leader, respected by all, and you will change things not just for yourself and your team and but for the industry as a whole, moving the needle on behalf of all the other women out there who look up to you as a role model. Think of every horrible stereotype of software engineers you’ve ever seen on TV — hackers straight out of mom’s basement who can’t lift their eyes from your chest, socially-awkward twenty-something millionaires who get shit-faced in night clubs in San Francisco and convince you of the merits of polyamory, venture capitalists who refuse to shake hands with women for religious or cultural reasons — and somewhere in Silicon Valley, you will find it. If you’re a man and you reply with, “The scent of white musk is distinctive, but what’s really telling is why you would choose to wear a fragrance selected to emulate the natural odor of a male deer attempting to mark his territory and find a mate” you’d get punched in the face. Kyle says with his patient tone, as if he were talking about a site outage rather than a triggering racial issue, “Rather than think about this in terms of one group versus others, I would encourage us to consider that not everyone has had the same opportunities, and that by applying our unconscio..."
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