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The myth about smart black kids and “acting white” that won’t die
Nerds come in all colors.
By Jenée Desmond-Harris Jan 5, 2017, 3:50pm EST
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february 2018 by jflorablack
— dramatically better
on impostor syndrome

"And it has become increasingly clear that one of the greatest sources of untruth in my life is my estimate of my own capabilities. "

"What if instead I chose to feel as capable and confident as I rationally should?"
december 2017 by brainwane
No more rock stars: how to stop abuse in tech communities – hypatia dot ca
Identifies rock stars as the problem, but also provides a list of measures for organizations to prevent them.
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november 2017 by npdoty
Your company's Slack is probably sexist
<li>“Does gender influence our office’s electronic communications? When I began asking my colleagues, nearly every woman said yes. Overwhelmingly, men said no."
<li>'‘Both the men and women she surveyed agreed that the debate was contentious, but they reacted to that contentiousness differently. Men would say things like, “Well, it was kind of aggressive, but as long as the slings and arrows weren’t aimed at me, it was fine,” or “This is just the way online conversation goes.” Some men said it was “kind of fun to go at each other’s throats,” or they brushed it off: “This is nothing; you should see the philosophy list.”

Nearly all the women, however, showed an aversion to the tenor of the debate. Common responses included things like: “The contentiousness made me not want to participate in discussion,” or “It made me want to drop off list all together.” Some went so far as, “People who speak like this are not good people,” and “This debate made me want to not be linguist.”'
<li>“Already as toddlers, the idea that girls should take others’ feelings and desires into consideration before speaking or acting has formed,” says Herring. “And for boys, conflict isn’t just okay, it’s encouraged.” 
<li>‘What’s more, Herring found, men posted messages that were sometimes 20 screens long, never apologizing for consuming others’ time—while women always apologized for long messages.’
<li>‘…language and discourse conventions are created and enforced by men, for men’s advantage; so when women participate in public discourse, it’s almost as if they’re learning or adapting to a foreign language.’
<li>‘Men also tend to dominate public channels, she says, often responding to others’ posts with declarative statements and dropping in links with no context.’
<li>‘With microaggressions, there rarely is a smoking gun. But over time, these aggregate power displays can wear down women and minorities, leading us to question whether it’s worth sharing our thoughts at all.’
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november 2017 by mappings
how to be an ally in tech
You now understand that this is true of every woman you work with. Every woman you work with is there, at the table, despite being told hundreds of times:
<li>you are no good
<li>you do not belong
<li>get out.
Another thing you need to understand before I tell this story:
After being beaten down so many hundreds of times, I cannot tell the difference between a sexist comment made:
<li>with mal intent
<li>due to subconscious bias
<li>or because the person just misspoke
There is no difference in how it affects me. At this point, it is just one long drone of <i>you are no good.</i>
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november 2017 by mappings

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