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Dear Emily/Dear Mitu
Mitu Khandaker-Kokoris & Emily Flynn-Jones write letters to each other in 2012. Notes to self:

* Mitu & me facing intersectionality of sexism & of specifically racism against people of South Asian descent, and possibility that stereotypes of South Asians being good at programming partially protected us from sexism in tech
* pros of single-sex edu for women
* bonding with a parent via games, and the magic circle
* Mitu's EverQuest anecdote
* Mitu's story re the Redshirt logo
* Hello Kitty game and exploding with glitter (sort of like Slam City Oracles in the physical hitting-things joy of it)
* what is femininity? what if gender performance is always AGAINST rather than for, always in negative terms?
* Emily on games as a discourse approach for feminism: "We all get to have a go, we are used to save-die-retry and repetition until we find the right approach to a puzzle."
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2 days ago by brainwane
Don’t let them label you a demon kitty | Stormy's Corner
"if your organization is labeling you as a “demon kitty”, it’s not your fault...Don’t let them tell you who you are or what you are capable of....Don’t let them make you feel like you have no other options."
3 days ago by brainwane
Founder Ladies (Put a Sheet on It) - A parody - YouTube
A parody of "Single Ladies" says: if you liked it, you VCs should have put a term sheet on it.
3 days ago by brainwane
How the Standard for Gender Equality in Culture Became Known as the 'Bechdel Test' - The Atlantic
"Bechdel, however, wasn’t the originator of the test. She has long attributed the idea of the Bechdel test to her friend Liz Wallace, who mentioned the standard to her as Bechdel was looking for ideas for Dykes to Watch Out For."
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4 days ago by handcoding
Women in DevOps - Stefana_Muller.pdf
Slide deck from Jun 2015 presentation at DevOps Summit has good (brief) points on value of diversity, how to recruit, hire, retain; by Stefana Muller, Director, Product Management - Continuous Delivery at CA Technologies
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4 days ago by configures
TechFestNW: Zoe Quinn on turning her body into a cyborg lab | Portland Business Journal
"“I’m not just a woman in tech, I’m tech in a woman,” she joked. Quinn introduced the TechFest NW crowd at Revolution Hall to the cyborg body modification movement. It’s an intersection of hackers, artists and other body modifiers. The so-far small movement is working on some interesting projects."
10 days ago by demew
Women in Tech: It’s Complicated | The Bias
Natalie does deeply geeky things with Excel, VBA, SQL, but "women in tech" outreach is usually aimed at coders.
11 days ago by configures
Exquisite Corpse | New Criticals
By Steph Alarcon, Christina Dunbar-Hester, Tamsyn Gilbert, Seda Gurses, Jara Rocha, Femke Snelting, Sophie Toupin: a collaboratively created piece on tech and activism: "The first piece was written and then sent to the next contributor, and each subsequent person was only allowed to read what the person prior to them had written."
11 days ago by brainwane
Legal Defense Fund Against Libel... by Rebecca Watson | Indiegogo Life
Rebecca Watson is fundraising for legal expenses after receiving legal threats for maintaining public information about now-retracted harassment allegations.
12 days ago by puzzlement
Why Stack Overflow is a Good Workplace for Women — Medium
Be careful with “Cultural Fit”. This is often a catch-all for a vague sense of “would not fit in”, which can come to mean “is like me”. If you feel someone is a good or bad cultural fit, you must explain what you mean.
Valid “Cultural Fit” things: self-motivated, passionate, gets stuff done, cares about open source / giving back to the community, likes “default open”, hates office politics / meetings, pragmatic attitude towards tools / best practices, etc.
Invalid “Cultural Fit” things: obvious stuff like race, gender, sexual orientation, religion but also softer things like age, personality or hobbies (does not have to like Magic the Gathering to be a good dev). Assume that your bias is to hire people you “like” and be very careful of that.
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12 days ago by tedder42

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