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Twitter can fix its harassment problem, but why mess with success? | Polygon
RT @jacobian: Brilliant analysis of why Twitter refuses to work on harassment: harassment is *good* for Twitter’s bottom line.
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4 hours ago by hypatia
The conversation about sexism in tech we should be having
RT @sesmithwrites: I had a great opportunity to interview @hypatiadotca about concrete solutions to sexism in tech:
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8 hours ago by hypatia
The nightmare is over: They're not coming for your games | Polygon
'For many gamers, especially men, that "wished-for narrative" is a tale of triumph against censorious parents, violent nerd-hating bullies, and puritanical politicos who wanted to take away their beloved hobby, one where a boy’s club prevailed and they could indulge the womanising power fantasies of strength and valor that "real life" had denied them.

Mitch Gitelman, studio director of Harebrained Schemes, of Shadowrun Returns fame, believes that this narrative, however, constitutes an exclusionary "nostalgia for something that shouldn’t exist."'
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Five myths about the gender pay gap - The Washington Post
when Google increased family leave from three months to five and made it fully paid, the company saw a 50 percent drop in the number of moms who quit.
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