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Shock and Care | Harry Giles
via aparrish - on the artistic case for a carer instead of (or in addition to) a shocker relationship between artist and audience. On trigger warnings & quiet rooms, among other things.
2 days ago by brainwane
Why Hiring for Cultural Fit Can Thwart Your Diversity Efforts
"each unit within an organization could eventually become what I call a “personality silo.” ... But in most cases, there are still individuals who are different and most people adapt to working in new units. If companies decide to select people scientifically by using sophisticated profiling techniques and algorithms, however, the tribe may close in itself, which might cause serious problems of horizontal coordination."
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2 days ago by configures
Books by earliest women writers in English on display together for first time
Alison Flood - The Guardian
Manuscripts of the first book in English by a woman and the earliest autobiography by a woman are displayed together by Wellcome Collection
Medieval manuscripts by two of the earliest women writers in English, Julian of Norwich and Margery Kempe, are being displayed together for the first time in a new exhibition.
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5 days ago by jflorablack
On male privilege and networks - Tin Geber - Medium
A white male learns to look for diverse speakers and expand his networks beyond white men. Has a "Female Conference Speaker" excuses Bingo board. And owlfish.

FTA: Two years ago, I was planning a workshop. I felt it was an important workshop with an important goal: we were trying to prove a point about a Very Complex Topic. And so I thought real hard about who should be in the room...I created a tight and amazing list of 14 incredibly qualified, smart people. The best I could think of. Feeling proud and excited, I shared the list with a colleague of mine. She glanced at it, and said:
Great list. Did you notice there are no women on it?
My male privilege happened. Or, more precisely, my lack of recognition of the fact that male privilege is real, and it favors me and others like me. No matter if we want it or not.
privilege  geekfeminism  speakers 
8 days ago by jflorablack
THE SECRET RULES OF THE INTERNET The murky history of moderation, and how it’s shaping the future of free speech - The Verge
By Catherine Buni & Soraya Chemaly | Illustrations by Eric Petersen
As recommended by ReadThisThing: Free speech has always been an ideal of the internet, but the things that bubble up in our feeds are typically determined by algorithms (or humans) that answer to corporations. Here's a fascinating story about how it all works

FTA: Moderation remains a relatively low-wage, low-status sector, often managed and staffed by women.

FTA:more than a dozen current and former employees and contractors of major internet platforms from YouTube to Facebook who spoke to us candidly about the dawn of content moderation. Many of these individuals are going public with their experiences for the first time. Their stories reveal how the boundaries of free speech were drawn during a period of explosive growth for a high-stakes public domain, one that did not exist for most of human history. As law professor Jeffrey Rosen first said many years ago of Facebook, these platforms have "more power in determining who can speak and who can be heard around the globe than any Supreme Court justice, any king or any president."
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9 days ago by jflorablack
Leveling the Playing Field by Design - The Atlantic
"... in groups made up of either men or women only, men and women both stepped up at about the same rate. But in groups made up of both men and women, the pattern changed,"
"To break the vicious cycle, those in power need to design systems that promote fairness—by calling on women, increasing transparency, and measuring and compensating all contributions. It works."
science  social  job  geekfeminism 
12 days ago by configures
The dark side of Guardian comments - The Guardian
by Becky Gardiner, Mahana Mansfield, Ian Anderson, Josh Holder, Daan Louter and Monica Ulmanu
As part of a series on the rising global phenomenon of online harassment, the Guardian commissioned research into the 70m comments left on its site since 2006 and discovered that of the 10 most abused writers eight are women, and the two men are black. Hear from three of those writers, explore the data and help us host better conversations online
comments  geekfeminism  online  journalism  abuse  writing  writing_for_the_web  data  analysis 
13 days ago by jflorablack
The Two Women Who Kicked Off Salesforce's Company-Wide Salary Review
BOURREE LAM in The Atlantic
Summary FTA: Over the past couple years, Leyla Seka and Cindy Robbins managed to convince their CEO to correct gender-pay disparities. Today, they reflect on what made that possible.
geekfeminism  pay  salary  equality  gender  culture 
13 days ago by jflorablack
Jeremy Preacher's talk on emotional labor + diversity in community management
nuance on the tone argument, and the way that being someone who does not notice performing emotional labor is perceived as having "good instincts" as a community manager. Also:

"“criticize the idea, not the person”. This includes remarks about apparent mood, investment, skill, knowledge, etc. Not complicated to implement, but you have to enforce it consistently. If you have a moderator whose judgement you trust reading most of your forums in realtime, then you’re good. But that’s a luxury a lot of us don’t have, and I’ve found that this is a concept that it’s hard to train your users to flag for your moderators. Metafilter relies on a user-driven moderation model — there aren’t enough of us to moderate proactively, so we spend a lot of effort encouraging our users to bring problems to our attention. This particular dynamic, however, tends to suck people into the debate before they realize they should probably just flag it. If you can pull that bit of user education off, I’ll come to your talk next year. If not, let’s talk about a simpler and more clear-cut solution."
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16 days ago by brainwane
Moishe's Blog - Fascists, and their apologists
"Saying, “your actions hurt me and the ones I loved, but the art you produced still has value” is a strong position to take. It’s not without problems but it comprises autonomy, and forgiveness, and nuance. It accepts that the actions of the person were awful and unforgivable and accepts the contradiction between awful things people do and the work they create *in spite of* their reprehensible views. It accepts that there exists right and wrong in the world, and accepts that people are complex and layered and even awful people can sometimes – horribly, implausibly – create beautiful things. That’s fucking *hard to do* and it is to no small degree irrational and perilous."
16 days ago by brainwane

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