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How the Alt-right invaded geek culture | Voices | The Independent
Privileged white males lacked immunity to these self-destructive ideas.
misogyny  gamergate  independent  scifi  racism  geekculture 
august 2016 by UltraNurd
Geek Behaviors That Drive Women Away - Paging Dr. NerdLove
This is a great piece on gate keeping and how embracing stereotypes rooted in toxic masculinity weakens geek culture by excluding novices and people who don't fit the mold.
geekculture  blag  videogames  sexism 
february 2016 by UltraNurd
Masculinity Is an Anxiety Disorder: Breaking Down the Nerd Box - Uncanny Magazine
To leave out something so key to American masculinity as physical skill and achievement leaves one vulnerable. It has to be replaced with something else, another set of metrics for masculinity. I would love to be able to say that I rejected the Box entirely, but I was not strong or smart enough to do so; it was simply not a tenable choice for me at that time. Instead, I built a variation on the Box, something that for our purposes I’ll refer to as the Nerd Box
masculinity  gender  genderroles  geekculture  identity  privilege 
january 2016 by mournjargon
Black Nerd Problems | Website dedicated to and from the perspective of Blerds (Black Nerds). We tackle all subjects for your nerd pedigree
an editorial and informative website that focused on popular, nerd and geek culture from the perspective of People of Color. On May 15th, 2014, this website was launched and it has only picked up steam ever since. Come on in, take a look around. Get comfortable. There’s always something new to digest.
nerds  geeks  geekculture  africanamerican  black  comics  media  videogames  reviews  shopping 
january 2016 by derishus
Armada by Ernest Cline: Follow-up to Ready Player One, reviewed.
In geek culture, referencing often has no meaning: "It's a valuable question for gaming culture—and “nerd culture” more generally—to ask itself: Do we want to tell stories that make sense of the things we used to love, that help us remember the reasons we were so drawn to them, and create new works that inspire that level of devotion? Or do we simply want to hear the litany of our childhood repeated back to us like an endless lullaby for the rest of our lives? Armada is for everyone who wants the latter"
geek  geekculture  books  reviews  novels  writing  geeks  referenceing  references  stories  culture 
july 2015 by Nachimir
Reform of the Nerds, Starring Arthur Chu
Interesting points. I was a little surprised to see SWIL mentioned relatively negatively, which just goes to show how oblivious I was to a lot of people's concerns.
profile  geekculture  swil  swarthmore  arthurchu 
may 2015 by UltraNurd

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