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A fully interactive, realtime and modern browser rendered to TTY
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6 days ago by orlin
Notebook: How to build a Teachable Machine with TensorFlow.js
Notebook: How to build a Teachable Machine with TensorFlow.js by via Simon Willison's Weblog
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23 days ago by acdha
My name is Victoria Carlini.  I wasn’t sure if I...
I posted on twitter about this and blamed myself for the loss of my dad. Some of my friends that are fans of Orion and also watch him on his twitch channel, had informed Orion of the death of my father and the fact that I was in the middle of Hurrican Irma without my knowledge.
On the 13th of September 2017, I had learned that he had set up a charity stream for me and that all donations were going to my family because we were victims of Hurrican Irma and my father had died. I will be honest; I was confused for many reasons.  At this time, I was backing away from his channel due to some of his behavior choices that had made me upset and very uncomfortable. I was also confused as to why he didn’t ask me if I was alright or ask permission of any kind if he could do this. At the time, due to events that were transpiring, I was just so confused, I decided to be thankful and thought he was being kind.
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24 days ago by StJohnBosco
The Incomparable - His Books Are Like Popcorn
The Incomparable’s Book Club reaches the finish line of our annual SF/Fantasy award read, as we discuss the six nominees for the Hugo Award for best novel. From new series to concluded trilogies to standalone epics, this year’s list had a lot of variety. And for good measure, we throw in a few of the short-fiction nominees that we really liked.
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24 days ago by vanderwal

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