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Ian on Twitter: "For election night, I present to you the best thing I learned in my time as a (third-party) sysadmin in the House of Representatives:...
For election night, I present to you the best thing I learned in my time as a (third-party) sysadmin in the House of Representatives: From a congressional IP, you can only read one XKCD comic: the climate change/average Earth temperature timeline.
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5 days ago by coslinks
Uses This / Interviews
Interviews with people all around the world about their current work setup, tools used etc.
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5 days ago by taffit
苏维埃黑客养成记:上个世纪,一场社会主义的编程普及计划 | 机器之心
6 days ago by Azeril
Uses This / Interviews
A collection of nerdy interviews asking people from all walks of life what they use to get the job done
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9 days ago by jonny

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