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The Best Men’s Fragrances from 1950 to Today
From Chanel's reference chypre to Creed's conquering Aventus, these are the most popular men's colognes from every decade since the '50s.
menswear  fragrances  cologne  gearpatrol 
22 days ago by geglover
How to Get the Most Out of a Store-Bought Rotisserie Chicken
This is a cookbook that trains you how to cook without one, and in it lies more useful cooking hacks than all of the food blogs on the internet combined.
cooking  recipes  food  meat  gearpatrol  howto 
26 days ago by geglover
The Best Way to Keep Coffee Fresh Is Secretly the Easiest
What is the best way to keep coffee fresher, longer? As it turns out, it's probably best to just leave it in the bag.
coffee  howto  gearpatrol 
4 weeks ago by geglover
26 Terms Every Knife-Lover Should Know
If you want to sound like a pocket knife expert, here's all the vocabulary words that you should commit to memory.
knives  gearpatrol 
8 weeks ago by geglover
How to Craft the Kind of Epic Adventure You’ll Never Find In a Guidebook • Gear Patrol
Geordie Mackay-Lewis leads high-end, once-in-a-lifetime trips all over the world. Here are his top tips for planning one of your own.
travel  travelplanning  tripplanning  gearpatrol  outdoors 
8 weeks ago by geglover
How to Significantly Improve Your Complexion in 90 Days
If your skin is breaking out, discolored, dull, sprouting dry patches, or is spotty, then you’re a prime candidate for a reset on your regimen. Here are the steps you should take to significantly improve your complexion in three months.
facial  gearpatrol  hygiene  skincare  guide 
9 weeks ago by geglover
Everything You Need to Know About Sony Cameras
Interested in learning more about Sony cameras? In this complete buying guide, we break down every camera that Sony makes.
camera  photography  guide  gearpatrol 
9 weeks ago by geglover
This $1 Product on Amazon Is All You Need to Travel with Whiskey
Protecting all the wine, whiskey and beer you pick up on the road costs $13.
alcohol  whiskey  travel  travelplanning  tripplanning  gearpatrol  howto 
9 weeks ago by geglover
How to Host a Bottle Share: 7 Tips from a Beer Expert
Bottle shares can be a great opportunity for people to try beer they've never tasted. We talked with Ben Pratt of As Is for his expert tips.
alcohol  howto  beer  whiskey  meetings  gearpatrol 
10 weeks ago by geglover
How to Make a Cuban Sandwich — The Right Way
One of the most famous sandwiches of our time is, like all great sandwiches, really not that difficult to make. This recipe, from "Cuba: the Cookbook," is about as authentic (and simple) as it gets.
food  recipes  meat  gearpatrol 
10 weeks ago by geglover
How to Hand Wash Your Jeans
Raw denim is an investment, and as such, you should know how to properly wash it. 3x1's Scott Morrison gives a step-by-step guide.
howto  jeans  denim  clothes  clothing  gearpatrol 
11 weeks ago by geglover
How to Recover from Razor Burn
Every so often, after what seems like a routine stubble shave, your skin breaks out into a painful, red rash. You need to recover from this razor burn, and fast. For this intel, we sought the expertise of Jason Bauers, barber at Blind Barber in NYC.
hair  shaving  howto  gearpatrol 
12 weeks ago by geglover

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