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Creality Ender-3 3D Printer User Group
I've been asked by GearBest if we could allow them to advertise in our group. In general, we do allow advertising from companies provided that there is a benefit to the group members.

Also, we (moderators) are very cautious of remaining neutral and not having any perception of favouritism.

With GearBest, the way they do their advertising is through an affiliate link. The link allows them to track exactly where their customers are coming from, and thus optimise their advertising and giveaways, etc. But the other effect of the affiliate link is that the person posting that link has an embedded ident, and they are given a kickback by GearBest.

Now normally this would be totally against the group policy. Although the mods are all-powerful, it wouldn't be a good look to be leveraging the group for personal benefit.

So saying, I have agreed to proceed with an affiliate link for a GearBest advertisment. But what I'm going to do is be totally transparent on this. Yes, I will get a commission for every sale made through this affiliate link. But what I'm going to do is put 100% of the income (if any!) towards a prize for an upcoming membership celebration. Could be at 5000th member, perhaps 10000th - where the funds made from the affiliate link (if any!) will be used to purchase printer(s) and accessories for the prize pool.

So, any purchase made through this link will in fact benefit our group members. You may very well find yourself the owner of a brand new printer, or a year's supply of filament - who knows?

In order to keep this transparent, I will happily do a screen recording of me checking the account/financials every now and then, so we can all see how many sales, how much money paid, etc., etc.

So, if you are considering buying an Ender-3 then using the following link could be a good option for you or your friends.…/pp_1845899.html…
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