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Home | DWP Design Examples
Department for Work and Pensions - Design stuff.
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2 days ago by asarazor
Digital Heroes – Neil Williams – Digital democracy, news, thinking, tips & tricks
I recently had the pleasure of heading to the big smoke to interview the lovely Neil Williams to bring back our Digital Heroes series. He's just left GDS after
govuk  gds  interview 
11 days ago by floehopper
NHS digital service manual
Things you need to make consistent, usable services that put people first. via Pocket
digital  gds  gov 
5 weeks ago by thewavingcat
Hey GOV.UK, what are you doing about voice? - Government Digital Service
In short, limited to making answers available in search via voice services. Nothing doing with transactional services at the moment partly due to privacy concerns.
voice  gds  privacy 
7 weeks ago by mr_stru
Mastodon Unpopular opinion
There'll be a big helping of attribution bias among the reckons about #GDS today
via:mastodon  gds 
7 weeks ago by mattedgar

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