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Data Science Ethical Framework - GOV.UK
Guidance on robust data models (section 3)
uk  DAD  GDS  guidance 
11 days ago by becky_hogge
How we’ve made GOV.UK Elements even more accessible - Accessibility #a11y #gds
How the UK's Government Digital Services team made their components even more accessible. #a11y
a11y  gds  via:dotcode 
17 days ago by imgiseverything
Three types of user research — Myddelton
Testing things the team have built
Working out what the team should build next
Understanding potential users and their lives
ux  research  myddelton  GDS 
18 days ago by fjordaan
How we approached service mapping
"We realised that one of the most important stages of building step by step navigation is mapping a user’s journey through a service. This enables us to understand the journey in as much detail as possible, including the different routes a user can take. It allows us to identify the parts of the journey the step by step navigation should cover and the content we should include."
gds  govuk  servicedesign  workshop  webdesign  userexperience 
29 days ago by garrettc
The Passport Office - A Personal Supply Chain Experience - Spend Matters UK/Europe Spend Matters UK/Europe
"very well done to HM Passport Office and thanks for one of the best experiences I have ever had form a public service."
homeoffice  digital  government  gds 
29 days ago by benterrett

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