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Hey ! Have you heard of a thing called “data protection”? Or ? Your pharmacies handle specially protec…
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7 hours ago by jonhew
Ireland's Data Protection Commission publishes information on the use of Dash Cams
Where both video and/or audio of individuals in a vehicle (typically a taxi or bus) is recorded, or where video of a road user captured by an outward-facing Dash Cam is recorded, data protection implications may arise and it is important that drivers who install Dash Cams understand their obligations under data protection legislation.
Ireland  DPC  dashcams  dataprotection  transport  video  GDPR  guidance 
yesterday by corrickwales
E-receipts from leading retailers 'may break data protection rules'
Some big high street names include unwanted marketing information, Which? says
commerce  shopping  dataprotection  gdpr  e-mail 
yesterday by terry
Exploring the Impact of CLOUD Act and GDPR on Tech Startups at the UN Evidence Conference
Startups traditionally have limited resources, restricting their ability to grow while adapting quickly to new laws and requirements around data.
GDPR  CLOUDact  startup 
2 days ago by richardk
Fighting Fraud in a Post GDPR World | iovation
Following the ratification of the GDPR, some feared that certain tenants — such as the right to restrict data processing, the right to object to data collection, and the right to be forgotten — would give fraudsters a newfound advantage. Fortunately, the GDPR specifically calls out fraud prevention in the legitimate interest clause governing how subject companies process data and handle customer requests.
When the goal is to prevent fraud – a ‘legitimate interest,’ as defined by the GDPR – companies aren’t required to proactively gain consent to collect customers’ data, nor honor all requests for deletion of data.

This is bad news for fraudsters, but it could also be problematic for regular citizens. Some fraud-detection vendors might see the argument of legitimate interest as justification to sidestep consent requirements altogether — whether intentionally choosing to work around the regulation, or unintentionally ignoring the spirit of the GDPR.
fraud  compliance  gdpr 
3 days ago by austinpmaher
What GDPR Means for Fraud Prevention |
What GDPR Means For Fraud Prevention

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a piece of EU legislation which directly impacts all organizations or people which process the personal information of individuals. Organizations that do not understand their fraud operations completely will end up with flawed or incomplete compliance with GDPR. There will be organizations found lacking and the consequences could be expensive for a company’s bottom-line and damaging to its reputation. It is therefore vital that fraud teams liaise with any GDPR projects or functions as part of preparations for and beyond the May 25 implementation date.  In-house fraud prevention teams and fraud solution vendors should step forward now and take the lead in an area which is so critical to them.
fraud  compliance  gdpr 
3 days ago by austinpmaher

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