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firebase-gcp-examples/gcp-functions-graphql at master · jthegedus/firebase-gcp-examples
Host a GraphQL Server on Google Cloud Functions by routing requests through the apollo-sever-express package.

"This method is markedly simpler than any other GraphQL-on-FaaS method I have seen."
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17 hours ago by to
Google Cloud Platform - The Good, Bad, and Ugly (It's Mostly Good) - Deps
Deps is a private, hosted, Maven repository. While building it I had a critical decision to make - Where to host it? I evaluated many different hosting services but decided on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). I’ve been using it in pre-production and then production for over a year and a half now. I haven’t seen too many experience reports on Google Cloud, so I wanted to share how I’ve found it, what went well, and what still needs improving. I’ve split my thoughts below into good, meh, bad, ugly, and opportunities for improvement. I have compared and contrasted with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the other hosting provider that I have the most experience with, and GCP’s biggest competitor.
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11 days ago by dlkinney
Google Cloud Platform Blog: Cloud Services Platform: bringing the best of the cloud to you
Cloud Services Platform としてコアな機能をブランディングしていっているのか。
13 days ago by summerwind
Google Cloud Next '18 - YouTube
Google Cloud Next '18 のセッション動画。
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13 days ago by summerwind

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