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is going to join the .. for the first time .. Palestine will have more than one site…
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RT : The huge numbers of patients with complex & serious gunshot wounds are overwhelming the healthcare system in ,…
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Impatient with temporary deescalation deal, Hamas demands immediate Qatari funding in meeting with Egyptian delegation | MadaMasr
Israel, however, remains afraid that the Qatari money intended to pay administrative employee salaries will be directed toward Hamas’ military operation, a fear that the Egyptian delegation communicated in Tuesday’s meeting, according to the source. There are approximately 450-600 Hamas administrative employees also working for the Qassam Brigades, its military wing,  all of whom Israel has refused to pay, according to the source.
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RT : More than a quarter of all reported disease in is caused by poor water quality and access.

This new report e…
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Sinwar: Its time for a change, end the siege - Yedioth
The Hamas Charter is still quite black and white.


"That's our first document. And perhaps... the last one matters more. Why do you ask me of a Charter from 30 years ago, and not of all that had followed it, which shows our evolution? Dozens and dozens of documents, it's all there: our relationship with civil society and with other political groups, the regional context, the international context, and the occupation, of course. The answer to all your questions is there. And truthfully, we expected you to get the signal and start a dialogue with Hamas. Because, again, we are not a transitory phenomenon. There is no future without Hamas. And yet you keep on asking of something from 30 years ago. And so, as for Oslo, I've got the feeling that the problem is not on our side."


Who is the problem?


"All of those who still view us as an armed group, and nothing more. You don't have any idea of what Hamas really looks like. Just a glimpse: half of our employees are women. Would you have ever guessed that? You focus on resistance, on the means rather than the goal—which is a state based on democracy, pluralism, cooperation. A state that protects rights and freedom, where differences are faced through words, not through guns. Hamas is much more than its military operations. It's in our DNA. We are first and foremost a social movement, not just a political movement. We set up soup kitchens, schools, hospitals. Since ever. Because to do your part, you don't need to be minister of welfare. If you are Hamas, you are a citizen before you are a voter.",7340,L-5363945,00.html
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9 weeks ago by elizrael
As Gaza despairs, Hamas has one option left: intifada - Al-Monitor, Sep 28, 2018
The Palestinian source also explained that Egypt had hoped for an internal Palestinian reconciliation that would return Abbas and his security forces to the Strip, which would in turn strengthen security in Sinai and on the Gaza-Egypt border. But in light of the failure, Egypt intends to cancel the measures it has taken to ease the blockade at the onset of talks between Hamas and Fatah, such as the opening of the Rafah crossing. As far as Egypt was concerned, the lifting of restrictions was a temporary measure to help create a positive atmosphere. Now that everything had fallen apart, there is no justification for a continued lifting of restrictions.

An Israeli Civil Administration source told Al-Monitor on condition of anonymity that Hamas is preparing for another round of violence because it feels that there is no other way to give the Gazan public the sense that someone is doing something for them. According to the source, a continuation of the status quo with no end in sight to the decade-long Gaza blockade will lead to the loss of Palestinians' hope and create a palpable threat on the Hamas regime. “Its leaders are clearly hearing the criticisms against them inside the Strip,” he said.

I talked to Strip residents this past week, some of them acquaintances from the years I worked in Gaza. They spoke openly for the first time about how the people are sick and tired of the Hamas regime and noted that they are hoping it will fall. According to the residents, the mental block of fear has been smashed: Many of them are no longer afraid to express criticism of the movement’s leaders who brought catastrophe on Gaza.
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בכירים בחמאס: מצרים מנעה הסלמה ברצועה לאחר הרג שבעת המפגינים - מדיני ביטחוני - הארץ
מקור בדרג המדיני של חמאס אמר בשיחה עם "הארץ" כי בארגון שוב מנסים לשכנע את המצרים לקדם הסכם רגיעה ללא קשר לפיוס הפנים-פלסטיני. זאת, בין היתר, בעקבות מסמך מצרי שאימץ בעיקר את עמדת הרשות, לפיה יש לקדם את הפיוס לפני הרגיעה. ברשות סבורים עוד שלא ניתן ליישם רגיעה מבלי שתקום ממשלה מרכזית ששולטת ברצועה ובגדה המערבית. לפי דיווח בעיתון אל-אחבאר הלבנוני, שציטט מקור בכיר בחמאס, במצרים הבינו את הקושי בקידום הפיוס. יחד עם זאת, הם מנסים למצוא פרצה שתאפשר מתן הקלות ברצועה תמורת שמירה על השקט, תוך כדי המשך המגעים לפיוס בפרופיל נמוך.

ראש הממשלה, בנימין נתניהו, התייחס ביום שישי למצב ברצועת עזה, ואמר: "אנחנו נערכים לכל תרחיש, זו לא אמירת סרק". דברי נתניהו נאמרו בשיחה עם כתבים בניו יורק, על רקע ההערכה במערכת הביטחון כי הסיכוי לעימות צבאי עם חמאס גדל באחרונה, וכי הארגון נערך לעימות כזה. לדברי גורם מדיני, נתניהו ביקש מנשיא מצרים עבד אל-פתאח א-סיסי ללחוץ על מחמוד עבאס להסיר את הסנקציות על הרצועה, וביקש ש"יפסיק להתחמק, כי זה יביא להתפוצצות שאף אחד לא רוצה".
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