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RT : Happy Fair Day!! 🌈🌈 We're on the main stage at 11.30am and come see our stall in Zone D
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21 hours ago by pipcleaves
How a Slovakian neo-Nazi got elected
Kollár has 10 children from nine different women, yet says he named his party We Are Family because his focus was on “traditional conservative values when it comes to the family”. Was it some kind of joke, I asked. “I have shown I can look after my children, it’s proof I can look after all the children,” he said, clarifying that his traditionalism was mainly focused on opposing the expansion of LGBT rights. When I asked what his solution to the issue of Roma poverty and isolation was, he looked at me very seriously, and said: “We’ll buy them 700,000 plane tickets and send them all to England and see how you like it.” He lifted his head back and gave a huge roar of laughter. Then he said: “That was a joke.” Kollár set up his party five months before the elections; he got nearly 7% of the vote and now has 11 MPs.
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3 days ago by seatrout
Circus of Books
Famous LA porn shop closes
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8 days ago by nelson
Nomadic Boys, gay travel blog of gay couple Stefan and Sebastien
Hello! Welcome to Nomadic Boys. We are Stefan and Sebastien, gay couple travelling the world with one mission: seek out and showcase unique romantic, culinary and outdoor adventures to inspire you to travel to places beyond the pink comfort zone.
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11 days ago by rsewan
Boyd McDonald
Interview with an important and complicated gay editor / writer
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13 days ago by nelson
Official Magical Pride
Disney's first official LGBT event
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14 days ago by nelson

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