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Control citrus gall wasp | Sustainable Gardening Australia
Avoiding high nitrogen fertiliser in spring as this promotes soft sappy growth – just perfect for the egg laying stage.  Feed trees in late autumn and early winter instead.
Removing all newly formed galls that don’t show signs of exit holes before the end of winter.  Old galls have already been exited.  Prune only a maximum of 1/3 of the tree to avoid stressing it too much.
From mid-August, hanging yellow sticky traps with a chemical attractant inside to trap emerging adult wasps. The yellow is an attractant and the sticky coating makes it impossible for the wasp to escape.  Remember to twist the top so that the chemical is released. Since beneficial insects may also be attracted to this trap, do not leave on after November as the wasps are no longer about and even small birds may become trapped.
Destroying infected stems by burning or bagging.
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Treating Citrus Gall Wasp in Melbourne: An alternative approach to “Prune in June” - Leaf, Root & Fruit Gardening Services Hawthorn
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July 6, 2017 at 2:50 pm
1. In my garden in Brunswick the wasps have got into lemon, lime and lemonade trees. I also think they may have been in a native lime that wasn’t growing at all until I moved it and cut off a suspect looking area.
2. Kevin the Brunswick plumber says that you should put the prunings in a bucket of water or cut the gall with a blade, to kill the wasps before sending to landfill in a bag.
3. There are trees around here that have been neglected which are covered in huge amounts of gall and really have become unhealthy and unproductive (except from the wasps’ point of view).
4. Generally I just cut them off every couple of months and this works to keep under control.
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Committed to teaching and gardening - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Committed to teaching and gardening  The San Diego Union-TribuneFull coverage

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