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Gordons Ornamec Over-The-Top Grass Herbicide
Gordons Ornamec Over-The-Top Grass Herbicide is a selective post-emergent systemic herbicide that will provide an excellent control over unwanted grasses in and around groundcovers, shrubs, trees, landscape beds, container yards and grower nursery fields. It’s a specially formulated liquid herbicide that uses Fluazifop-P-butyl as its active ingredient to help control unwanted annual grasses and perennial grasses such as panicum, crabgrass, goosegrass, foxtail, sandbur, barnyardgrass, bermudagrass, quackgrass, torpedograss and johnsongrass. It also offers selective removal of bermudagrass without injury to tall fescue and zoysia turf. It can treat a majority of ornamentals on the label with “over-the-top” application. It may be used around newly-ermeging plants as well as transplants and it guarantees fast and efficient action. Comes with a mini bottle of surfactant.
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