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Compression Aesthetics: Glitch From the Avant-Garde to Kanye West – InVisible Culture
Carolyn L. Kane In a world that esteems technological efficiency, immediacy, and control, the advent of technical noise, glitch, and failure—no matter how colorful or disturbingly beautiful—are avoided at great costs.
aesthetics  art  avant  garde  compression  datamoshing  digital  media  error  fail  glitch  images  module  music  video  stream 
october 2018 by therourke
Frank Zappa Discography – Episode 2 – 200 Motels to Zappa In New York | Consequence of Sound
Thrill as Frank Zappa glides into "entertainer" territory with the unexpected help of Don Pardo and The Turtles.
avant  garde  discography  zappa 
april 2018 by BiteSize77
Korean Experimental Post-Rock Trio Jambinai Makes New Music with an Old Soul | NOISEY
Nowadays, many Korean people don't listen to traditional Korean music and they don't respect Korean traditional culture. We studied Korean traditional music, so when we would play a show the only people in the audience were other Korean traditional music students, or teachers, or family. We wanted to communicate with ordinary people as musicians through our music, but it's impossible to do that with only traditional music, so we created Jambinai. We found our own way to create new music with Korean traditional instruments.
interview  music  korea  southkorea  avant  garde  avantgarde  VICE  culture  tradtion  pansoori  instruments  eatkorea 
may 2016 by noodlepie

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