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Things you need to know about garbage collection in Python | Artem Golubin
Introduction to reference counting and garbage collection in Python.
collection  python  gc  garbage 
15 days ago by hynek
Input and output
Lately, however, I’ve been re-thinking the phrase. Sure, it’s important to surround ourselves with the best influences, but it’s a mistake to think that we can’t be positively influenced by “garbage.” Artists are not machines, or robots. We’re human beings, and we can take “garbage,” or what’s considered “low,” and we can recycle and re-use it, turn it into something new, or something even better.
garbage  AustinKleon 
19 days ago by jbertsche
Tips for Removing Broken Glass from Your Garbage Disposal
Glassware breaking is a common household occurrence whether or not you’re washing the dishes.
garbage  disposal  plumbing  accidents  avoid  problems 
26 days ago by Adventure_Web
The Ocean Cleanup
Develops advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. Full-scale deployment will remove 50% of the North Pacific gyre debris in 5 years.
environment  ocean  crowd  earth  ecological  funding  garbage  green  Müll 
6 weeks ago by nickel715
6 Cool Garbage Disposal Facts
One of the hardest working appliances in your kitchen is an indispensable tool that can totally transform the way you get things done.
garbage  disposal  kitchen  sink 
6 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Twitter @eric_marth
how delighted was I to log into Twitter after ### days away and see ol buddy posting about waste management guidelines of Osaka, Japan?
trash  garbage  waste  guide  illustration  image  japanese  chart  how_to  recycling  osaka  twitpic  poster  from twitter_favs
8 weeks ago by cluebucket
How to Optimize Garbage Collection in Go
In this post, we’ll share a few powerful optimizations that mitigate many of the performance problems common to Go’s garbage collection (we will cover “fun with deadlocks” in a follow-up). In particular, we’ll share how embedding structs, using sync.Pool, and reusing backing arrays can minimize memory allocations and reduce garbage collection overhead.
garbage  performance  gc  golang  go  coding 
9 weeks ago by jm

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