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ENHANCE! ‘Photo-Realistic’ Emojis and Emotes With Progressive Face Super-Resolution
Because this model is trained specifically to look for facial landmarks it will take any excuse to draw eyes and nostrils on a pixel. And I’m pretty surethe pepperoni on that pizza is made out of human lips…
yesterday by NightOwlCity
[1910.11626] Seeing What a GAN Cannot Generate
"Despite the success of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), mode collapse remains a serious issue during GAN training. To date, little work has focused on understanding and quantifying which modes have been dropped by a model. In this work, we visualize mode collapse at both the distribution level and the instance level. First, we deploy a semantic segmentation network to compare the distribution of segmented objects in the generated images with the target distribution in the training set. Differences in statistics reveal object classes that are omitted by a GAN. Second, given the identified omitted object classes, we visualize the GAN's omissions directly. In particular, we compare specific differences between individual photos and their approximate inversions by a GAN. To this end, we relax the problem of inversion and solve the tractable problem of inverting a GAN layer instead of the entire generator. Finally, we use this framework to analyze several recent GANs trained on multiple datasets and identify their typical failure cases."
15 days ago by arsyed
gallium nitride transistor manufacturer, specializing in bespoke semiconductor solutions (like SAR transmitters for sats)
GaN  gallium  nitride  transistor  semiconductor  manufacturer 
21 days ago by asteroza

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