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Google reveals gaming platform Stadia - BBC News
Google has unveiled a new digital gaming platform called Stadia which will stream better-than-console-quality games that have traditionally had to be either downloaded or purchased on disc.
Google  GoogleStadia  GoogleChrome  GooglePlay  YouTube  Gaming  GamingNews  Technology  CloudComputing  Streaming  GameStreaming  NextGeneration  GDC  GDC2019  BBCNews 
4 days ago by dk33per
Our response to Improbable’s blog post (and why you can keep working on your SpatialOS game) – Unity Blog
"Improbable published a blog post regarding their relationship with Unity earlier today. Improbable’s blog is incorrect." says Unity.
UnityTechnologies  Improbable  EpicGames  Unity  SpatialOS  UnrealEngine  GameEngines  GameDevelopment  Technology  Conflict  Gaming  GamingNews 
10 weeks ago by dk33per
UK magazines GamesTM and GamesMaster to close |
Video games media specialists Future will close two of its multiformat magazines.

GamesTM and GamesMaster are producing their final issues. Staff who worked on these publications are being 'redeployed' within the company.
FuturePublishing  GamesMaster  GamesTM  Magazines  GameJournalism  Gaming  GamingNews  Media  MediaNews  Closures  Endings 
november 2018 by dk33per
PS Vita manufacture and shipping ends in 2019, executive says - Polygon
A senior PlayStation official has given the death date for the PlayStation Vita: 2019. Manufacturing and shipping for Sony’s handheld will come to an end sometime that year, Hiroyuki Oda, a senior vice president for Sony Interactive Entertainment, told Famitsu.
PSVita  PlayStation  Sony  SonyInteractiveEntertainment  2019  Handheld  HandheldGaming  Gaming  GamingNews  VideoGames  Technology 
september 2018 by dk33per
YouTube merges Gaming with main site after standalone app fails to impress
Google today announced it’s shuttering YouTube Gaming, replacing it with a page on the main site. The company is hoping that the Gaming page, while not very dissimilar to the Gaming site, will help bring more viewers and content creators together now that they aren’t being forced to shuffle between two sites.
Google  YouTube  YouTubeGaming  TheNextWeb  Technology  Gaming  GamingNews  Streaming  VideoGames 
september 2018 by dk33per
This Man Designed The PlayStation 4
Tetsu Sumii would in most circumstances be a man you'd never hear of. So it's nice that Sony have given him a shout-out on the PlayStation blog. Why? Because he designed the PlayStation 4.
Gaming  VideoGames  GamingNews  Design  Sony  SIE  SonyInteractiveEntertainment  PlayStation  PS4  TetsuSumii  Kotaku 
august 2018 by dk33per
Origins of the PlayStation controller - CNET
Teiyu Goto discusses how he came up with the design of both the original PlayStation, which was released 15 years ago, and its controller.
Gaming  VideoGames  GamingNews  Design  Sony  SIE  SonyInteractiveEntertainment  PlayStation  PS1  PS2  PS3  TeiyuGoto  Cnet 
august 2018 by dk33per
PS Vita Launch Line-up, New Exclusive Games And More Revealed - PlayStation.Blog.Europe
At the time of this blog post going live, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Studios Europe Michael Denny is closing his presentation to journalists at a PlayStation Vita event in London. We are pleased to share the news from that presentation with our PlayStation.Blog readers.
Gaming  PlayStation  PlayStationBlog  GamingNews  SIEWorldwideStudios  HandheldGames  Uncharted(series)  PSVita  LaunchTitles  Europe  EU 
august 2018 by dk33per
Upcoming Changes to Kiwi's World ....
Further information will be made available as I work through the changes. If you have donated via PAYPAL email me with the donation details (PAYPAL email address etc) and I will create the necessary logins for you to access the download section moving forward. In the meantime feel free to continue downloading as it takes your fancy while they are still available.
OldGameMags  Kiwis.World  Gaming  GamingNews  GamesMedia  GameJournalism  Magazines  Retro  Nostalgia  Communities  Donations  PayPal 
july 2018 by dk33per
Sony announces a £729 Metal Gear Solid 5-branded walkman •
Sony has revealed a line-up of Metal Gear Solid 5-branded gadgets in Japan. These range from smartphones to tablets to a £729 walkman.

Revealed on Sony's Japanese store (via Siliconera), the most luxurious item is the ZX series NW-ZX2 Walkman, which goes for ¥140k. That's roughly £729 or $1145.
MetalGear(Series)  MetalGearSolid(Series)  MetalGearSolidV  Sony  SonyWalkman  Promotions  Eurogamer  GamingNews  Merchandise  Gaming  Konami  HideoKojima  MP3Players  DigitalMusicandAudio  DigitalMusic 
july 2018 by dk33per
Why Some Japanese Games Had Such Terrible English | Kotaku Australia
In a big interview with Edge magazine last month, American Alexander O Smith -- a veteran localiser who lives in Japan, and who has worked on games like Final Fantasy XII and Phoenix Wright -- shed some light on the myriad of issues he and other English-speakers used to face (things have gotten much better!) translating games from Japanese to English.
Translation  Kotaku  Japanese  JapaneseLanguage  Gaming  GamingNews  FinalFantasy  AlexanderOSmith 
june 2018 by dk33per

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