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Emotional Fugitive Detector turns your face into a game controller | GamesBeat
The computer showed me three prompts: anger, happiness, and sadness. I had to keep my expression blank so that the computer didn’t pick up any traces of them, but I still needed to indicate to my partner which prompt I’d just seen. His job was to pick which emotion I was trying to communicate.
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Location-Based VR Horror Experiences With DarkCorner - VRScout
That’s exactly what the folks over at Dark Corner are attempting with a slew of pants-wetting 360° videos supported by some captivating physical add-ons. In support of their brand new Dark Corner VR app, the horror studio is teaming up with venues to bring their gut-wrenching new content to life with experiences that begin well before the headset goes on. I recently had a chance to visit one of the largest VR arcades in the United States, VRWorld, to check out the bloody spectacle myself. Needless to say there was a lot of screaming, a lot of swearing and a whole bunch of regret.
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2 days ago by dancall
VR Zone On The Ground: GameStart 2017 - championing AR, esports, tabletop gaming
GameStart Asia has returned with its fourth iteration with GameStart2017, featuring the ultimate in gaming content and technology presented in a consumer-friendly, industry-centric format. Despite several new additions, perennial favourites remain at the centre of GameStart: showcases of upcoming blockbuster games, esport tournaments, indie games, retro gaming and cosplay. One of the new additions this...

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VR  Zone  On  The  Ground:  GameStart  2017    championing  AR  esports  tabletop  gaming 
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