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Reddit and the Struggle to Detoxify the Internet | The New Yorker
Long interview with Huffman and others about the role of Reddit + social media on culture and democracy.
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march 2018 by gunsch
Free Speech or Die? – Member Feature Stories – Medium
Draws a thread between free-speech, modern conservatism, white nationalism. Ice-T's "Cop Killer" is a case example.
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march 2018 by gunsch
Fucking in the Hell that is Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance
Holly Wood's follow-up to "The Female Price of Male Pleasure" and how it plays out in dating and her research. Discussion of specifically how heterosexual dating is not a level playing field and how that plays out.

bad-faith tag for this: "I saw men pitching phone apps that would lock in a partner’s consent so as to leave a legally binding papertrail. Men were literally congratulating themselves on gaming the moral and ethical concept of consent, their eyes getting twinkly with the batshit idea that this is the million-dollar idea they were born to develop."
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february 2018 by gunsch
Google’s “Diversity War” shows how the Alt-Right are not just white supremacists.
"the alt-right approaches the real world like a piece of software, learning the rules so they can hack them."

Article describes parts of the "alt-right playbook" in action, drawing parallels between some of the major incidents over the last few years (seduction community, Hugo awards, Damore memo + lawsuit, etc.)
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january 2018 by gunsch

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