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The Unparalleled Genius of John von Neumann - Cantor’s Paradise - Medium
Macrae (1992) makes the point that in addition to being one of the foremost mathematicians in his lifetime, in many ways, von Neumann should perhaps also be considered one of his era’s most important philosophers. Professor of philosophy John Dorling at the University of Amsterdam, in particular, highlights in particular von Neumann’s contributions to the philosophy of mathematics (including set theory, number theory and Hilbert spaces), physics (especially quantum theory), economics (game theory), biology (cellular automata), computers and artificial intelligence.


Despite his many appointments, responsibilities and copious research output, von Neumann lived a rather unusual lifestyle for a mathematician. As described by Vonnauman and Halmos:
“Parties and nightlife held a special appeal for von Neumann. While teaching in Germany, von Neumann had been a denizen of the Cabaret-era Berlin nightlife circuit.” — Vonneuman (1987)
The parties at the von Neumann’s house were frequent, and famous, and long. — Halmos (1958)
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Surreal Numbers – An Introduction - Claus Tøndering
"The present paper serves a two-fold purpose. It is the result of my wanting to commit to paper much of what I have learned about surreal numbers, and at the same time I hope it will provide other users of the internet with a free and accessible introduction to a very fascinating subject in pure mathematics. I am not a mathematician by profession, and many of the more advanced sides to the subject are inaccessible to me. Nevertheless, I hope that the readers will find the paper useful and enjoyable."

Also: "An Introduction to Surreal Numbers"
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Game-theory insights into asymmetric multi-agent games | DeepMind

As AI systems start to play an increasing role in the real world it is important to understand how different systems will interact with one another.  In our latest paper, published in the journal Scientific Reports, we use a branch of game theory to shed light on this problem. In particular, we examine how two intelligent systems behave and respond in a particular type of situation known as an asymmetric game, which include Leduc poker and various board games such as Scotland Yard....
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