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Die, Die, Die Against Exquisitely Animated Lovecraftian Hordes In Sundered
Just started playing it, and really enjoying it. Can be played in small chunks, which works well with my free time.
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1 hour ago by andrewducker
All the DIY Links You Never Knew You Needed
It seems to me that there are always people looking for how to do certain tasks in the BGG DIY world - making cards, boards, chits, painting minis, and building board games in general. Since this board already has most of the answers, I've gone ahead and compiled them into
3 hours ago by pauldlynch
The Rise of the Video-Game Gambler | The New Yorker
As a species, we are suckers for the seemingly-inexpensive-but-secretly-costly fix. There’s hardly a parent who doesn’t worry that video games are sapping kids of the motivation to engage in more creative, intellectual, or physical activities. The New Zealand study, which appeared as a comment piece in Nature Human Behaviour, suggests that those games exact a long-term financial toll, too. Plenty of research indicates that video gamers “might be a ripe breeding ground” for gambling behaviors, the authors note, and boys, who make up the majority of gamers, are especially susceptible. Game developers, sensing a public-relations backlash, have begun removing loot boxes from their titles. But there’s still a great deal of illusory treasure to maybe, possibly, be found, and a generation of youngsters eager to hunt for it.
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20 hours ago by Aetles / Blog – Breaking the Sequence
"When I created the channel on which this case study is based, I put the whole title in quotation marks—“experimental” “comics”—and initially made it private, wary that my descriptors were either too broad or too limiting. Categorizing these works as experimental, or even as comics, served as little more than to create a placeholder. This is where I would collect and organize works that didn’t quite look like any comics I’d seen before, but that I liked a whole lot, and wasn’t entirely sure why.

As the channel grew, patterns arose, and it became clear that the comics that read to me as experimental were ones that integrated aesthetic principles and practices from fine art, graphic design, experimental music, sculpture, architecture, poetry, video games, and text adventures. They often didn’t employ the typical narrative devices—dialogue, plot, climax, even characters—but they still told a story. Sometimes it was the form that I identified as experimental, other times it was the processes by which they were made.

That explained the experimental. But if these works were so genre-fluid, what kept them considered comics?

In a lecture, the writer and webcomics artist Daniel Merlin Goodbrey provides a helpful outline of characteristics that are distinct to comics as a visual medium. Defining the norm gave me a framework for understanding the works that deviate from it. Goodbrey’s characteristics were a useful jumping off point for articulating what the works I was collecting were doing, and why they struck me so powerfully. They are:

Juxtaposition of images
Spatial networks
Space as Time
Temporal Maps
Closure between Images
Word & Image Blending
Reader Control of Pacing

Experimental comics, then, are works that acknowledge the traditional framework of comics but, rather than adhere to it, tend to tilt, twist, and warp it into other things. This case study offers a survey of comics that abandon one or more of these characteristics, honoring innovations by artists, video game designers, poets, and educators alike. It should go without saying that these categories are by no means mutually exclusive. There are comics that exist outside of and in between these make-shift categories. As you may expect, there are very few rules.

1. Abstract Formalist Comics
2. Comics Poetry
3. Digital and Game Comics
4. Scores, Maps, and Designed Constraints"

[each of those four examples is expanded on in the following text with images and videos to explain]
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21 hours ago by robertogreco

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