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Javascript-based online multiplayer Tetris.
Games  Tetris 
10 hours ago by rklingler
Hitman / Transgender
Sweet comic about how the Hitman game relates to the experience of being transgender
trans  transgender  lgbt  games  hitman  comic 
12 hours ago by nelson
Spacewar tournament 1972
Very first esports competition, with Stewart Brand at the center
culture  internet  games  spacewar  esports  stewartbrand 
13 hours ago by nelson
Playing Stories: Never Alone, Indigeneity, and the Structures of Settler Colonialism (Nov 20)
"This talk will consider how play, story, and the structures of settler colonialism influence videogames such as Never Alone, a sidescrolling platformer game that Iñupiat community elders developed in collaboration with a non-native game design studio."
crhesi  radar  indigenous  event  games  narrative  story 
13 hours ago by jamesshelley

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