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Monkey X
Statically typed cross-platform target language/game dev engine.
game  gamedev  games  language  programming  2d 
22 hours ago by timmensch
Game Cities
With a PhD in urban planning and geography, a MSc in city and regional planning, a 5-year engineering diploma, and years of experience in the gaming industry, I would love to help shape the urban environments of your game.
My job is to consult on matters of imaginary urbanism, fix your city's problems, help with your world-building, create your maps, design living, breathing fantasy or sci-fi urban environments, help you abstract existing places to fit your gaming project,  or even design your interactive cities from the ground up.
jobs  weekly  interesting  games  urban  planning 
23 hours ago by twwoodward
Robert Yang
Indie game developer, academic, and writer, based in NYC.
games  queer  developer 
23 hours ago by hanyu

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