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RT : Brianna Wu, the game company CEO who came under attack by trolls in what became known as , is running for…
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7 days ago by KateSherrill
Exactly. This is the crowd that likes to egg on. Google - it’s like on bath salts. But…
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13 days ago by jeffcarroll
I'm rereading 's 101 primer, and thinking about another thing GG was about to add to Liz's list:…
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5 weeks ago by AramZS
KotakuInAction study
Acacdemic work looking at the GamerGate community on Reddit
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9 weeks ago by nelson
A Final Word on #notyourshield – Ashley Lynch – Medium
#notyourshield was always intended to be a culture jamming campaign to disrupt and silence rather than an innocuous grass roots campaign to give voice to the voiceless
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january 2018 by rachaelsullivan

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