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10 Years of Giant Bomb - Giant Bomb
Hey, Giant Bomb has been around for an even decade now! We figured that we'd celebrate with a special hub showing some of best, and some of the "best," moments from Giant Bomb history. Enjoy!
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9 weeks ago by dk33per
Upcoming Changes to Kiwi's World ....
Further information will be made available as I work through the changes. If you have donated via PAYPAL email me with the donation details (PAYPAL email address etc) and I will create the necessary logins for you to access the download section moving forward. In the meantime feel free to continue downloading as it takes your fancy while they are still available.
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10 weeks ago by dk33per
Hooked: how pokies are designed to be addictive | Australia news | The Guardian
Interesting example of mobile-first design just in time for this week’s #bcujournos session @NGMoreton
gambling  gamejournalism  interactive  mobileeg  bcujournos 
october 2017 by paulbradshaw
Are Newsgames Better Journalism?: Empathy, information and representation in games on refugees and migrants: Journalism Studies: Vol 0, No 0
This study interrogates if newsgames are meaningful supplements to already existing forms of journalism. Using the case of refugee and migrant issues, this study examines how the newsgames The Refugee Challenge, Against all Odds and The Migrant Trail convey information about migration in interactive game-play, and how migrants and their situation are represented in these games. The games are discussed in relation to empathy, objectivity, complexity and the representation of distant suffering. The overarching question is how newsgames compare to traditional journalism when it comes to helping audiences understand political events of global concern and power asymmetries between “Others” and “us.” We find that these newsgames especially enhanced journalism when they cleverly employed game logics to generate experiential engagement with the existential crisis of involuntary dislocation. Nevertheless, the games did not use their game capabilities to the fullest, which would have entailed opening up a discourse that allows for contradictory life worlds and different perspectives of and by Others in context.
games  Research  gamejournalism  newsgames 
august 2017 by paulbradshaw
Sony's E3 event was really unusual - Polygon
Colin Campbell on a sign that E3 is becoming about "new media" and "Influencers" and game streamers, rather than press and traditional presentations.
E3  E32017  SIE  SonyInteractiveEntertainment  ShawnLayden  PS4  PS3  PSVita  Comment  GameDevelopment  Gaming  Press  Media  GameJournalism  GameIndustry  GameMedia  Publicity  VideoGames  GamingNews  Influencers  GameStreaming  Vloggers 
july 2017 by dk33per
Iranian Revolution Video Game Takes History to a Global Audience - Kayhan London
Khonsari is a video game developer who has contributed to the Grand Theft Auto and Max Payne series, as well as to the new Resident Evil installment. When he set out to address the moment in history that changed Iran forever, he chose to do so with the medium he knew best. The result was “1979 Revolution: Black Friday.”
games  gamejournalism  iran 
may 2017 by paulbradshaw
How we created “The Good, The Bad and The Accountant” – Medium
So we added other characters to build an actual storyline. We added a mayor to give orders, a lawyer to give advice and all the characters we needed to create situations of corruption (the contractor, the football club boss, the university director etc.) We just had one problem: users did not read anything in the “help” section. Actually, they didn’t even see there was a help section.
narrative  gamejournalism  game  corruption  dj  interactivity  eu  nicolaskb  s 
march 2017 by paulbradshaw
Investigating A Cyberwar | Global Investigative Journalism Network
Generally I tend to be extremely honest when I contact people. I say who I am and that I appreciate the reasons why they would not talk to me, and then ask if there is anything that could change their mind. I find that instead of telling people what I want them to do, asking them what they would like to do works wonders, even with people who operate outside the law. As a TV reporter I need quite a degree of collaboration to get my interviewees in front of the camera, and email exchanges or phone calls don’t give me a film.
sources  Interviewing  gamejournalism 
march 2017 by paulbradshaw
VR Noir on the App Store
Noir looks like something that could have journalistic applications
gamejournalism  VR  from twitter
november 2016 by paulbradshaw
Can you make learning about gerrymandering fun? Fusion teamed with mobile gaming devs to try » Nieman Journalism Lab
There have been other games created about gerrymandering, but those were mostly developed by educational companies. Fusion wanted something built by commercial developers who understood mobile gaming.
games  gamejournalism  elections  t  gerrymandering  mobile 
october 2016 by paulbradshaw
6 lessons I learned from gamifying a documentary about the Syrian cyberwar – Medium
6. If you experiment with a new journalism format you will also have to create new rules
It might sound simple with hindsight, but this was the real challenge of putting journalism into a game format: in order to make it work we had to establish new, credible conventions to make the content trustworthy.
There was a moment where the game elements took over and truth started sounding stranger than fiction. To resolve this, I needed to learn and apply game thinking.
gamification  aljazeera  gamejournalism  bcujournos 
october 2016 by paulbradshaw
Southern Rail: Developers create train cancellation game - BBC News
guards from boarding trains, which leads to services being cancelled as profits are collected from passengers.
It was inspired by months of cancellations due to an RMT dispute.
'Stopped using trains'
Once a sufficient number of train guards board on a train and a delayed service eventually departs, the player loses the game.
systems  transport  game  compj  gamejournalism  trains  delays 
august 2016 by paulbradshaw
Create your own buzz
Tools to highlight spots on video, create 'swipers' (like Tinder), polls,
swiper  tools  games  gamejournalism  quizzes  tinder  countdown  clock  onlineVideo  polls  quiz 
march 2016 by paulbradshaw

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